Atelier Ayesha Plus Looks Just As Pretty On PlayStation Vita

By Spencer . February 3, 2014 . 12:12am


Just like the other Atelier games, Atelier Ayesha is coming to PlayStation Vita. Atelier Ayesha Plus includes all of the downloadable content from the PlayStation 3 version, which means you get Marion Quinn and Odelia as playable characters.


Gust also added new features for the PlayStation Vita version such as a hard mode, a panel attack system, more costumes, and a new super boss. Atelier Ayesha Plus comes out on March 27 in Japan.



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  • comixsonic

    Are these games any good?

    • DyLaN

      Not familiar with the Arland series, but I find Ayesha to be pretty good.

    • Shippoyasha

      It’s a charming and relaxing series and you might become a fan if you want something like that in a JRPG. That being said, you’re on a timer for a lot of stuff in the games (as in every action and movement on the map passes the time) so it ironically can be somewhat tense at times. Some games in the series handle that better than others. But if you like character building and item synthesis systems, you might really like it. It really depends on how much you like those elements.

      • comixsonic

        Very very much. Looking forward to this now.

  • Fronkhead

    Looks great!

    Just an issue I’m worried about really after playing Atelier Totori Plus and Atelier Meruru Plus: the framerate took a nosedive from the silky smooth 60fps on PS3 (which made jumping about REALLY fun) to something far lower most the time. Not really a problem for an RPG that’s not focused on reaction times and I believe Gust made the best tradeoff (texture quality is massively downgraded on Vita though), but I would like character movement to feel smooth again.

    • Albert Calderon

      I agree!! The animations look wonky sometimes and it ruins the feel of the game.
      Still great ports though :)

    • Duo Maxwell

      There is no way the PS3 is 60fps, unless you’re facing the corner of the workshop. Mostly it’s only around 30 ~ 40fps and drop to half in fields or battles.

      • Fronkhead

        Alrighty. I only watched a friend play the PS3 versions of Totori and Meruru but they did look and feel miles smoother to play than on Vita, which is always sub 30 most the time.

        Edit: I didn’t realise the PS3 games ran at 1080p, or four times the pixels of the Vita games. That makes sense.

        • Duo Maxwell

          I really wish they would go for the PS4, or try to optimize the engine, since I love how the game look and play, but the framerate always bothers me. I think I’ll pass on this one if its framerate is even worse than the PS3 version.

          Imagine a Atelier game with stable 60fps.

          • Fronkhead

            Aye, the way the framerate is still unstable bothers me the most on Vita. It’ll constantly dip and rise, and few areas of the game have a consistent smooth framerate. Again, not detrimental but it doesn’t make exploring environments as seamless and fun (I love jumping about) as it could be.

          • kardonius

            I’m almost certain they will go to the PS4 eventually, but it hasn’t even been released in Japan yet.

        • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

          Not natively, especially not Atelier games, they run at 720p natively. Thats why they fit the Vita so well. It is the limitations of the hardware. The Vita is really powerful, but when you have to load lots of things in the background its going to suffer some. The Vita runs the hame at 30FPS most of the time which is great, especially during battles.

          • Fronkhead

            Ah. I read somewhere that the games make use of a 1080p framebuffer, but 720p makes sense given the CG captures I’ve seen from the games come out at 720p.

            I’m not sure Vita suffers due to background applications — one of its 800mhz ARM Cortex A8 cores is dedicated entirely to background tasks, much in the same way 3DS dedicates one core to background processes.

            I’d say the use of antialiasing (on top of the Vita game running at native resolution of 544p) is what has killed the framerate — few graphically intensive Vita games run at native resolution (most of these settle around a ballpark resolution of about ~410p, with the lowest I’ve seen being Assassin’s Creed Liberation at 384p), and the antialiasing was always going to cause a penalty to the framerate. Great image quality though.

            All this talk has me hopeful for next generation handhelds. As powerful as Vita is (it was pretty much on par with the iPad 3 which was released around the same time), the two years since its release has seen huge jumps, especially recently thanks to the move to ARM v8 — the Apple A7 in the iPhone 5S/iPad Air/iPad Mini 2 offers around six times the CPU performance to the A5 chip, which used the same ARM Cortex A8 cores as in the Vita. Amazing stuff.

          • I would agree with your analysis. The Vita’s graphics processor is pretty good looking purely at mobile game platforms, but it is definitely a mobility chip, not a workhorse.

            Increases in resolution and effects (AA being pretty costly) are probably the biggest performance hits. The Vita is also very slow when it comes to streaming textures. This is the biggest reason why load times take so much longer on the Vita. But most developers pre-load, so I don’t think texture streaming is the cause, just maxing out the performance of the video chip.

            That said, I like that they tried to present the game with as close to the PS3’s level of display as possible.

            Small note, the PS Vita is using the A9 chip, not the A8. It also includes a dedicated graphics processor, the PowerVR SGX543MP4+. The Series 6XT chips have been announced but none released yet so the Vita really does represent a kind of upper bound for handheld mobile gaming so far.

            In the end, the SGX543MP4+ is the real cap on the Vita’s display, I think that the A9 is quite capable of handling the processing overhead for most games.

