Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Looks Great On PS4 And It Has Remote Play

By Spencer . February 11, 2014 . 11:49pm

Square Enix upgraded Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for PlayStation 4. The game, which already looks fantastic on PlayStation 3 is even prettier on PlayStation 4. The PS4 version also supports the touchpad on the controller and video uploading so you can brag about defeating Ifrit. Have a Vita? Then you can play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn through Remote Play,


The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta kicks off for PlayStation 4 owners on February 22, a month ahead of the game’s April 14 release date. Upgrading from the PS3 version to the PS4 version is free, but you will lose the rights to play the PS3 version.

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  • God

    I think you missed with the title by 10 games.

    • Byron Kerrison II

      Damn you God. You omnipotent jerkoff. I was gonna say something…

      • God

        I prefer the term Troll, but whatever, i still got you :D

    • Tyler Harwood Simpson

      I got a bit excited when I saw the title. I love Final Fantasy IV.

      • JMaster3000

        We have FF IV almost on all consoles.
        It would suprise me to come to banana.

        • God

          Playing Final Fantasy IV on a banana? That sounds interesting.

  • Beating Ifrit is nothing to brag about. :P

    Unless it’s, I dunno. Extreme Mode. I haven’t tried that yet. Titan Hard Mode is a nightmare unless you have a party that knows EXACTLY what they’re doing.

    • flameraver64

      I know one of the primals is pretty hard on Extreme mode, but not sure if it’s Titan or Ifrit.

      • SuperSailorV

        Titan extreme is the hardest one by far.

        I don’t know, all the extremes seemed unbeatable that first week… but then today I one-shotted all three for the fourth week in a row. The fights are VERY scripted.

        • flameraver64

          Would think it definitely depends on your group. Yeah, they’re definitely scripted, but execution can be pretty tough (especially if your group is new haha)

        • Trotmeister

          Still struggling with Titan X. Being a healer in that fight sucks so much. Not only you got to dodge all that stuff he throws at you, you also got to keep the tank alive and raise people who weren’t fast enough. All that while making sure you don’t run out of MP. Blergh.

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

      Titan EM is 2nd hardest in game next to Twintania. But honestly Titan EM isnt that hard because nothing he does is random. You just have to remeber the order he does things. Ifrit EM is a joke, because Ifrit is always easy. Garuda is a rinse and pepeat like HM.

  • kelvin y.

    hello, for Asia please?

    • Byron Kerrison II

      Don’t you guys get it on the 22nd?
      …I wouldn’t know. All I know is that Japan doesn’t get it for another week and a half…

      • kelvin y.

        hello, last checked a month back, Square Enix doesn’t allow to create an account that is not NA / EU / Japan. that leaves the entire Asia, unable to play this. :<

        • greeeed

          just make NA or EU account and play it….

          • kelvin y.

            yes that would work. but I want to earn trophies on my main Asia account, so this workaround would not be possible. :(

          • Ferofax

            So you’d rather give up on playing the game than give up on earning trophies?


          • kelvin y.

            well yea I guess, this is not the only good game around. for me it doesn’t justify paying for monthly subscriptions for a mock account that isn’t for my own to begin with. (I know, I know #unpopulargamingopinion)

          • Byron Kerrison II

            Unless this game has a Platinum Trophy, I don’t see why you would care…

            Sorry, but personally I don’t care much for trophy regardless…

  • Byron Kerrison II


  • It looks good. I think I’ll try out a new class during the beta. Also, now all the playstation people will actually be able to see the crowded FATEs hopefully lol

    • Yeah, this was my first MMO and I started out as a Lancer. I can’t wait to hit 50 so I can switch to Tanking as a Marauder.

    • D H

      Most if not all that seems to have been fixed as of 2.1, actually. I’ve not had any problems seeing Odin or Svara, for instance (have yet to have the pleasure of encounter the Behemoth FATEs yet).

