Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Maxi Boost Gearing Up For Arcades

By Spencer . February 14, 2014 . 12:04am


Bandai Namco Games just released Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost on PlayStation 3. That means it’s time for arcades to get a new Gundam game. Here’s a glimpse of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Maxi Boost which is scheduled to come out in March.


New mecha include Shining Gundam from Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Gundam AGE-1, and Gundam AGE-2 from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


mgexarc-01 mgexarc-03 mgexarc-02

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  • Kaihedgie

    I spot EX-S

    • DaiRaiOh

      Well considering it’s in Full Boost, it’s a bit expected for it to be there

  • Godmars

    No news on arcades returning to the US I take it. Especially given all of the announcements today.

    • Judgephoenix

      I miss those days.

  • megaten666

    What’s up with all the updates Gundam VS has? It’s like if Street Fighter II re-releases happening all over again.

    Next time we get “Super Kidou Senshi Gundam Extreme VS Maxi Boost Turbo Ultimate: Complete Collection ver.Alpha”

    • sd28

      arcade updates

      • Kaihedgie

        Which later become console re-releases

        • sd28

          since it contains system wide changes yes

    • Brion Valkerion

      Its only the third update. And it is arcade only. AND there was a two year difference between the first and second, which did a console release, then new arcade version follow up soon after in the same way.

      It’s more them keeping up arcade dominance than “making a quick buck” been the most popular game in arcades for 4 years now, they are not letting that slip away lol.

      • megaten666

        Only? Only the 3rd? That’s already far too many.
        My main problem here is the same I have with Capcom fighters. Why not simple patch updates for consoles. And for arcades, I honestly couldn’t care less, but for consoles, I’m not too eager to spend my money on a game I own, again. Different markets like arcades and home consoles needs different business approach IMHO.

        • Hines Green III

          Most of Capcom fighters updates ARE a patch tho.

        • Fallen_Persona

          When it comes to Namco’s business model. Why? It’s simple. Why exactly would they give you said update for free when they want you to go to the arcade? Japan isn’t America. Think about it.

          Also…look at the arcade system that they’re using.

          The arcade system is literally practically identical to PS3. Meaning the PS3 version requires nearly no coding work, it’s exactly the same. As such, they really don’t care how many people buy it for PS3, that’s simply gravy.

    • eilegz

      its even worse… because console its always outdated, in sf4 case console and arcades have almost the same parity….

      this guys should consider maxi boost dlc but of course its easier and more money to get you a new game plus the online pass.

  • What’s that funky glowing gundam that looks like the strike freedom?

    • kenshinx13

      the Extreme Gundam: Leos Type, I think it’s from a spinoff manga called EX A. It has 3 forms in Full Boost, Zenon, Agios, and Eclipse for various types of combat.

      • Kaihedgie

        This is actually a entirely new machine called Leos Type II

    • Kaihedgie

      Extreme Gundam Leos Type II Vs

  • KyoyaHibari

    *deep inhale* *deep exhale* I think I’m just gonna wait a few years for the (hopefully) true Gundam vs Gundam game. This is exhausting.

  • Christian Wright

    GUNDAM AGE FINALLY!!!!! AGE-2 is one of my favorite suits!

  • eilegz

    sigh and im still saving for full boost :( and i bet that age units will be dlc. i really hate how namco bandai its screwing us why not release the updated console version on par with the arcade just like street fighter….

    • Fallen_Persona

      Because they want you to go to the arcade?

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