Let’s Go On The A-Train 3D Is Train Simulation Paradise

By Eugene . February 1, 2014 . 9:30am


Here’s a wondrous and hopeful thing—a transport/city simulator called Let’s Go on the A-Train 3D for your Nintendo 3DS that looks good and yet in-depth all at the same time. You’re the new boss in charge of transport, and it’s your job to keep the cities, towns and outlying villages running their transport systems smoothly.


You do so by buying and placing rails, roads and the transportation pieces to run on them, balancing your budget of costs and profits from transporting folks around. It seems you’ll also be able to contribute to the cities you build in by buying buildings to be placed, which naturally then aid in your own transportation profits.



Running the game can last a long time, with it being capable of showing the passage of time and innovation from the Heisei and Showa eras of Japan. You can slowly upgrade trams and old steam trains to electric and more if you so choose, or dive into 3D mode that panoramically sweeps around the cities for you to enjoy.


If you’re still bored, there’s also a full on map-editor mode which allows you to build to your heart’s content and then set scenario requirements to beat.


Let’s Go On The A-Train 3D will be out for Nintendo 3DS come February 13th.

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  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu


  • Please come to the West, please come to the West, please come to the West.

    • Dsvkb

      I wouldn’t count on it. None of the games in the series have ever been localized. I’d love to play it too though!

      • Actually, many have, including A-Train 8 (which is on Steam) and A-Train 9 (released as The Train Giant overseas), the most recent releases.

        • Dsvkb

          Really? Well, I’m glad to be wrong in this case. I’ll definitely be checking those out.

        • $23890725

          Well when it comes to 3ds game it´s not likely it will come to west just check the EU 3ds liberty lest say out of 100 games 80 games are kids games. It´s like they thing the only ones who owns a 3ds are kids. They will even skip 1 monster hunter game wait 1 years and release Monster hunter 4G but that may change as it has done many times in the past like not releasing rune factory 4 for EU. When it comes to Jrpgs and Japanese simulation games the biggest hope you will ever have to be sure you can play them. Is import or Pirated version with fan translation.

          • There’s always the eShop. I prefer to stay optimistic.

          • $23890725

            Not me we been screw on far to many games to every trust any game company to localize games from japan. Problem is japans games are not popular enough to get any one to invest in them.

        • Morricane

          I remember having played A-Train for DOS a loooong time ago…which was the third in the series.

  • Taylor Greene

    Now I want to play Lego Loco.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I want to play this. It looks very relaxing.

  • Weeb

    Pretty jealous that japan still gets management/tycoon games. The genre is pretty much dead in the west.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Coaster Crazy deluxe came out on the WiiU some time ago, makes the gamepad use it like you’re playing on a PC, quite intuitive. Go play it

    • $23890725

      Well we are the one to blame for killing it because in west the only games that are popular is well Battle field, Call of duty, DayZ, Rust and other fps games. Game where you can be an asshole towards others and not get a punched in the face. Reason why im moving to japan to finish my studies and to only get good games.

      • Odin

        Please don’t lump DayZ with the likes of Call of Duty. There are many different ways one could make an FPS, and what you implied does a disservice to the ones that do differentiate themselves.

        Stalker, ArmA, Deus Ex. Yes, these are all FPS, but they do things beyond simple “Pew Pew”.

        • $23890725

          Ha not in the
          new Day Z where you get shot for a can of beans I quit playing the
          stand alone just cuz it had turned it to a simple pew pew. All you do
          now is survive till u get a gun so u can shot back it is like call of duty but
          you dont start with a gun. The mod is way better there people dont shot
          right on spot and friendly rely means hes friendly not just so he can
          stabb u in your back. So yeah I will lump it with does games becuse
          thats what it has become simpel boring pew pew on i big Map with new
          ways to to kill not just with Guns. It´s not a Zombie survival game like it was planed to be it is a players survival game like call of duty but with other rules.

      • Blebleman

        Trust me, there’s bucketloads of shit games here too, my friend.

        • $23890725

          Well there are buckets of shit games evert where but at least you get all kinds of games while western games today all is games like CoD, BF4 Starcraft 2 HoN, LoL an so on it´s like western game industry is carping out new fps rts and moba games. Sure I got no problems with does games but I am kinda sick of seeing same kind of game every damn year but with a new name.

          • Morricane

            *looks at his steam library and disagrees*

          • $23890725

            Well it´s mostly for console I was thinking of like the 3ds here where I live on the 3ds e-shop or in local game store 80% of the games for the 3ds are kids games or kids games focusing on girls. I have yet seen 1 good simulation game yet nor a rely great rpg you not alrady played okey the new hack game is nice but tales of abyss or monster hunter 3g or Zelda 64 are games you played allot already.

          • Morricane

            Well, that may be true. I don’t follow the 3DS that much since I don’t own one :D
            I know what you mean about the ports though…what for when you already played the originals? :)
            But SMT4!!! T_T

          • $23890725

            I understand it´s hard for companies to localize a game if they know they won´t sell so well it´s not cheap to translate it to English, German and french and so on. A simple solution for that make all games have English text as option because majority of people today understand English and no need for English voice actors all u need is English text so people can understand the story and how to play the game if you have English as a option people can import it and you don´t need people to pirate your game and fans translate them.

          • Morricane

            Well, not everyone thinks there’s no need for dubbing voice acting to another language…(of course there isn’t really a need if only to understand a game if the VA is also subbed..but well :D)

            But yeah, personally having been playing games at a time when basically all games in Europe were only available in English (over 20 years ago :D) I couldn’t care less about localizations. Especially since the few German ones I played back in the day were just…inferior in quality. At least when going from J->E scripts for the most part are decent enough.

            But still, importing is a bit difficult on the 3DS at least :)

    • 하세요

      I spent endless hours playing Roller Coast Tycoon when I was younger. It is rather dead nowadays though.

  • Alex

    This looks like a fun game to play and relax.

    I want it.

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