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    I don’t care about graphic improvement. I only ask to do CT, Odin and Behemoth fates, without lag issues. And i would love not to wait for characters to load on my screen, or people on my FC saying that they are near me on a city and i can’t see them..

  • The Watcher

    Isn’t Keyboard and Mouse functionality already a feature on the ps3 version? why they have to emphasize something minor like that…

    • While you can use a keyboard and mouse on the ps3 version it is not fully supported. You can not assign hotbars to the keyboard meaning that you can’t play the ps3 version as a PC player would. You are forced to use the controller to play regardless of if you have a keyboard and mouse. The PS4 version on the other hand will be playable identically to the options available on the PC version.

  • Happy Gamer

    remote play of a big mmo sounds very fun. tho how do u chat? could u use the touch screen perhaps? Not sure if that’s part of the function of a game since it wasn’t really designed for the VITA. I don’t own a VITA so can someone clarify this?

    • icecoffemix

      It depend on developer but yes some PS4 game let you use the touchscreen when it detect you’re playing it with RP.

      No one know how this game will be doing with RP since well, it’s not released on PS4 yet.

      • Happy Gamer

        It’s like my dream come true if I was about 10 years younger haha. I used to be a hardcore MMO player till about 2009. Would have killed to be able to lay around while doing quests with online friends on a sofa.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    PS4 Beta details announced. No registration required. Download beta on Feb.22nd from PSN.
    Phase 1 Feb.22 through March 3rd. You can’t use your characters and will be on private beta server for ps4 players only.
    Phase 2 April 4th to April 7th. You may use your characters.
    PC players can join by just downloading it as well.

  • mockturtle

    I have a question about upgrading. Hypothetically, can I buy a second copy for PS4, and then play the game on both (with my same character) without having to give up my PS3 version? Because there’s no question the PS4 version will be better, but for various reasons I’d still like access to the PS3 version.

    • flameraver64

      Hm, I’m not sure, but I would assume so, since you’re adding another “copy” to your account and not upgrading

  • Spirit Macardi

    “The game, which already looks fantastic on PlayStation 3 is even prettier on PlayStation 4.”

    … Am I missing something, because it looks exactly the same to me. It doesn’t even look any better than the mid range settings I play it on for PC.

    • icecoffemix

      You’re missing a lot of pixel and lossless non-compressed-to-hell-and-back view. However yes, it is still the same game so it wouldn’t magically looks like FFXVIII or something.

  • Anthony Hayball

    Great, could this crap get any shittier. Now it’s the PS4 owners turn to suffer at this shitfest! Wish we could have ignored this.

    • What the hell are you talking about?

      • Tinye

        Was trying to figure that out myself

        • Anthony Hayball

          The game is going to suck the same way as the orginal did. I wish the company ignored remaking FF XIV as all they was polish a turd.

          • I do hope you played the game more than enough to make that accusation else everything you said is entirely bullshit. In the end all I’m getting from you is “Not sure if serious” kind of reaction.

          • Anthony Hayball

            Well I’m dead serious about it.

          • Please don’t make me copy and paste what I previously said.

          • Anthony Hayball

            You won’t need to.

          • Seriously question…no bullshit here, have you played the game enough to justify your childish behavior?

            [edit – Haters gonna hate]

          • Anthony Hayball

            Yes, and it is just that.

          • Byron Kerrison II

            Please explain in detail what EXACTLY about the game you do not like.

            It’s fun to me and I don’t generally like these kind of games.

            …Unless I am playing with my friends.

          • Ferrick

            anyone can say that they played the game, but considering that he doesn’t give any reasons, or justifications, it’s better to assume that he’s just blowing smoke out of his ass

    • Ferrick

      please don’t speak for everyone else

  • Draparde

    I will certainly be downloading this beta~

    though i dunno how long i’ll play it seeing as how i’ll probably want to play as my own character :x (until you can transfer of course)

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