Soul Sacrifice Delta’s Crazy Chimera And A Black Rite That Turns Your Legs Into Wings

By Spencer . February 13, 2014 . 2:29am

Not all of Soul Sacrifice Delta’s new monsters are from fairy tales. Comcept and Marvelous AQL reimagined the Chimera as a warrior with lion head armor, a goat head mace and a snake shield.



soul-17 soul-20 soul-19 soul-18


The Lizardman is another new enemy in Soul Sacrifice Delta and these monsters breathe fire.



soul-15 soul-14 soul-13 soul-12


Players have a new forbidden wild card up their sleeves. The Lucifer Black Rite gives you wings, so you can fly through enemies. However, this magic costs players their legs and after the spell expires you have to fight with a movement penalty.



soul-22 soul-23 soul-24 soul-25 soul-26 soul-27 soul-28


Talia can be an ally. She’s the leader of the Grimm faction in Soul Sacrifice Delta.


soul-01 soul-08 soul-09 soul-10


Soul Sacrifice Delta comes out on March 6 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Namuro

    I can just imagine that lion monster saying “I’m bigger than you! Get in mah belly!”

  • mynameisdats

    Tried the jap demo and i just shouldt had. Now i cant sleep because of waiting for a localization. :(

    • Lucky Dan

      Just play the original before the localization comes out to get a real feel of the game, isn’t long fun and the exact same thing and you can upload the character data from the original SC to SCdelta since you have to do massive amounts of farming to get particular spells this will give you a head start and give you a feel of how the game works without any surprises.

      Then your insomina would disappear cause the game is just huh its just muh updated world reset.

      • mynameisdats

        Already platinumed original SS months ago so im just waiting for delta. Oh well, toukiden it is! :)

        • MaximDualBlade

          I platinumed in July and I still do pacts online XD

  • MaximDualBlade

    That new black rite leaves me thinking… I hated the penalty from Angelus in SS, and I think it was the coolest looking black rite in the whole game. But movement penalty in a game where you cannot jump, or do crazy movements, is an excellent punishment, I hope it’s really strong too.

    Loving the Lizardman and Talia(like the singer XD?)

    • Lucky Dan

      They should of called it the Red Bull Black rite

      • MaximDualBlade

        jajajajajajaja, I will call it like that with my friends man. Really funy name XD

    • Earthjolly

      IMO the most baddass Black rite was Excalibur. Gorogn was by far had the worst penalty

  • BitBoy

    this might just be the final push i need to get a vita…

    • 324234

      Do it.

  • artemisthemp

    Sony where is my Western release date for Soul Sacrifice Delta?

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      It’s not even out yet let it get time to breath outside the womb completely.

      • artemisthemp

        Well should release in EU in April according to my Calulation

  • Lemski07

    thats why I sold my SS to buy this

  • Stormourner

    Dark Souls’ Path of the Dragon Members Vs. Soul Sacrifice’s Lizardmens!!!
    who shall stand victorious?

    we do need more animalmens

  • TheSoullesOne

    God this is so cool I gotta hope they decide on releasing this IP on the ps4 or something since it has the touch pad thing

    • TheExile285

      Why? The game doesn’t have any required touch screen controls nor does it need to be on PS4.

      • TheSoullesOne

        Damn didn’t think people would be negative about it what I mean is the whole rescue or sacrifice plus the black rite being pretty much the important stuff on the touch screen and the reason I say ps4(though it could be ps3 also) is not because of graphics but more of a “they have more tools and such” to work with scenerio to further expand it and make it bigger and etc.. but I guess its a bad idea also sorry for lateness I just checked my mail box

  • Abysswalker90

    That is so damn creative.

  • Favorite Black Rite is still Excalibur

  • The Lizardmen models look pretty awesome. I never did play Soul Sacrifice and I’m still waiting for that Vita TV if not I’ll eventually pick up the Vita Slim.

  • isotrex

    Beautiful! It’s just so beautiful, I’m falling in love already.

  • CervantesPR

    soul sacrifice is awsome! Monster Hunter cant touch this!

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