            I think it’d be pretty cool if Sony did hardware refresh, release something like the PS Vita-X in two years or so as a stepping stone, and used the SGX554 to double the video processing. Older games would work find and devs could handle new releases by just including two display profiles for the different cards.

    • Juan Manuel M. Su├írez

      Both Atelier titles featured framerate issues per se, the PS3 wasn’t exempt. I do agree that it was somewhat more notorious on the PSV version, especially in Meruru+ where you also had the awkward issue of characters / monsters not rendering soon as you entered a zone. Still, it wasn’t a detrimental factor, it was a minor hiccup at most. The texture downgrade on the other hand was kind of a bummer, the lack of shadows on the models made them look plain compared to the PS3’s counterparts~.

      • Fronkhead

        Well said. My concern was more one of personal preference — unstable framerates really urked me when exploring the environments, with them being relatively lower than the unstable framerates on PS3.
        Nothing that harms the actual game, though. Had it been in a game like A Link Between Worlds or similar then we’d have a major problem…

  • LM009

    it’s all bout linca

  • Furu Chi

    I’ve been planning to play the Atelier series but I don’t know which should I play first. Any suggestions?

    • notcarolkaye

      I’ve only played the PS3 games that have come out in the U.S. Of those, I’d say Ayesha would be a good one to start with. If I were you I’d wait until New Atelier Rorona comes out here (God willing) before getting into the Arland trilogy.

    • Arcana Drill

      Atelier totori (second game from arland saga), the arland saga is the first one of the ps3, and the first saga with 3d models, so the first game (atelier rorona) isnt soo good as the others, and gust is remaking it, would reccomend playing totori (2nd game) > meruru (3rd game) > new rorona (1st game remake).


      Atelier Ayesha, its the first game from a new saga, its a fresh start with no relation with the others sagas.

      • Furu Chi

        Thanks for the info! I’ll try playing Totori :D

  • [S]unjay

    I can’t wait for this game…its great that we’re getting Atelier ports…but Meruru is still my waifu.

  • landlock

    Regina is such a cute and loveable character. It’s a great game on the PS3 playing it right now.

  • Alestaos

    I wish someone could tell me wheter these come in boxes for the vita version outside of JPN. I got the ps3 game since im trying to get into the series but not been able to play it yet. Is it a good jrpg with monsters and the alchemy side?

    • lett303

      they don’t come in boxes for the vita if we are to believe the trend of how totori+ and meruru+ was released, so it will be all digital for the vita but if NISA were handling it we won’t just have a physical copy but a CE edition too but alas it is no longer on NISA’s hands.

      • Alestaos

        How big are the vita downloads since arent there memory cards capped at 16GB?

        • lett303

          about 3-4GB and there are 64gb memcards but not sure if officially release in the states but 32gb are available anywhere.

  • Mercy me. I do love Ayesha, so I hope this game comes stateside so I can play it again.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Waiting for KT’s ninja release of this in the coming months.

    • pimpalicious

      Meruru was actually promoted slightly. XD

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        Yeah a bit.

  • Kornelious

    I wonder if Tecmo Koei didnt flip NISA the bird by aquiring Gust….Would would have gotten physical or even collectors editions? :(

  • otakumike

    Fighting Keith’s story boss on hard mode?

  • dragoon_slayer12

    I’ve never played the series, but am very interested in it (buying the vita games next week), how are they? The vita is a rpg haven, and I love it for that, but Damn I need to buy the 64gb soon (and Sony needs to drop the 128gb sooner rather than later)

    Also, are the neptunia remakes coming this way or what? I want to play them, and would rather get them on the vita rather than ps3.

    • DyLaN

      The Vita HDN is def coming if PP made it. Just that NISA is a bit behind the “schedule” with HDN.

      • Tyler Beale

        Don’t even get me started….Japan got PP and Re;birth 1 last year, with Re;birth 2 and the Noire game coming soon. Us? We’re just now getting PP…provided NISA is going to put the game up for pre-order soon.

        Also, PP = Producing Perfection.

  • DyLaN|26
    Cool, but I hope its not something super spoilery considering I’m still at the beginning…


    Anime visual and staff for Atelier Escha & Logy anime.

  • Rinkawa Erion

    Dear God,
    It seems you have made a big mistake. I should have been born Japanese. Please correct this in my next life.

  • DarkLight

    Ok now bring it over…please?Quick question:do the other games have plus version?and if so are they on the psn store or do they have physical copies?

    • pimpalicious

      Atelier Totori and Meruru have plus versions that were localized, PSN only. Atelier Rorona is getting a remake(for PS3 and Vita) and it’s unknown if that one is coming right now.

      • DarkLight

        Well,I certainly need a bigger memory card,why you so expensive?!

  • Spirit Macardi

    I have to say, it feels like there’s no point to buying games like the Atelier series or any of Nippon Ichi’s offerings anymore, knowing that they’ll just be ported to handheld later with extras that they don’t make available to the console versions…

    It’s rather depressing, since I love those games, but I also don’t like the idea that I can’t just buy a game once and have the complete experience…

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