Dragon Quest IV: Chapters Of The Chosen Looks Like It’s Moving To Smartphones Next

By Spencer . February 13, 2014 . 2:55am

dqiv2b Square Enix is planning on bringing Dragon Quest I through Dragon Quest VIII to smartphones, but they aren’t releasing the games in order. Japan get Dragon Quest first then Dragon Quest VIII. Next up is Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen since Square Enix is starting to talk about the smartphone version.


Dragon Quest IV uses the same control system as Dragon Quest VIII. The games are designed to be played with one hand and use a popup joystick to move around the field. Square Enix fine tuned the game by adding five battle speed settings and a quicksave feature so you can save your game even when there isn’t a church nearby. Dragon Quest IV also has the extra story chapter from the Nintendo DS remake which was localized for the West.


Square Enix is also preparing a patch for Dragon Quest VIII that addresses memory crashing bugs, battle tempo, and adds new alchemy recipes.


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  • I so hope this gets this gets localized. DQ4 is by far my favorite in the series. Especially this version, the sprite animation is fantastic.

    • Ace Trainer Chris

      Nope nope NOPE.

      It’d be a huge dick move to localize the mobile ports yet ignore the 3DS ports of VII and the Monster games, along with X.

      • While I could agree, I can understand the demand of wanting this.

        I mean, just check how much the game costs right now on Amazon for the DS version…

      • Barrylocke89

        The big difference is that with DQVII it would have to be relocalized, and DQX would be localized for the first time (and then server shenanigans with it being an MMO. DQIV meanwhile would probably just use the localization that was made for the already existing DS version.

        VERY wishful thinking, but if this was localized on iOS and they decided to include the party chat that was dummied out of the Western version, I’d get it.

    • Kaihaku

      IV and V are my favorites. Definitely high points in the series.

  • BitBoy

    ARGH! just… pretty pleeeeaaaseee!!!!

  • Raze


    Now we just need 5, 6, 7, 9 and voila~

    We got the entire DQ in Iphone…

  • Look at those graphics Kemco XD

  • Cyrus

    How about you bring Dragon Quest VII 3DS to the west, Square Enix? How does that sound?

  • As an old school rpg fanatic I’m kinda ashamed to admit I’ve never played dragon quest.

    • Trepie

      DQIV is definitely a good one to start with. Get on it! =P

    • Play it dude. Its never too late.

  • Kaitsu

    While you guys may not like this. I want this. I’ve been accustomed to having my iPhone be a handheld gaming device. Plus, I love SE’s ports to the iOS so far. I hope this gets localized.

  • Hours Left

    If they include the party chat text that was cut from the US version, I’ll pick this up.

  • Hopefully this time they actually translate the party chat dialogue rather than leaving all of it out. That is just the definition of laziness.

  • Kaihaku

    Sigh. I was worried about this when they merged, now Enix is turning into Square. Not saying that these are great games…I love Dragon Quest IV…but this is the kind of re-release fever that has been slowly eroding Final Fantasy’s brand power. Where are the new classics?

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