Final Fantasy IV Jumps To Japan’s Wii U Virtual Console

By Spencer . February 11, 2014 . 9:58pm


Yes, Final Fantasy IV is available on smartphones, DS, PSP, Wonderswan… well it’s everywhere. The Wii U Virtual Console version is the original Super Famicom game without any secret dungeons or swappable characters at the end of the game. Would be neat to see Square Enix re-release Final Fantasy IV Easytype someday since that version is kind of rare now.  Final Fantasy IV will cost 900 yen and it’s slated for February 19.


Square Enix also has the Famicom version of Elevator Action scheduled for release on February 19 for 500 yen. So far, none of Square Enix’s Virtual Console games have been released on Wii U in North America.

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  • 하세요

    I just finished the PSP “HD Sprite” version a few days ago. Fantastic game. Sure there’s always that “original always is best” but I always found the updated sprite versions of old FF games superior. Just looks cleaner.

    • Honestly the PSP graphics are great for the FF ports. They’re smooth and clean, but still carry the same feeling that the older sprites would’ve tried to convey, had they had more capabilities back then. FFIV PSP is the first time I managed to finish the game, funnily enough.

      Not that the original sprites don’t hold their own charms though, of course, but…

      • Monterossa

        The PSP version is the best. even better than those 3D remakes.

        • 하세요

          My only issue was IV’s DS version was the difficulty spike. I had multiple Game Overs from wild encounters it wasn’t even fun anymore.

          • Tiredman

            I had similar issues, though gaining like 1 or 2 levels fixed any problems I was having. Only one spot in the entire game leading up to the final dark crystal dungeon really annoyed me and that was the scientist frankenstein dude. Killed me around 10 times in a row and had to look up a way to kill him. He was stupidly easy to kill when looking up how to do it, but I like to win with all my characters alive too, so that made the fight harder since before I basically 2 shot him I had to get all my characters back up.

        • I kinda agree with that. While the 3D ones are alright, there’s something endearing about the sprites. I almost sorta wish that they hadn’t gone with 3D for 3, though I can understand them wanting to update the game engine and gameplay, and fleshing out how it is. 3 was less of a port and more of a full-scale remake.

    • Tom_Phoenix

      That’s…kind of the problem for me. They look TOO clean. I find them very reminiscent to the sprites from RPG Maker and I don’t think that’s a particularly flattering comparison to make.

      That said, the original doesn’t look that great either. It’s quite apparent that the game was made during the early years of the SNES, since the whole thing almost literally comes off as an advanced NES game. As a result, it doesn’t hold up anywhere near as well as V and VI do.

      I think the Origins/Dawn of Souls remakes of FF I/II are the best remakes Square (Enix) has ever done, at least visually. Everything is updated, but doesn’t look excessively clean or modern. It looks just gritty enough that it can pass off as a game made in the 16-bit era and I like that very much.

      • 하세요

        Understandable. I loved the arranged version of the songs on the PSP remake. That was another major factor on why I chose that over the GBA ports (which I had as a kid, but I hated II)

        I’m actually playing FFII Anni ver. now. So brutal, no idea what they were thinking with this system. Good thing I have 3 years of XI behind me or this whole “skill up” thing would be completely foreign.

      • The GBA ports are pretty excellent, I gotta say. I’m glad I managed to get all of them before they became really expensive.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          lol I get what you mean. I got a Game Boy Micro of my own YEARS after the GBA had ceased to be a mainstream platform. Yet, somehow, I was lucky enough to find brand new copies of FF V and VI tucked away in a corner of the DS section of my local electronics store.

          • I always saw copies of FireRed and a couple of the FF ports for a while at Best Buy after the DS REALLY took off, until they emptied out their stocks entirely. Around that time I managed to get Drill Dozer for $5– totally worth it!

  • Domon

    Also Space Manbow for the MSX is coming to the Wii U Next Week:

  • Tiduas

    I came here because I wanted to read more about Elevator Action.

  • Really don’t get what Square’s hard on for IV is. Sure it’s one of my favorite games of all time but good lord. Stop throwing it everywhere. Almost as bad as capcom and street fighter at this point.

    • Aspenharls

      I see what you mean, what, with more and more remakes coming out for it, but you have to remember: This IS just a virtual console release.

    • Lordshade

      Problem is, FF4 hasn’t aged well, and releasing it several times only points that out. The story has several problems when you think about it, especially when it tries to force characters out of the party in rather desperate ways (Cid blew himself up for no logical reason, Did he really have to jump off with the bomb rather than just throw it?.)

  • new_tradition

    Can someone explain this to me? Does SE pay Nintendo to get the game on the virtual console, or does Nintendo do it and give SE a portions of the sales? Or is it something else entirely?

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