Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn OST Contains Over Six Hours Of Music

By Sato . January 29, 2014 . 3:30pm


The PlayStation 4 collector’s edition of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will include a bunch of neat stuff, but those of you who dig the game’s soundtrack will have something else to look forward to, as Famitsu shares a look at what you’ll be getting with the upcoming soundtrack release.



The original soundtrack boasts 119 tracks (over six hour of music) and will include songs up to the recent version 2.1 patch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, featuring songs by Square Enix sound director Masayoshi Soken, along with other tracks directed by Nobuo Uematsu, The Last Remnant composer Tsuyoshi Sekito, and Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light composer Naoshi Mizuta.


The soundtrack will also include a visual feature, that will show off the world of Eorzea while playing the songs on PC or Blu-ray player.


Additionally, first-print copies of the soundtrack will include a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn download code for a “Mammet Bahamut” minion, seen in the above image.


A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack will be coming out on March 26, 2014 for 5,250yen.

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  • 하세요

    Not too surprising. XI’s OST was massive as hell. I may have left XI years ago, but I still listen to the OST, even if it makes me miss the game.

    • Sato

      Same here! XI had great tracks like The Sacntuary of Zi’Tah and many more :)

  • Chido55

    Does it includes the remixed Answers for the Bahamut patch? Because that was eargasm.

    • It probably won’t, this is all ARR music. I suspect Dalamud Answers is lost to the sands of time and the occasional Youtube :(

    • Kawashima

      It wont, I believe Answers is on the FF XIV Before Meteor soundtrack

  • Yes! Was happy when they announced this during the live letter, and still am. The music in the game is wonderful. Can’t wait to listen to some of my favorites, and perhaps remix a few too lol

  • ElAbuelo69

    The game has beautiful music. Will purchase :D

  • Picking this up the instant it comes out.

  • Ultima Arcana

    I hope it includes the actual lyrics to Titan’s theme. I love the song, probably my favorite in the game (though Ultima’s is really good, too), I just wish I could actually understand more than a few phrases here and there.

    • AnotherTime

      Wrought from the rock that stands upon old
      With heart of black and a stare that’s cold

      Cold are the hands that grasp at your soul
      ‘Fore the graves are dug and the death knells toll.

      Tempered in the flows of the mountain’s core
      Where the rage runs red twixt shore and shore

      Shorn from the world ‘neath the blazing sun
      Bound to the dark, for the light I shun

      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)

      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Succumb to the hate that corrupts your fate

      Into the dark of an endless night
      Where the pulse of the land offers no respite

      In spite of the blood that was spilled before
      You whet your blades, you thirst for more

      Now kneel overdweller, your lord commands
      There’s no salvation for the sons of man

      The skies will tremble and the earth will quake
      From the crumbling walls no one escapes

      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (in hell I wait)

      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      Bow down overdweller (under the weight)
      I’ll drag you right down to the seventh gate

      • Göran Isacson

        .. Okay I have to know, is this a metal song? Or do they take a more “Lord of the Rings” ominous chant tone to it? Because these lyrics are amazing and I need to hear this song now.

        • EtherealEarth

          It’s a metal song:

          As someone who doesn’t like metal songs, it’s like someone’s scratching a chalk on the blackboard.

          Fortunately, all of my concentration went to trying to survive the fight than actually listening to the song XD

          I, too, think it would be awesome if it’s in ominous chant tone, but then I think it will ruin the atmosphere of fighting with Titan. :/

          • Göran Isacson

            Yyeaah… I think my first idea, that it would sound a bit more like Misty Mountains Cold or The Dragonborn Comes, was more to my liking. A bit too noisy and unclear, this one.

          • AnotherTime

            I don’t know about you, but although that’s a great style choice, I wouldn’t be able to focus on fighting Titan with that in the background. Gaius had his choral arrangement, and Garuda had her opera tones mixed with some guitar to give it much more edge, but the metal, grindy, rugged music seemed to fit Titan better than a chant.

          • Göran Isacson

            Yeah, I can kinda see your point. This may not be as distracting when it’s just background noise, sort of builds a hectic “oh man gotta fight the boss gotta fight the boss” feeling. But without the boss adding some muchneeded adrenalin, it isn’t very interesting to listen to: imo.

  • urbanscholar

    over 6 hours of auditory goodness?! *passes out*

  • MogCakes


  • artemisthemp

    I guess this soundtrack is only available on Square enix Store?

  • Jonah Paley

    Only up to 2.1? Strange, seeing as this is coming out around the same time as 2.2. Probably this is just the first installment of the XIV: A Realm Reborn OST, then. I wonder if the second installment will come out after the 1st expansion is released? That’s what they did with FFXI: Treasures of Aht Urghan – they had a soundtrack come out soon after the expansion was released, and then released patched in music like the final boss music for ToAU on the next expansion’s soundtrack.

    Still hoping that there will, at some point, be a FFXIV/FFXIV: A Realm Reborn OST+ with unused or unreleased songs. The original version of The Dark’s Embrace would fall under the first category, and the second category would include the FFXIV Opening Demo music (, as well as a track that played during the Monk job quest cutscenes and wasn’t on the Before Meteor soundtrack. And, of course, Answers (Dalamud reprise), which played during 1.0’s last few days.

    • Some of the music that’s on 2.0 is from 1.0 (Garauda’s battle theme in 2.0 is one of them) and was released on Before Crisis: Final Fantasy XIV.

      I’ve been very excited for this soundtrack and was wondering when this was going to come out.

      • Jonah Paley

        Before Meteor. You mean Before Meteor. Before Crisis was a FFVII cellphone game (still waiting for them to remake it for 3DS and bring it to the US, but I digress).

        And I mentioned the four songs above that I’d like to see on an XIV+ OST specifically because they were the only 1.0 songs that I know of excluded from Before Meteor. I know very well that many tracks included in ARR are from the Before Meteor soundtrack.

        • And I had a derp moment. My apologies.

          • Jonah Paley

            no problem, we all have those moments

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