Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Is More Animal Crossing Than Final Fantasy

By Spencer . February 11, 2014 . 6:00am

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The world is about to end in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, but instead of saving it from destruction Lightning goes along with Bhunivelze’s plan when the god dangles Serah’s life as a reward. Lightning becomes the Savior and she has to save as many souls as she can which will be reborn in Bhunivelze’s new world. If you played the demo you might think that means exciting missions like chasing Snow through a palace dungeon. While that’s a part of the game, it’s not the bulk of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.


Lightning has been reduced to a holy errand girl because most of Lightning Returns is fetch quests. "Saving souls" means finding some random dude’s lost journal, winning a footrace around town against a kid, and helping a guy riding a chocobo cheat on his hunter exam. Fulfilling side quests rewards Lightning with Eradia, energy that extends the life of the world and your gameplay time. When you start Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII there are only six days left before Bhunivelze hits the reset button, but this can be extended if you have enough Eradia to make Yggdrasil, a tree in the Ark where kid Hope resides, bloom flowers.


Event 53


The problem is most of the side quests aren’t integrated well into the story and they don’t even fit in within the game’s world. Think about it this way, if the world is really going to end, shouldn’t Lightning do something more important than check to see if clocks are working? In Animal Crossing you build relationships with your fuzzy, but lazy neighbors. Lightning Returns mulls over the NPCs you saved with a hasty resolution after you deliver the requested item. Instead of making dozens of meaningless side quests, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII would be better served with fewer meaningful stories because nobody is going to look back at the time Lightning returned a kid’s ball that was *right* above him as a highlight.


Enviroment 19


Running back and forth takes time and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a timed game like The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask or Dead Rising. At 6AM you’re whisked back to the Ark and a day ends whether you gathered enough Eradia to extend the world’s lifespan or not. This brings us to the real reason to fight monsters. Defeating monsters to level up is common in RPGs, but Lightning eschews this familiar mechanic by having her level up when you complete side quests. Monsters in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are basically there so players can farm Energy Points, a reward for winning a fight. You can use Energy Points to freeze time in battle, but these are better saved to freeze time on the field. The Chronostasis ability stops the clock, which gives players more time for fetch quests. Later on you also get a handy Teleport ability which reduces the amount of running around you have to do, but this also drains even more EP which brings us back to monster battles. I suppose the only other reasons to get into a scuffle is to collect drops for the Canvas of Prayers missions where you give items to Chocolina to fulfill requests for faceless characters or if you want to post battle scores online.


Battle 65


The battle system in Lightning Returns is a mix of Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy XIII. While Lightning fights alone most of the time, she has three Schemata, a player customized outfit and skill set, and each one has its own ATB bar. You create a Schemata by choosing Garb, a costume with innate abilities and set stat boosts. The Mist Wizard garb locks Thunder to the circle button (essentially making it useless quickly), Cyber Jumpsuit gives Lightning physical & magic resistance stat boosts, and Dragon’s Blood (an outfit that gives Lightning dragon wings) increases damage when Lightning’s ATB meter is below 30. Making Schemata is a neat idea, but battles are better won by exploiting weaknesses to stagger enemies than experimenting with a variety of abilities. If you know the enemies nearby are weak against fire, it’s more efficient to set fire spells on all three Schemata to circle and mash away. But, again there’s no real reason to fight monsters on the field unless you need more EP to… find a potion for a cat.


It’s a shame that so much of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is spent running around for the sake of running around because the five main quests are interesting. The Dead Dunes has a dungeon that locks doors depending what time it is and there’s a hilarious scene where Square Enix’s stoic heroine "acts" as the Savior for a play in Snow’s town Yusnaan. All of the major characters from the Final Fantasy XIII saga return in some form even though the game barely explains why some of them are back. Hope takes on the most important role since he guides Lightning from the seat of the Ark with advice on what to do next. The two of them talk throughout the entire game and some of their conversation is refreshingly lighthearted. It’s nice to see Final Fantasy XIII not take itself to seriously because the story is muddled by the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology and melodrama. I think the conclusion may strike a chord with fans who followed the Final Fantasy XIII saga, but getting there was way more of a chore than it should have been.


