Ikaruga On PC Includes A New Side-Scrolling Mode

By Sato . February 3, 2014 . 1:00pm

Ikaruga creators Treasure recently revealed that they’ll be making an original game for PC, but while we’re waiting for that, they’re also making a few adjustments and additions to the upcoming PC version of Ikaruga on Steam, including a new mode with a horizontal screen orientation.


4Gamer reports that Ikaruga on Steam will be based off the Xbox Live Arcade version, but with a few additions. One of these is called the “Double Play Mode,” which lets you take control of two ships with a single controller, for those of you seeking more of a challenge.


Meanwhile, the side-scrolling shooter mode is pretty much the same as the original horizontal version, made to give Ikaruga a little twist. The game will use Steam’s Cloud features, along with rankings and other features.


As far as resolution goes, Ikaruga will support full HD with 1920×1080 or 1920×1200 resolutions. The screen can be adjusted to 16:9 or 4:3 display ratios.


According to Treasure, the price will be around $9.99 on Steam, and they also stated “recent PCs should have no problems running the game.” You can view system requirements for the game here.


Ikaruga will soon be available for purchase on Steam.

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  • brostar

    I love Treasure but I’ve never played Ikaruga before. So this is going to be the best chance at playing it.
    Hoping for more crazy games from Treasure in the future like Silhouette Mirage/Mischief makers.

    • Mike G. Moran

      Just be warned that Ikaruga’s hard. As a shooter it’s not even close to the worst out there. The bullet patterns aren’t super deadly even if the average player will still get murdered by them.

      However, the levels are really out to kill you. As in the stuff you need to avoid crashing in to while also dodging bullets.

    • 60hz

      imho, ikaruga is more puzzle game than bullet hell much like silhouette mirage has that puzzle element to it’s side scrolling action play. I would even say SM is an ancestor of Ikaruga in terms of the polarity mechanic is very similar to the left/right mechanic in SM.

      Mischief Makers on the other hand is just amazing and i wish they would make a sequel (or spiritual sequel at least)…

  • chibidw

    I really want them to release a version of Gunstar Heroes with online play like they did with the PSN version.

  • z_merquise

    I’m not into bullet-hell shooters but I’m really willing to give Ikaruga a try.

    I’ll look forward in whatever new game they’ll make for Steam release.

  • E.T.993

    PC Gamers…Who the fuck am I kidding, I’m buying this.

  • pressstart

    If they don’t support higher than 1920×1200 or 1920×1080, Treasure better prepare themselves of the fury of angry Steam users with higher spec monitors and how they didn’t buy their monitor to play a game at a lower resolution -_-

    • Mike G. Moran

      More console gamers are abandoning ship and going to Steam.

      So hopefully some people out there will actually appreciate retro gaming. Maybe.

      My personal experience is that PC gamers are very close minded toward a lot of arcade inspired gaming genres, so this is relying on people who don’t exclusively identify as part of the PC crowd.

    • Morricane

      Todays PC gamers who can’t remember playing with low resolutions back in the 80s/90s aren’t exactly the target group for games like this anyway :)

  • Armane

    The horizontal scrolling mode isn’t new. Good to hear it’s coming back though; although now I really need to get a new monitor.

  • ishyg

    Everytime I see Ikaruga, I think of the ramen shop instead of the game. My video game awareness is being surpassed by my ramen awareness. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    Either way, the Tokyo Ramen Street version of Ikaruga gave me stomachache. Stick to the original shop, or better yet stick to the game.

    • Morricane

      I think of shôen…
      Ikaruga-no-shô is one of the most well documented shôen in history…:D

  • CirnoLakes

    Well I sure am glad that they’re making this game full featured and definitive.

    I can’t wait to buy it.

  • ShinStar

    So, we get to try to be like this guy now???


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