Ready Your Weapons! Your Toukiden Weapons, That Is

By Eugene . February 6, 2014 . 2:30pm

Tecmo Koei have kindly listed all the weapon types you’ll be able to handle while slaying demons within Toukiden: The Age of Demons. Which one would you personally pick? Me, if I were fighting anything that would likely gouge out my heart I’d fight it as far away as possible first, so a bow’s my choice before swapping to a spear perhaps.




Attack technique: Slash

This weapon is easy to handle and features a good balance of swift, wide-ranging and powerful attacks. A variety of fighting styles can be utilized by using techniques such as the “Twisting Slash,” which enables attacks while avoiding those of the enemies, or the “Vacuum Slash,” which unleashes a powerful shockwave.

[Special Move] Gouge

Imbues Focus into the blade and then inflicts damage on the enemy. By continuing to strike the same location, the wounds will become even deeper, and depending on their number and depth, additional damage may be inflicted on the enemy when finally sheathing the sword.


05 06


Attack technique: Crush

The weight of these weapons means that the gap between attacks is long, but their strength more than makes up for it. Landing a “Fire Hook” attack on a body part will cause it to be engulfed in flames and any damage inflicted on that body part will be increased.

[Special Move] Flurry

With this attack, the Slayer’s fists swing about and are capable of performing combo attacks against the enemy. The more often the attacks land, the faster they become, and when they reach their maximum value, they will inflict incredible damage.


08 09

Chain & Sickle

Attack technique: Slash/Crush

A weapon that features Slash attacks from the sickle as well as Crush attacks with the flail, making it a versatile weapon that can perform a variety of attacks against targets that are both close up and far away.

[Special Move] Agility Charm

Concentrates Focus and creates a sense of nimbleness in the Slayer’s movements. Following a variety of attacks, it can immediately follow up with an attack featuring the flail, even when jumping, bringing it down rapidly on opponents.


11 12


Attack technique: Thrust

This is the only weapon capable of attacking targets from long distances. For normal attacks, the longer it is held, the more powerful it will be. By combining it with the “Quick Nock” option which can offer three different types of attacks, it is useful against smaller Oni as well as larger ones.

[Special Move] Homing Arrow

By targeting the enemies with the circular area that is displayed on screen, it will lock on to the body parts within the circle, enabling multiple body parts to be attacked at the same time. Additionally, there are cursed arrows that add explosions to the attack, causing even more damage, making it the perfect attack for when maximum damage needs to be inflicted at one time.


014 015


Attack technique: Slash/Thrust

Holding these knives in each hand enables rapid attacks which make up for the smaller amount of damage inflicted. They can be used both in the air and on the ground, and since there are multiple options to attack from the air, it provides for fighting styles that take elevation into account.

[Special Move] Spin

Spin rapidly while attacking and slashing the surrounding area. The spin will continue as long as there is Focus remaining, making it the perfect attack to take on groups of smaller Oni.


17 18


Attack technique: Thrust/Crush

Focusing on mid-ranged thrusting attacks, it enables users to keep a distance while fighting. It can also perform Crush attacks by swinging the shaft around the user’s surrounding area. Each of its attacks can increase their attack strength by building up power before the blow, and since the charge time is short, it is a good choice for performing multiple powerful attacks.

[Special Move] Hawk Swoop

After jumping high in the air, the player drops down suddenly and performs a powerful strike against the enemy. This is a move that enables users to attack while at the same time avoiding blows from the enemy.


Toukiden: Age of Demons will be published for the PlayStation Vita February 11th in North America and February 14th in Europe.

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  • Mace

    I’ll be rolling with the Chain and Sickle. I wish there were more unique moves you could do though. Finishing a combo with the grapple mechanic of the chain just to start it all over again is pretty cool.

  • transferstudentx

    yea iam not gona read this sorry sooo just wondering is this game any good ? this game kinda went under my radar getting busy with other games releases like danganronpa,demon gaze,tales of symp,the witch,.. bought all the CEs so iam kinda broke right now but i think i pick this game later if its any good can you compare it to any other game Soul Sacrifice maybe ?

    • AlteisenX

      Try the demo. Also, why say you’re not going to read this if its telling you what the game is about (weapon wise anyways)? >.>

      • Guest

        why cause i am lazy thats why sorry its a bad habbit of mine all i wanted to read was is it any good and compare it to one game lol sorry if i offended you in any way i am always like this after college classes lol

    • DigitalFowl

      Imagine someone looked at Monster Hunter and said the following:

      You know what? I’m gonna make that game but instead of dinosaur styled monsters, I’m gonna make it with freaking DEMONS and other japanese stuff! And I’m going to build it from the ground up and make a game JUST as good as that! And you know what?! IT’S GONNA HAVE INTERESTING CHARACTERS AND AN AWESOME STORY TOO! AND YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE?! I’M GONNA FIX ALL THE PROBLEMS PEOPLE HAVE WITH MONSTER HUNTER IN MY GAME AND WE’LL SEE WHO THESE PEOPLE PREFER IN THE END!

      As someone who was SERIOUSLY off put by Monster Hunter and its style, gameplay and more, I find Toukiden giving me everything I wanted out of MH. So… Toukiden will get my purchase and support and whichever game series has the better mechanics and appeal in style, I will support that.