Enviroment 33 Enviroment 23


Food for Thought:

– Here’s a tip if you want to trim the fat, skip all non-essential side quests. Just focus on the main quests and burn the rest of the days by sleeping at the inn.

– Nova Chrysalia is really two towns and two fields. The Dead Dunes and the Wildlands, a desert area and forest area respectively, are giant fields. The designers put thought on how players can move around faster by adding warp points in the Dead Dunes and giving Lightning a chocobo to ride in the Wildlands.

– The quest where you nurse the wounded white chocobo back to health was neat and had silly side quests that go along with it like scaring sheep to get an item to heal the chocobo faster.

– After clearing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, you unlock New Game+ and hard mode. While the story remains the same, there are some items you can only find in hard mode.

– I usually let graphical glitches slide since gameplay takes precedence, but it’s hard not to snicker at what happens when your chocobo’s face gets too close to a mountain or the texture pop in bugs when Lightning is dressed in an evening gown. I can’t wait to see all of the funny photos players create using the submit snapshot feature.

– Speaking of garb, the Final Fantasy VII inspired costume is cool fan service, but so overpowered it breaks the battle system. There are other Final Fantasy throwbacks like a costume based on Final Fantasy VI character Locke Cole and classic mage outfits.

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  • Brimfyre

    While I’ve played the first two, and actually liked the second game quite a bit, I really have no expectations for this game whatsoever, and really have no idea what to expect.

    I’m buying it only to dress up Lightning in sexy outfits, and I have no shame admitting that.

    • 하세요

      Didn’t stop me from enjoying X-2, so why should this?

      • The Watcher


    • Loli Summoner

      What you said and I like the ff13 series.

    • Crazy_O

      “I’m buying it only to dress up Lightning in sexy outfits, and I have no shame admitting that.”

      This, and the battle system is quite fun, difficult and challenging. But mainly what you said.

      • Setsu Oh

        yeah, the guard system is nice. an enemy can break his sword on your shield.kinda nice.

    • Bobby Jennings

      You’ll enjoy it much more than that.

      • Brimfyre

        Yes it’s quite fun. It pulled me in a lot quicker than the first two games.

        And the dress up system is a ton of fun. Especially assigning colors and what not.

        I made Lightning’s Cloud outfit look like Mario. Good times.

    • Setsu Oh

      aS I CAN4T STAND THE OVERLY CHILDISH CHARACTER ooops caps serah is i couldn’t enjoy -2 .13 was an rpg-fps so didn’t play it either. I m enjoying a good deal -3.just like i did 10-2

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Well I’m still a big fan of the XIII series so for me, having a form of conclusion is nice!

  • BitBoy

    Ive loved the characters and art style for this series, yes it may be one of my least favourite in terms of gameplay, but still fun :) This one seems to be more fan service and something to round off the slightly confusing story (hopefully!). On that thought, the old-school storyline video SE made was actually really useful…and showed how much the second game really lacked a proper storyline…bring on XV! XD

  • Emsa

    Is it strange that I actually expect this to be the worst of the trilogy, and yet I want to play it? Because I want to see with my own eyes that this story is over and SE won’t be beating this dead horse any longer. Played both the prequels and while I think it’s some of the worst games in the FF series, I don’t *hate* them, but I’ve never understood how they could make an average game like XIII and then go on and do two sequels… Those resources could have been better spent elsewhere :(

    • DivinePhoenix69

      ” but I’ve never understood how they could make an average game like XIII and then go on and do two sequels… ”

      Square taking a huge hit from the failure of vanilla FF14 was the reason sequels for 13 were even made.

      • Judgephoenix

        Though they made their money back already with 14 now :/. Which you are right 14 did hurt them and 13 was around that time when that happened. It was easier to reuse resources that cost them least. They could not do sequels to the older games for two reasons the cost and who the current audience was. Which I really think the writers really were drawing into a corner. My friend played and beat the 1st two games and he said it was not worth it. Story made no sense the entire time. Once I got to the 3rd disc of the 1st game on Xbox I couldn’t finish it.

        I rather had a sequel too Infinite Undiscovery. which I do not get why they did not try for another. The only reason that had low sales was due to in being on Xbox. Oh well I’ll play B.Default since that looks great from what I am seeing.

