The Original Version Of Final Fantasy II Goes Portable Via 3DS Virtual Console

By Spencer . February 5, 2014 . 12:33am


Ah, the original version of Final Fantasy II, the RPG that paved the way for the story driven Final Fantasy games and the SaGa series. Square Enix will re-release the Famicom version as a Virtual Console download for Nintendo 3DS.


While Final Fantasy II was remade and ported on nearly a dozen devices, the original release was quite difficult if you didn’t exploit hitting your own characters. Final Fantasy II is slated for release on February 12 for 500 yen.


King’s Knight, a vertical shmup with four different characters, is also coming to 3DS Virtual Console on February 5.

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  • I am… actually looking forward to when FF1 hits the 3DS virtual console in America. Along with Dragon Warrior. We never got Dragon Warrior on the Wii VC, did we?

    But no really I wouldn’t mind some good old classic RPGs on my 3DS. I don’t need those fancy upgrades, and FF1 is one of the more fun games to really take advantage of in terms of it’s team potentials. (also the save state function helps a lot in the experimentation)

    • Ace Trainer Chris

      We never did, no. But honestly, I’d rather we get the Game Boy Color ports of Dragon Quest I – III on the 3DS VC. The first DQ, especially, has not aged well at all for the NES.

      • Well yeah getting the GBC ports of 1-3 would be the preferred method. I own those, and they’re pretty cool– though it makes me wish that we could’ve gotten that Wii compilation that had the Famicom and Super Famicom versions of the games, but. Wishful thinking. I can live with the GBC ports as the highest we can get.

        • Ace Trainer Chris

          Yeah, would’ve been absolutely great to be able to have gotten the collection as a send off for the Wii here. Now we don’t even know when we’ll ever hear of any DQ news in the west.

          • Aah don’t remind meee, I’m still trying to wish and hope for DQVII 3D.

            Fingers crossed about the next Nintendo Direct and that trademark…

          • Ace Trainer Chris

            Heck, we’re missing

            -DQ Anniversary Collection
            -DQVII 3D
            -DQ Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D

            And then there’s the upcoming DQ Monsters 2 3D. :( Chances are that we’ll get screwed over and they’ll bring over the mobile ports.

    • Fastchrone

      yep , kinda waiting it
      why they jumped to 2 out of nowhere?

  • I actually finished the PSP version of this game a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it. I can understand it not being for everyone, but I have to say I really enjoyed molding my party to become a group of unstoppable bad-asses ready with swords, axes, spears and magic. And by magic, I of course mean Toad and Teleport. Oh, is that a Behemoth? “TELEPORT!” And victory is mine once again.

  • Quacker


  • Kyle Aileron

    I won’t disagree that it’s a hard game, but I really don’t understand why everyone always has to claim that the best way to play the NES version of Final Fantasy II is to beat up on you own characters. I’ve played and beaten it a couple of times and on neither occasion, did I ever have to do so.It just requires careful planning and focus on physical or magical builds for each character.

    That aside, I adore the NES version of this. It’ll ever happen, but I’d love to get the original trilogy in English on the Virtual Console. : (

  • God

    Damnit, i can’t see fighter whithout inmediately thinking about 8-bit Theater anymore…

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