      Which likely means I’ll probably play Toukiden and no other game in the hunting action RPG sub genre. Except for Freedom Wars and whatever they do with Soul Sacrifice 2.

      • transferstudentx

        oooooh a monster hunter game with a decent story And interesting characters SOLD ! lol thanks for your long answer btw

      • transferstudentx

        alse add god eater 2 to your to play list in the hunting sub genre if it ever get localized

      • Rinkawa Erion

        How I wish all the people who calls these kind of games MH clones would all disappear from this world.

        • Areuto

          dude it is a friggin MH clone. you have to be crazy to not see this. same with soul sacrifice. then again vita owners need some games so we’ll let you say what you want…but you guys would trade every MH clone on the vita for monster hunter if you could

        • DigitalFowl

          You know, if I had CALLED it a monster hunter clone, I could understand you annoyance. I do think wishing that people who said that is a little extreme and immature, but hey, whatever…

          I would like to point out however that I addressed that the game belonged to the ‘hunting’ action RPG sub genre that PSO sort of pioneered (AFAIK, maybe something came before it…) and MH popularized.

          SS, Toukiden, God Eater, MH, PSO, etc etc, they all follow the same formula of gameplay structure:

          1. Pick Up Mission
          2. Select equipment/skills (Can happen before or after 1)
          3. Go out into field area separate from mission accepting area
          4. Kill thing(s)
          4b. find thing(s)
          5. Mission Complete
          6. ???
          7. PROFIT!!

          But honestly, as long as the game mechanics are done well, I have no problem with this repetition. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, just IMPROVE and ADD to it and make it even better. And AFAICT, Toukiden looks like it wants to do that. I just hope that Comcept won’t half ass SS2 and make it feel like another ‘meh-quality’ game that was charged twice what it should have been at launch.

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      Actually, I found SS kinda boring, but having played the demo, this game is extra okay. Of the weapon choices, the bow is terrible, but everything else is servicable (spear, sword) to downright great (fist, knives, chain). It’s a little dead compared to, say Muramasa, but on the whole, it shows promise.

  • mynameisdats

    Cant wait!

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Let me ready my wallet first. >.<
    Also, I'd personally go for the Knives and Sword as my go to weapons.

  • Masa

    was expecting to hear of some weapons i’ve yet to hear of…..nope.

  • Travis Hulen

    30+ hrs into the demo … Still can’t put it down

  • TiamatNM

    having played the demo, I’m certainly going to be mostly using the Gauntlets cause they are badass

  • cloudcaelum

    Long Katana, feels like i’m Sephiroth. :P

  • Zer0faith
  • Lalum

    I’ll go spear in every game like this.

  • MaximDualBlade

    Spear and Bow! But like I said, every weapon is gonna be used :)

  • Dansar

    I love using the fists, because I can just pretend I’m a Jojo character. Hell, they even say “Ora” sometimes.

  • serpentear

    I’ve tried the demo and at first I hate how slow those moveset compared to ss or ro but somehow it grew on me to the point I managed to finish the demo and preordered it…I’ve tried all weapons and love chain and sickle, it’s unique, pretty fast and allows me to run or jump to the fray.

  • Naryl

    Something that is not explained here:

    Each weapon also has some form of super attack, on the upper left corner of the screen there’s a ball that fills performing actions agains the enemies, when it’s full you can use this special attack pressing triangle+circle. Some examples are (some of them may be wrong, I can’t remember wel all of them sorry :p):

    Gauntlets: slam the ground doing a heavy damage AOE that also make enemies stagger or fall to the ground.
    Spear: aim and throw the spear, if this attacks lands on a weak spot it’s one of the strongest in the game.
    Sword: does a huge AOE.
    Ninja blades: aim throw both weapons, they also come back and damage enemies on their path.
    Kusarigama: aim and throw the sickle.
    Bow: aim and shoot a powerful arrow that triggers lighting and uses the marks on the target to do more damage

    • Dan Blanco Vivo

      those are actually called destroyer attacks, special moves that automatically breaks any boss part it initially hits or one-hit-kills any non-boss monster. These moves can only hit once when used on a boss so don’t expect multiple boss parts to break when using them.

  • VeniVidiVici

    After playing the demo, I’ve got to say the bow is the best for me. I absolutely love it. It’s powerful, quick, and have a variety of attacks from firing multiple arrows at once, to shooting arrows that create shock waves, and targeting multiple body parts with its special attack, which is a godsend in these types of games. All that, plus the fact it’s super easy to use as the lock-on takes care of any aiming problems. Never have I really given bows tries in games, but I from now on definitely will.

    The knives definitely come a close second. I always choose quick flurry weapons like those as I value speed over raw strength, and the knives did not dissapoint.

    I really enjoyed the demo. I think what really, really sets this apart from other games in it’s genre is the fact that the camera is very very easy to control, it never really goes wonky and is fluid. That’s he main problems I have with these kinds of games, that when you’re n the heat of battle you slightly press a wrong button accidentally or tilt the analog stick just a pinch and the screen does a freakin’ 180 on you. But Toukiden definitely fixes that problem. Can’t wait to get the full version.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Sword is almost always the option for me, though I alternate between it, gauntles and knives.

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