        • Emsa

          Might have been some licensing problem. SE published it, but Tri-Ace developed it, and it was a 360 exclusive so who knows what deal they struck with Microsoft. Personally I liked it a lot, even defeated Ethereal Queen in Infinity Mode.

        • Yan Zhao

          I want to play Infinite Undiscovery. Too bad its on the 360. Kind of weird since PS3 is usually the JRPG console and one of the main reason I got it over 360.

      • karasuKumo

        Don’t you mean that the loss from 14 was why A Realm Reborn was made.

        XIII-2 was planned after the sales of XIII. They then became paranoid about the sales of XIII-2 and catered to the bad reviews of XIII hoping to win back fans. Hence the ability to go wherever in XIII-2 and why the game was significantly easier as well as having side quests.

        XIII-2 sold horribly but they couldn’t leave the series hanging so they made this. They could have found some other way of concluding the series but had the balls to make an entirely new game even though they know it’s not going to sell well. Even after saying that new players can enjoy this and after all the promotional stuff they probably know that it’s barely going to sell. They did it because of their love of the saga. For that reason I give them a lot of respect.

        • DivinePhoenix69

          While ARR was made due to 14’s failure as this also affected the 13 saga as well, to recoup lost costs.

          And while yes XIII-2 sold less than XIII it still managed to sell over 700k in Japan alone and about 3Mil worldwide so i don’t see how it sold horribly. Same with LR. They made their money.

          • karasuKumo

            Oh yeah there’s no question about them making their money back, they have stupidly high expectations of sales though. They judge everything by main series FF standards so to them it would be considered a flop even if it sold 700k. That’s why I’m surprised they went ahead with a third game.

      • I think that’s a big misconception among the fanbase. I remember that as soon as FFXIII came out in Japan, they flat out said they wanted to make FFXIII-2, and you know what happens when they say they want to make something? It means it’s already in development. If Wikipedia is to be believed, they started development around March or April, so obviously FFXIV had nothing to do with it.

        I don’t understand why doing 5 seconds of research is so hard for people these days.

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    FINALLY, another game other than NieR judged for having fetch sidequest

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      nier ain’t the first, and this ain’t the second.

  • Suriel Cruz

    I want to play this game, but I don’t feel the urge to ‘1st day’ buy it. At fault is SE with the many trailers, also the many reviews I’ve read, aren’t THAT good.

  • Tiredman

    I really have no urge to touch this game. The only reason I will someday own it is because it will be $20 new at gamestop, I will snag it, and get around to playing it eventually as I have beaten every non mmo Final Fantasy. I actually found the first game in the trilogy a lot more fun than part 2 as part 2 just bored me to tears. It didn’t help that I felt Squeenix was holding a lot of fun stuff hostage as dlc, like my main gripe, arena fights.

    I could actually replay FF 13, but I really don’t want to touch 13-2 with a 10 ft pole unless they made all arena content free. To be honest, noticing how Squeenix just plain won’t evolve, and seem stuck in pretty graphics, lackluster everything else, Bravely Default has shocked me. Hopefully the next big budget FF they make will actually be more like Bravely Default and older FF’s rather than 13.

    • The Watcher

      Story in 13-2 was booty, but the game was fun. I can’t get into time travel stories at all because it seems like nothing is really making sense.

  • Samsara09

    This is hillarious.I can agree LR isn’t that great compared to some of the series’s standards after all,it is a sequel of a sequel…but man,if the game doesn’t have sidequests,it is linear,boring…if it has,”oh no,fetch quests”.

    Double standard is something you are better getting rid of.

    • Guest

      Still, I wouldn’t admit that there were towns in 13-2… most are at most camps to me other than one maybe Academia…

    • Tincho Kudos

      You can have sidequest without being fetch quests. Don’t get me wrong fetch quests are nice and all but if they are just a side part of the game and not pushed it as part of the plot.

    • Bunzi

      Look at something like Grand Theft Auto 5 for side quests that aren’t garbage, or better yet – earlier entries in the series like VI, VII, IX, X, XII….

      There are ways to go about it that are better than the MMO formula.

