Toukiden Extreme Sounds Like An Enhanced Version Of Tecmo Koei’s Hunting Game

By Spencer . February 13, 2014 . 12:51am

image Toukiden: Age of Demons just came out in the West and it looks like Tecmo Koei is planning a "G" version of their Vita hunting game. The publisher filed a trademark in Japan for Toukiden Extreme which sounds more like an enhanced version of Toukiden than a brand new title.


It’s not uncommon for hunting games to get a re-release with extra content especially when they’re a strong seller like Toukiden: Age of Demons. Marvelous AQL followed the same strategy with Valhalla Knights 3 and Capcom already announced Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

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  • Lemski07

    So Im holding off to buy one.

    • You’ll never buy one then, but yeah, it’s just like BlazBlue, there’s /always/ the next game on the horizon.

  • Bczombie

    Or its similar to the warriors series, and will be an expansion of sorts…maaaaybeeee?

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    Toukiden Extreme…… Legends?

    next, let’s wait for Toukiden Empires, Special, Z, Hyper, Ultimate, Next, BB, Online, and Complete Edition

    • Namuro

      How about Toukiden Extreme Vs. Full Boost? LOL

      • tubers


    • Kaien

      Toukiden Omega

    • Dwight Lewis II

      or make toukiden vs soul sacrifice. like the dlc but a full game!

  • Namuro

    I wonder what name they’ll come up with for Freedom Wars…

    • Syltique

      Freedom Wars Delta.

      • rekka_zan

        Freedom Wars vs the Third Reich

        • Altin

          Freedom Wars vs Sowjet Russia vs the Third Reich All-Star Battle EXTREME LEGENDS!

          • Vash bane

            …… that’s a mouth full lol

    • Kaien

      Freedom Wars: for the sequel

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      Freedom Wars : Jiyuu no Tsubasa

      • Altin

        *Jiyuu no Senki

        So the homage is perfect :D

    • tubers

      Freedom Wars: Panopticon

      What should’ve been in the 1st place xD

  • cyberkinghardy

    mmm KT is the best, especially when they provide games with Jap voices :3

  • icecoffemix

    I really wouldn’t call Valhalla Knights a hunting game.

    But yeah, this will make people who are not really interested with the game to hold off, should have wait till at least a month Tecmo…

    • Dwight Lewis II

      i see what you mean. personally, i think v. k 3 was a waist of data to me tho >.>

  • mynameisdats

    They just filed it. We’re looking at atleast a year for this game to be released in the west so thats gonna be a looonngg wait.

    • icecoffemix

      Yep, I bought the game fully knowing that there would be enhanced edition later on, no point holding out for a year or more the game will pay itself for all the fun I’d have with it.

      • mynameisdats

        Agree. This game could last until extreme gets released if your really into hunting games. Win win. :) couldnt wait to get my physical copy. Deliveries here sucks.

        • lordsofskulls

          i bought it as well but ;p i just find it slightly disturbing that not even week later they already announcing they going to release “Enhanced” version >.>

    • Dwight Lewis II

      dammit, i just got my copy…. oh well i’m still loving it tho^^

  • MaximDualBlade

    If it’s a huge expansion I will buy it again. but HUGE, like 12 new onis(plus new stuff, even some extra scenarios could be cool) because I have yet to play Toukiden but I read it has like 24 bosses.
    It’s the first game so it’s an ok number for the bosses, and the demo pleased me greatly, but if it’s a normal expansion, I prefer it to be dlc. Or for first time purchasers, retail for the full game plus expansion and also dlc for the people who have the original.

    If it’s a new game, I want to know more about it. Could be the cross between Dynasty Warriors and Toukiden that Tecmo Koei was talking about.

    Edit: If it’s something like Soul Sacrifice Delta, then it’s definetely a buy from me.
    New monsters, new offerings, another storyline, improved AI, and of course all the content of the original but better

  • Land of Green Pasture

    And here I’m still waiting for tomorrow for my retail

  • Martian Wong

    I hope they will include all the preorder bonus as one packages.

    • Red Veron

      The cat ears aren’t really impressive.

  • Not surprising.

    Hopefully the “expansion” will have more new characters (thus, more weapons usable for us), new maps, new Bosses, and Soul/Mitama!

    Toukiden’s REALLY a great game, I believe it’ll expand as a franchise. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

    • Dwight Lewis II

      me too, it feel like what most hunting games need to be like. this makes a good second to god eater in my book!

  • DivinePhoenix69

    I admit i’m not really a fan of these type of games but i had a blast playing the demo so i definately need to get around to picking this up at some point.

    • Dwight Lewis II

      you should really get it. i’ve been waiting for this 4 two years in think. now i have it i play it til my warning sign comes up.

  • k.b.a.

    oh… its a hunter…

  • CasualGamer

    this is Tecmo Koei here. With the way they treated the Warriors series, there’ll be tons of expansion for Toukiden too.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    And something deep inside me told me this would happen with KT behimd the game. Guess with the plethera games out already I can just wait on it now till this comes out.

    • Dwight Lewis II

      don’t worry, their not the only one doing it. heck look at “soul sacrifice delta”

  • Zalin

    I hate enhanced ver of games now days! Their is no need for them make dlc guys patch and stuff geez get with the times. Unless this new ver has an ungodly amount of content like a whole new game worth of content then I won’t buy it.

  • Varnes

    Oh come on i just bought this yesterday XD, oh well we probably won’t see it for a good 2 years if it isn’t even officially announced

    • Dwight Lewis II

      Me too, but hey you know how some companies are. once they play with a good thing, they wanna see how far they go with it and hope for the best :D

  • Croix Zapp

    man..,this trend is worse than DLC ;/

    but im still gonna buy tokiden

    • Dwight Lewis II

      Same here >.>

  • D.

    Toukiden Z: ZETTA BEEAAMMM!!!!!

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