Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Brings A Little Summer To Warm Up The Winter

By Spencer . February 4, 2014 . 12:36am

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is getting a set of costumes that look straight out of Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. These tropical sexy costumes are coming out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game soon.


Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, the next game from Team Ninja, shows up in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate too. With a zombie on Ryu’s back and… a bikini for Momiji.

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  • Kumiko Akimoto

    I wish they could make summer come already I’m tired of the snow

    • Rafael Martines

      Want to change? I’m tired of summer here in Brazil :P Winter is comming XD

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I would gladly switch places

    • Death Metal

      Come to South America. No, seriously. This is the hottest summer I’ve ever experienced here (or anywhere, actually).

      • Shippoyasha

        America and Asia supposedly are having some of the coldest winters since the 80s (some 30 odd years). Pretty crazy climate extremes this year. Also heard some pro Tennis players quit mid match in Australian Open due to extremely dangerous heat.


      I wish they could make winter come already I’m tired of the high temperatures

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    I also feel like I’m being lied because they are not going to be doing that in game.

    • doubleO7

      Actually, they are. Those posing clips were added in yesterday’s update, but you have to pay for them (although Lei Fang’s is free for two weeks).

  • Go2hell66

    im just here for the thumbnail…

    • Ric Vazquez


    • YouGusta

      You don’t say?

  • passthegrenadeplease

    Dem polygons.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      polygons intensifies

    • Niitris

      *nom nom*

  • wererat42

    Thought they might have accidentally posted footage from the until now unannounced DOAX3. Alas, then I saw the end of the video.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      They need to hurry up with that

    • Arrngrim

      It’s coming! They’re just waiting to strike that cash pinata. I can’t wait. Fuuuuuu

    • lyhthegreat .

      is doa xtreme 3 even real???i really do hope so….

  • Servant BerserCAR

    Dat video thumbnail image… Just be careful to not open this article in a public PC, or suddenly you will have a lot of explaining to do.

    • kylehyde

      I open it in my workplace. The benefits of being the first person on the office.

      • TheGioG

        Red Crown’s secretary Rachel will never find out. >:3

  • Death Metal

    I don’t think we can actually see that footage in the game, can we? The maximum there is, is a bunch of victory and defeat poses only, as far as I can tell. Unless there’s something I haven’t unlocked yet.

    • doubleO7

      Some DOAX-esque “posing” videos were added in the newest update. So yes, you can see those in-game, however they’re paid DLC (except Lei Fang’s, which is free for two weeks).

      • Death Metal

        I noticed after asking, actually. Thanks!

  • Kamen Rider Rayz


  • Tarkovsky

    Momiji :D

  • Loli Summoner

    I could fap to this…..

    • Satori Satya


      Go nuts…. ;)

      • Loli Summoner

        HAHA!!! XD

  • Looks like Summer came a bit early to us lol.

    It’s gotten to the point where I think Team Ninja just wants to start a new business and wants their girls to be virtual models. Not that I’m complaining though =P

  • Stranger On The Road

    While I do enjoy looking at those swimsuits, I have to admit that there is an added value to hidden things being ‘revealed’ accidental (ex. flipping the skirt).

    Any way, this video should have been DoA Xtreme 3‘s introduction video! Where the flip is this game?

  • I may be wrong but….

    Is it me or do the girls asses seem much better compared to older DOAs?

    • Shippoyasha

      Yeah, they revamped the entire character modeling all around. It’s actually pretty impressive how much of the characters’ feminity shows just from posing slightly.

      • Arrngrim

        And it will be even more impressive in DOAX3 with a revamped jiggle engine!

  • icecoffemix

    I’m suddenly in the mood to play some Illusion soft…

    • Arrngrim

      Box Hako ftw!

  • Ric Vazquez

    Mmmmmjmmmm them physics….

  • David García Abril

    Why do I have the feeling that this video will appear in an Anita Sarkeesian video sooner than later?

    • I think that would be the fighting f*** toy? I can definitely understand why~. I’ll laugh and cock my head back, swirling a wine glass with cider if/when it does make it to the video.

      (There’s nothing wrong with being in her videos though, even she points out that’s okay to enjoy the game.)

  • Lemski07

    Ohhh boobies

  • Niitris

    This is most definitely a fighting game. :)

  • fairysun

    Hmmm, OK, how much will this DLC cost me? $49.99?

    • doubleO7

      I believe its $15, but don’t quote me on that.

    • Death Metal

      $15 it seems if you’re getting only the costumes, $30 if you’re getting the scenes as well.

  • MasterScrub

    Sometimes I forget DOA5U is a fighting game.

  • xe7en

    I seriously came here for gameplay footage.

  • Arrngrim

    Fuuuuuuu, DOAX3 already please, kkthxs!!!

  • Ed Reiher

    They should add Yaiba as a character he would definitely add a personality that does not exist in the games, as well as create a great rival for Ryu Hayabusa.

    • brostar

      Dead or alive has personality. Hell Yaiba is incredibly generic just like the rest of the DOA cast.

      • Ed Reiher

        Actually for the most part the personalities are sort of indicative of practitioners of the martial arts style they represent with a couple of exceptions, generally people at a high level of martial arts take what they do very seriously. Yaiba represents a contradiction so as a character he actually stands out pretty well. Traditional/Simple designs are my preference for fighting games I do like there to be a couple characters to stand out though.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    A bit too late, but I have come to my senses and stopped buying anything for DoA anymore. It hit me one day when I realized that I could have bought two games with money that went for damn dlc costumes.

  • Freya2012

    Whose the lucky bastard with the camera?

  • cloudcaelum

    DOAX3 can’t come soon enough? Why fighting with those chicks, we must… ehm, you know…

  • Sergio Briceño

    1:00 that Leifang!

  • Kazekage Gaara

    Those physics…

  • Stranger On The Road

    Watched the video again; this seem to be more of a DoAX3 teaser hidden in the customs DLC video! None of the animation shown in this video appears in the DoA5U; those animations are from DoAX!

    Could they have decided to hide DoAX3 teaser in plain sight!… or I’m just too sleepy, despite just arriving at the office.

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