    • mojack411

      Side quests are good as long as they’re done right. Look at the recent Bravely Default. Each side quest really fleshed out the game’s world and even rewarded you with new jobs. Simple fetch quests that do nothing but waste your time aren’t so great.

      • NRool

        Even if I am pumped for this game, and I know I’ll probably enjoy it regardless of it’s apparently naff sidequests, I gotta agree Bravely Default is an absolute astounding example of side quests done right.

        It even feeds them to you at a nice rate and speed, that game just does so much right it’s insane.

        • mojack411

          My thought exactly on both fronts haha. I may have ragged on the fetch quests a bit there but I am still excited to play LR. Bravely Default is just in a league of its own, though.

          • NRool

            Indeed it is, I really hope Bravely Second makes it way the the US and Europe too, I’d say BD was probably in my top 3 games of last year, easily infact.

          • mojack411

            I’m pretty sure they were already confirmed for localization when they were announced.

  • ZeroV3

    At my first impression, i thought FFXIII – Lightning Return will be
    – Awesome story line
    – So so gameplay/battle system

    But seems like im kinda wrong, battle system was awesome but the story line was abit weird…

  • Minos

    Too bad I want to play a Final Fantasy.

  • Tiinchox

    I wasn’t expecting much of this game, every news I saw about this game was about all costumes Lightning could use :/

    • The Watcher

      FF 13-3 Lightning Costumes Returns

    • Marcus J. Hopkins

      I’m not certain why ANYONE expected anything of this game. I mean, they only sunk five years of R&D into creating the bland world…might as well try to milk as many sequels out of it as they can.

  • Kilim

    im getting jaded with all the Lightning Returns publicity

    at this point I hope it tanks had so SE puts money into game development again instead of adverts

  • Heartek

    This will be the very first ff I won’t get. How a developer can get so uninspired is beyond me.

  • Sounds like Ephemeral Fantasia with some MMO. That’s a shame, because I love Ephemeral Fantasia and cannot stand MMOs.

    • Slickyslacker

      …You love Ephemeral Fantasia?

      I’m sorry, but I played it for about 15 minutes, and the graphics made the game completely unplayable. If it was made 10 years later for the PS3, then it surely would have been a lovable niche title. But the launch-title PS2 graphics are like a Matisse painting tilted backwards 90 degrees.

      It’s sitting there under a pile of PS2 games. I thought that I would have loved it as well, before I purchased it.

      • You stopped playing the game because of the graphics? I’m the one who is sorry for you. ^_~ You should know that great graphics do not make a great game. Also, the ones in EF weren’t that bad.

  • totoro

    It’s kind of funny how XIII was ridiculed for being linear and this one seems to be nothing but sidequests.

    • karasuKumo

      It’s what happens when they listen to fans. Fans don’t know how to invent and just want the same old shit until they have it then they want something different.

      If it were up to Final Fantasy “fans” every game would be in the style of VI, the battle system included. That’s not evolving the series, that’s stagnating it. I’m personally really interested in seeing how those people react to XV.

      • DivinePhoenix69

        Agreed. Alot of people are already complaining about XV apparently, mostly about the battle system and it looking like “another button mashy game like KH”. Also The fact that some of them believe that anyone who likes the XIII saga isn’t a “true FF fan” is complete nonsense.

        It just goes to show you that the FF fanbase is one of the most immature and unpleasible fanbases out there. They’ll always look for something to nitpick and complain about no matter how good or decent a game is.

        • saxophone15

          I love FF and yet I hate (maybe I should say strongly dislike) the fanbase. (I have seen so many made-up “facts” to fit people’s arguments, it’s just mind-boggling.)

          The problem, as I understand it, is that because FF encompasses so many titles with varying styles, it pulls in a lot of different types of fans all into the same fanbase. That would undoubtedly create a lot of friction.

        • karasuKumo

          It’s something that is very opinionated, everyone will have memories attached to each title and if someone bad-mouths a particular game you love obviously you’ll want to defend it. I can accept that and never take that personally.

          However if someone blindly dislikes something that they haven’t played or judges people who like that particular game series, for example the XIII saga I find it hard to take them seriously. Unfortunately a lot of these are part of the FF fanbase.

