Forbidden Magna Sounds Like Valkyria Chronicles Meets Harvest Inn

By Sato . February 12, 2014 . 12:25am

Marvelous AQL announced that the Rune Factory team is working on an upcoming strategy RPG called Forbidden Magna for Nintendo 3DS. This week’s Famitsu magazine shares the latest information on the game. (Thanks, Hokanko)


Update: First screenshots here.


According to the magazine report, Rune Factory producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto will be producing the game, alongside Rune Factory series director Masahide Miyata and Ototsugu Konoe as the character designer. Konoe designed characters for Fate/Prototype.


The game’s graphics are said to be in 3D, with a similar feel to the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory series’ 2D portraits used during conversations. Here’s another look at the magazine’s report with some additional character details:


  • Lux: the red-haired young man and protagonist of  Forbidden Magna, who lives on a remote island. He runs an inn that has been around for a while but doesn’t seem to get too many customers. After going to the crystal mines and finding a mysterious bracelet, things start to change.


  • Charlotte: the first spirit of the game. She has pink hair in twin tails to go with long ears. She has a lively personality and gets along with everyone. She uses a Greatsword called Tenimuho (Artless) as her weapon of choice.


  • Beatrice: she’s the silver-haired second spirit. A little contrary to Charlotte, Beatrice is calm and has a clear mind. Her weapon of choice is a bow-type, called “Stellar Bowgun”.


  • Diana: similar to the previous two, Diana is also a spirit. She has purple hair and likes to keep it on a side ponytail. She’s one who keeps her weapon with her at all times, even while bathing; however, when she’s on her own, she takes good care of her teddy bear. She uses a spear called “Kirin”.


One of the game’s main aspects involves an “inn part,” where you’ll be managing the inn with help of the spirits as a way to help get more customers. There’s also a maid system, where you’ll be getting the spirits you befriend to help out around the inn while wearing maid outfits.


Since you can’t have inns or hotels without any sort of entertainment nearby, Forbidden Magna also has the “ETR System” which stands for entertainment. By increasing your relationship meters with the spirits during the inn parts, their combat abilities will also increase. You’ll also be able to acquire special attacks through certain events.


As far as battles go, you can choose which spirits to take with you into combat. While exploring, there will be crystals that can be used as an energy source for the spirits. There will be different areas, including places that rain and farms, that serve as battlefields.


The battle system, called the “CLT System” (Connect Lead Time) is similar to that of Valkyria Chronicles, where both allies and opponents will have their own turns, and both sides will be able to move around like an action game, without any grids.


Finally, producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto says that the game is about 50% complete, and that they’re currently developing with the mindset of trying to make it into a strategy RPG that feels as good as possible.

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  • This sounds pretty amazing. I guess Forbidden Magna and KAIO are Marvelous’ two big new franchises. I don’t know how KAIO is going to turn out, but this sounds like a very big deal.

    That said, I do wonder how much of the Rune Factory team is working on this game, and what’s going on with the rest of Neverland.

    50% means it’s been in development for quite a while now. I would say a year, at least. Additionally, Hashimoto also made mention of Rune Factory 5 a while before Neverland went bankrupt. Following the bankruptcy, they’re still making references to RF, and its Twitter account is still up and running, so I guess that series is going to continue as well.

    So again, the question remains: who’s working on what?

    • kylehyde

      I really hope that Marvelous did what nintendo didn’t. It would be awesome if those jobs got saved. Anyway this sounds interesting and the best part is that is coming and is real (is not a vaporware like KAIO, sorry to say this, but we haven’t hear about this game in a long time)

  • Shippoyasha

    You meant to say Valkyria’s unique Blitz system, right? Because it definitely is one of my favorite gameplay mechanics of last gen, bar none.

    So they’re combining cutesy/moe maid aspect to inn upkeep (base buidling + home keeping?) and strategy RPG elements. It’s such a smart and perfect use of various subgenre types into one. The ETR system sounds fun and I hope inn upkeep factors into it as well. It’d be nice if you can swap costumes and have many ways of interacting with the guests.

