Pack Your Hunting Gear, Monster Hunter Just Got Real

By Eugene . January 31, 2014 . 2:31pm

Monster Hunter The Real is a theme section in Japan’s Universal Studios in Osaka that will be up for a limited time—from the 1st of February till the 11th of May. The event features large-scale, roaring, moving replicas of some of the series’ most popular beasts. On display are such attractions as a gigantic Tigrex as well as others like a “Mini” Congolala. Here’s video from one of the “Real” events Capcom held last year, for reference:



Gamer recently visited the site of the new event to snap a few photographs and provide an eyes-on report. You can view these below.




Never fear though, as your BFFs, the Felynes, will be there as well, in a special Universal Studios getup.




And there’s a special Guild Store, which will sell exclusive Monster Hunter themed foods and drinks. Finally there’s also an exhibition section which shows off various armors and weapons from the game.




You can find more photographs of the site over at 4Gamer.

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  • Earthjolly

    Jesus, I knew monster hunter was huge in Japan….but not that enormous

    • Cephrien

      Bro, it’s Monster Hunter.

  • konsama

    Why i still not moved to Japan. IHAGHERGEIUGHAIUGIER

    • Marik78

      Joiiiiiiin usssssss (~°o°)~

      Well, that’s a good thing I didn’t visit Osaka Universal Studios yet ~♪

  • MrRobbyM

    Goodness gracious, Capcom.

  • Godmars

    Its not going to be Jurassic Park that happens in real life, its going to be Monster Park.

  • Ugh. Why can’t I visit Japan when things most relevant to my interests are occurring!? ;A;

    • Namuro

      I think it should be “Why can’t I LIVE in Japan…” LOL


      • Hahaha! Well, yeah, that works too! But I do have like, five countries I want to live in. x’D

  • 하세요

    When I inevitably go to Japan for vacation, I know where I’m going. The entire trip. GF should understand. Right?


  • safeto20scroll

    That felyne mascot is the best attraction yet!

  • shuyai

    tell me there is the spit roast meat in monster hunter! i have alway wanted to eat one of those dam manga meat

  • oh how I wish I could go

  • Oh, how I wish I could go. :(

  • Namuro

    That’s friggin’ awesome! The Tigrex looks pretty huge, too! Now, make some thing even bigger like the Mohran or the Amadyura!!

    Also, can’t wait for the Universal Studios armor DLC!

  • Kornelious

    …….Why am I in this country again?

  • tubers

    Looks great! It’s gonna creep the heck out of me tho so I’ll just check those at a distance if ever :P

  • The Watcher

    would have been cool if it actually oh i dont know… moved?

  • DarkLight

    You know I really should learn japanese one of these days…..

  • NTaiyokun

    Oh hey, the days it’s open happens to be around my spring break where I head to japan…

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Do they sell the weapons from the game? I wouldn’t mind buying a 20 pound foam sword that’s taller than me.

  • J_Joestar

    They should add a Water Park with Plesioth and Lagiacrus. Maybe even with Gobul lanterns sticking out at the bottom of the deep end.

  • Caleb Danverz

    if someone would sell the monster hunter guitar for a cheaper price would someone here be interested? pm me on my facebook acct. caleb danverz

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