        • Jeffrey Thrash

          Surely you have heard about the shrieking demon-spawns that make up the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase. At least under a Final Fantasy article, I have a slim chance of not being mocked.

          • DivinePhoenix69

            While i can’t argue with that, that’s a whole other story lol.

      • Agreed. I love Final Fantasy, but I have interacted with various people on fansites and they really don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t even seem to understand what it is that makes Final Fantasy a strong franchise, especially the older games. I wish developers would stop relying on focus groups to make their games because the opinions of a few people can’t account for the opinions of the millions of other people who will be playing the game. Forget the fans and just focus on making a strong game.

  • ThatGuy3190_7

    “helping a guy riding a chocobo cheat on his hunter exam.”
    Okay, whose mind didn’t jump straight to Hunter x Hunter?

    • ThatGuy3190_7

      Relax, I’m not dissing FF. It just seems like something that would be in the Hunter Exam arc of Hunter x Hunter.

  • Kj Kim

    thanks review

  • Yan Zhao

    Wow after all the trailers and teasers and even the demo I expected this game to be great but if its just a side-quest galore with almost no story quest Its kind of a shame. Then again XIII-2 was like that too and it didnt bother me too much cause it had a good balance of the 2. I hope the same applies to LR.

  • Gamespot score: 5

    Metacritic score: 68

    User Rating: 4.9

    Thank god I decided to pass on this. Quite frankly they don’t deserve my money even as a long-standing fan of the series. I will however buy X|X-2 HD & KH 2.5 HD.

    I fully expect XV to follow seeing as you’ve kept us waiting since 2006. Perhaps if you never went on your Lightning waifu spree we could’ve been playing a proper FF by now and your name wouldn’t be so soiled.

    Stop focusing on playing dressup and start focusing more on the story and gameplay. And for the love of god stop distancing yourself from your roots. If anything go back to them.

    • The Watcher

      You one of those people that feed off of reviews rather than renting/ playing it for yourself?

      • saxophone15

        He also looks like one of those people who skips any positive reviews to make the game look as bad as possible.

    • SerendipityX

      Uhh, but they did focus on gameplay. Story is a mess, I’ll give you that.

    • DivinePhoenix69

      Lol at taking metacritic’s user scores seriously. Most of their complaints of the game on that site mainly boil down to “DIS GAME SUKS BCUZ I SAID SO!” and “WAHH ITZ NOTHING LIKE THE OLD ONES SO IT SUKS!”

      • saxophone15

        Yeah, metacritic user scores should never be taken seriously. It’s always full of 0’s and 10’s in games that have polarizing audiences…and those 0’s severely hurt the overall score.

    • Loli Summoner

      You should never let a review cloud your judgement.

      Reviews are subjective and everybody has a different opinion.
      Try the game out for yourself to see if you like it, don’t take the opinion of other people.

  • Nice review. Can’t wait till mine arrives so I can play and judge it for myself as well.

  • juma086

    I’m a tad curious…

    What DOES happen when a chocobos face gets to close to a mountain?

    • Slickyslacker

      It starts clipping through hilariously.

  • Learii

    I just don’t like the time in this game that all

  • Loli Summoner

    Good review. You should have gave it a score :o

  • Saifer Emmerich

    A lot of people may not like what I am about to say judging from the rate downs in the comments here, but I think it’s time someone spoke the good ol’ truth.

    This series started out with many bad decisions in its design that ultimately led to its awkward ending. The first installment of the FNC saga contained potential for a rich story, very attractive characters and the Stagger System & Paradigm Shifts could have been true to form elements for Final Fantasy battle systems if it had not been swallowed up by the Auto Battle command and unnecessarily fast paced battles that had a low risk/reward factor.

    Maps were linear and that had been addressed many times by the players, of course this affected the 2 other installments heavily and it would have been nice if SE had been aware of the source of the real problem. You always knew what to do, you’re always reminded what to do, you always know who the enemy is and how to beat it. (and if you can’t all you had to do was run up and down the hallway and max out your Crystal). The problem, in my humble opinion, was not in linear gameplay, but in a linear storyline.