    This game could be a very ambitious project if all these cute and fun little elements adds up. ETR almost sounds like social links too.

  • Anewme…Again

    This sound really good and with only 50% of the development done, there’s probably much more stuffs to be announced.

  • icecoffemix

    So it’s actually Harvest Maid Inn meet Valkyria Chronicles? Sounds good!

  • Akemi Homura

    > Battle system like Valkyria Chronicles

    My desire for this game just increased 1000%.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    That’s like the best combination ever

    • This.
      I was fine with it being either a Tactical or Action RPG, but this is a great combination.

  • AnotherVistor02

    This… sounds… so… GREAT!
    After VC2 was released as psp (and not VC3) it is nearly impossible to find games with the BLITZ style of gameplay. Glad this style might come to the US. Also the “crossover” with somewhat of Rune Factory theme sounds like a great addition. Hopefully this game gets localized in the US.

    • Kai2591

      Indeed, need more BLITZ battle system in games.

  • bVork

    Sounds like it has a lot of potential, though I can also see things going very wrong.

    Good tactical RPGs provide a challenge that balances tactical freedom, interesting and unique situations and map design, and just the right amount of luck to leave the player praying but not enough to make it seem like winning is a matter of pure chance. Not that I want to call out specific games since that will just degenerate, but I can think of several recent ones that feel like there was no attempt at proper balance and that grinding (or luck) was substituted for intricate design.

    That said, the Rune Factory series is excellent because of the way all the different systems (farming, crafting, cooking, dungeon crawling, and even relationships in the later ones) feed into each other and encourage you to use each to its utmost to give yourself an advantage in the others. I really hope that sort of wonderful balance carries over. Regular monster combat has always kinda been the weak spot of the series, relying on random monster spawners rather than unique encounters, and I hope that this new series gives them a chance to start fresh and fix that one minor issue that every Rune Factory game had.

  • Thatguy

    Can you give two swords to Main Character? Because two swords moveset is my favorite in RF.

  • I’m a little bit sad you can’t choose to be male/female. And the whole maid thing sounds a bit silly. But everything else sounds pretty neat. I’m looking forward to more information about this.

    • Shippoyasha

      Knowing these developers, they will make the maid stuff cute and fun. They had a lot of experience utilizing cute maid designs in their past games.

    • kaotron

      I was guessing that they’d make you choose the gender(those two characters with the red hair on right middle page).

      I must agree, though. The whole maid theme sounds super silly and a bit anime-ish…

    • Lumi

      RF1 didn’t have choosable gender for the protagonist too. Probably they’ll want to test out the waters in the slightly larger market first before adding stuff into later iterations…?

  • LM009

    had me at valkyria chronicles

  • JustThisOne

    Huh, are you sure Lux can only be a dude? Then who’s the girl sprite standing right next to hi-

    Oh… Maybe they’re showing both his adventuring outfit and his innkeeper outfit?

    • wererat42

      Kind of hard to tell with the size of the image, but aside from the outfit it also looks like the one standing next to him has different eyes.

    • There was no mention of Lux’s gender being customizable, unfortunately. We checked, too, but nothing on that front so far.

    • Suicunesol

      Looks like an apron type of costume to me. Not a dress. If there was a female version, it wouldn’t look so androgynous.

  • klkAlexar

    Where’s the butler system? Am I going to have to wait for 3 games to get it?

    • You forgot console to add ones, and oceans had… teeechnically a female MC, anyways, this will suerly be like RF1, a- lets see how it works, pretty much using most mainstream safe elements… i think that with this u understand what i mean. Of course with RF success im guessing they are more into the confort zone than they were with RF1, this looks hella pretty

  • Namuro

    This sounds amazing!

    I can’t wait to find out more about the inn running system, as well as the combat!

  • “Like Valkyria Chronicles meets Harvest Inn”

    (Proceeds to read article)

    Soooooo where do I pre-order?

