deep down Shows How Weapons And Armor Will Come Into Play

By Sato . February 3, 2014 . 2:01pm

deep down is an upcoming free-to-play action game by Capcom Online Games, where you’ll be traveling back to the past of various eras in order to search for memories to solve mysteries. Here’s a look at some details shared through Sony’s Play.Community blog, on how players will be using weapons and armor in the game.


In deep down, players will enhance their strengths by acquiring better weapons and armor. Selecting your weapons according to what you’ll be fighting and the types of dungeons you’ll be exploring will be a major part of the game’s strategic element.


Here’s a look at some of the weapons you’ll be using in deep down:




The spear is considered a standard weapon in deep down. The concept behind the weapon is to “aim and thrust,” and it will have various other uses aside from damaging, such as hitting the enemy’s foot to slow them down, or their arms to stop them from attacking.


Various enemies will have different weak points, so the Spear will come in handy for hitting those exact spots for critical damage and other effects.


One-handed Sword:


The best part about the one-handed sword is that it also lets you use a shield, making it possible to block enemy hits. Additionally, it’s fairly quick, so you’ll be able to take on several foes at a time. With its ability to use a shield and block, this weapon is recommended to novice players.


Two-handed Sword:


The two-handed uses its high strength to its advantage. It might be slower than the spear or one-handed sword, but the extra damage makes up for it. It also has a long attack range, so it’ll come in handy when it comes to taking out small, pesky enemies.


The above is a look at some of the armor illustrations, inspired by those used in 15th century Europe. Your equipment will be divided into several parts such as body, head, and more. Your armor set up will determine the types of skills you’ll have available.


The types of weapons and armor you’ll be using will also be determined by a statue that has the memories of a generation, giving you the appropriate equipment of its era.


deep down is currently in development for PlayStation 4.

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  • ninjabart122

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the weapon types since the game looks really snazzy, just like the trailer music.

  • Jungo

    God, that title makes me cringe. I appreciate the game’s name stylistically, but I hate what no-caps titles do to articles.

    • idrawrobots

      It does look cool I trailers.

  • Randgriz

    I really want to see typical moment to moment gameplay, especially with them saying the game will be free to play. Also since it IS free to play, will this game be getting a free digital release or will they sell a boxed copy too?

    • pixxxelz

      they showed a huge chunk of gameplay at tgs if I remember correctly

      • Randgriz

        Yeah they did and it looked okay but i didnt get a full sense of its structure. Theres a whole “return to home” aspect to the game we dont even know about.

  • Abysswalker90

    It’s probably been pointed out a million times already, but something about Capcom and free-to-play sounds very suspicious.

    • Masa

      free to play normally whens pay to win.

    • Godmars

      Think you meant to say expensive. Capcom and free sounds expensive.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    “The best part about the one-handed sword is that it also lets you use a shield”



    • Ferrick

      i don’t think they ever mentioned dual wielding in this game

  • The Watcher

    Two-handed Sword Knight: “Gained a little weight, the peasants call me Sir Cumference”.

  • brostar

    Have they detailed the cash shop in it yet? I’m not too fond of free to play games because I don’t like buying stuff in cash shops but I want to support developers of games I love. I’m hoping that maybe in japan they’ll release a physical edition that comes with some extras and stuff (like they did with Phantasy star online 2) so I can buy that and pretend I bought the game.

  • David Alexander

    Two handed sword? Well, I know what I’m playing exclusively.

  • Cazar

    “deep down Shows How Weapons And Armor Will Come Into Play”:

    Item Enhancement Success Bundle grades 1~4: $9.99~$39.99
    Weapon Skill Allotment Slot grades 1~4: $7.99~$31.99
    Item Repair Kit: $4.99
    Stat Boosting Weapon Skins: $19.99~$29.99
    Unique Weapon Gasha: $1.99 per play; %3 chance of unique weapon drop.

  • Kornelious

    This has been bugging me. if we are traveling back to multiple era’s, then why do we only see Knights?

    • doubleO7

      Because knights are cool?

      • Kornelious

        Touche B)

  • Ryudo9

    I just can never get past how so incredibly bland and generic this looks. Skyrim was less generic and that was almost as generic as you can get.

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