    The story presented little surprise (the surprise that we knew so well in the PSX and PS2 titles). As the story slugs along in a “Around the World in 80 days” fashion your impression for the characters slowly shifts from admiration to irritation. Protagonist, Antagonist and side character alike all contributed to my distaste. The fact that they shifted around the characters roles in the sequels proves their expandability.

    For the second, just add all that to inconsistencies in gameplay, an unnecessary hero change (Yes, I think Noel was unecessary. Shoot me.), a plethora of mundane sidequests, a shallow soundtrack (Exhibit A: Battle Theme) and to top all that off it was just… needy.

    This is just my own opinion of course.

  • I don’t understand why side content in modern RPGs has gone downhill so badly. I hate it when games think that killing weak monster x or finding item y makes for good side content. That’s how I felt about Xenoblade. The only time I was having fun with that game was when I was focusing on the main game, which was fantastic. Whenever I took a break to do side content, that’s when the game became unbearably boring. Why put so many quests in a game if all they do is waste my time? I’m not the type of person who appreciates having my time wasted like that. That’s why I never bothered “completing” that game and just focused on the main story. If you want to know what I’m talking about, there’s a guy in one of the towns who asks you to go find his son, and his son is literally just around the corner. Go find your own damn son! I’m not his dad, you are!

    FFXIII-2 did the same thing. The side quests in that game are basically go find my medkit or go find a flower. I mean, really? Whatever happened to good side quests like in FFVI that led to character development and good rewards? That’s why I think FFXIII is the best of the three games. It’s a linear and hollow game with few side quests, but I’d rather have a game that’s linear and hollow than one that’s huge with bad side quests everywhere. At least in FFXIII I never felt like my time was being wasted.

    I’m still going to get this game because I love the battle system, but I don’t have high hopes for it. Square-Enix needs to stop taking inspiration from Western games and needs to start taking more inspiration from their older games again. I hate how they use terms like story-driven, player-driven and world-driven to describe these FFXIII games when most of their older games were all 3 already. If they want to start making their worlds more open, then fill it with good, interesting content. The lack of that is what keeps me from playing open world games.

    • Arrei

      You’re comparing two different types of side quests, I think is the thing. You have the sort of quests which are completely obviously there just for you to earn some extra gold, or items, or points of some sort, or whatever. Then you have side quests which are meant to tell a small story of their own, some of which don’t even have a reward beyond their story. Xenoblade had both, but I will agree that perhaps you had to slog through way too many of the fetch-and-kill quests to increase your notoriety in each of the game’s areas and gain access to the more interesting ones – the only reason I did them all was because I was having so much fun exploring the places anyway, and it only made sense to pick up a grocery list at the town and clear it as I went. Sounds like 13-3, however, doesn’t even have that interesting payoff at the end, if I’m reading this right.

      • I never saw those interesting story quests that people were talking about because they don’t even seem to be in the game. I’ve been told that I should accept side quests from named NPCs because they usually have a story involved in them, but I don’t think that’s the case at all. Most of them actually seem to be even worse than the generic nameless NPC quests, mostly because they won’t stop asking me to do stuff for them. If there are interesting, developed quests, those are very few and far between and I don’t feel like doing 100 mindless quests just to get to a few good ones.

        I don’t know about Lightning Returns yet because I don’t have the game right now, but as long as the side content isn’t ridiculously massive, I don’t think I’ll mind it too much.

        • Arrei

          I’m basing the LR part off the article here. It’s sounding like the game is largely composed of the type of side quests you hate so much.

  • Bobby Jennings

    My two collectors editions just came in a few minutes ago! I did a little video on em too!

  • whatinthewolrd

    This is what I got from this article: “I hate exploring, I hate sequels”

    I sure hope you were not one of those that didn’t like the first one for just the opposite.

  • Nightmare637

    whats with the dude in the Snazzy clothes in the second pic?

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    It’s awful, right?

  • Kristine Ryeng

    only got 6 days cant get to the 13th day and it started with only 6 days too. please tell me what to do?

  • Kristine Ryeng

    only got 6 days cant get to the 13th day. what should I do, I did al main quest

  • Kristine Ryeng

    only got 6 days cant get to the 13th day

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