    • Jeffrey Thrash

      ‘Tis an excellent combination, Spongeboy-me-Bob!

  • kaotron

    man, I cant wait for this game to finally come out(it sounds fun), I just hope it can get local…

    btw, “CLT” system? Is it just me or does that sound kinda wrong.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Ummm… I’m missing something. It’s a strategy RPG game, so there’s lots of combat right? Who is fighting, and what is being fought over? This first preview tells me 1. The main character is an innkeeper and maintaining the inn is a core game feature. 2. The main character will collect a handful of females to romance and put in maid outfits (which is one of my less favorite anime tropes, but at least with the inn premise there’s SOME tenuous justification for it).

    What I didn’t get is anything about being a strategy RPG.

    • British_Otaku

      Some strong points there but I assume everything revolves around the mysterious bracelet and caverns that the protagonist, Lux finds which leads to the spirits which help him run his business but also secret government factions, kingdoms wanting to invade and ultimate evils being unlocked etc.

      Otherwise, they are apparently 50% finished, whatever that means.

    • They never reveal most of the story related stuff in the beginning, actually, they barely tell us stuff about it until the very end, that is what it has been with RF games, they always talk about the mechanics first. If its the same creators… im guessing story will have a close atmosphere to RF games so…

      For some reason, at least in RF, talking too much about story, imo, feels really spoilerish, that is why the amnesiac boy/girl that becomes this or that finds himself in X town and starts a farm story is most of the stuff they say haha. Its part of the game to start getting into the story.

      Like here, they just mention bracelet and things start to change, that really feels like a RF game intro.

      Also, game just got announced, they actually said a lot imo, some other games just put a picture and say 1 pharagraph about it and that’s it, first time seeing a game announced? :P

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Oooooh. An interesting combination.
    Count me in! ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)

  • British_Otaku

    Anything vaguely close to Valkyria Chronicles on the 3DS? Without the Valkyria Chronicles license or characters? Still want it badly.

    Probably importing the likely limited edition, if the footage and future promo material (demo?) seem promising.

  • Callonia


  • Liamv2


  • Screens are up at Famitsu. It’s got a chibi aesthetic, which is sure to split peoples opinion, but I think it’s charming as hell. Always looking forward to more SRPGs, especially if they got dating sim aspects.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    At first, i thought the art is making me remember of Luminous Arc, but it seems, this is more than this lol.^_^ Can’t wait for this game now.^^

  • ronin4life


    Hmm… Loving the Chibi in game look, though a part of me kind of wishes the combat was more traditional…

  • Eric Harris

    With how good the rune factory combat is I was hoping they’d make like a story/world travel action RPG. This looks ok too and I hope xseed can localize it.

  • Arcana Drill

    Did i hear VC?
    Anything that can be related to it have my interest.


    And im sure he will continue the RF games

  • Kornelious

    I’m already impressed and am liking what I’m hearing, keep em’ coming! :D

  • Brimfyre

    I wrote a poem:

    Won’t come here;
    Won’t come here;
    We are better off,
    pretending it doesn’t exist.

    • AkuLord3

      Can’t pretend…never regret, never give up

  • Bring it on! I want this game! I was sold before I finished reading the article!

  • Best girl is Diana :3

  • raitouniverse

    CLT system? You have GOT to be kidding me. I also find it hilarious that ETR just takes the letters from the /enter/ part of entertainment.

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    My question is, can you name Lux? That name sounds silly so i want to change it.

    • TatsuyaKyo

      Lux is latin for ‘light’, it’s common for jrpgs to have a character (or two) to have meaningful names like this one. That said, it does kinda feel awkward…

    • Lumi

      Gets even sillier if you know about a certain brand of shampoo/shower gel…

  • TatsuyaKyo

    >Valkyria Chronicles + Harvest Moon

    I’d buy it in a heartbeat. If it is localized, that is.

  • Count me in.

  • Guest
  • Serge
  • wahyudil

    don’t like the protagonist design

  • Jackson Burke

    I’m so glad the RF team stayed together after Neverland closed up shop.

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