If You Ever Wanted To See Soul Sacrifice Delta As An Anime Watch This

By Spencer . February 16, 2014 . 10:37pm

Sony Computer Entertainment made an animated trailer for Soul Sacrifice Delta that gives us a look at the Grimm, a third faction in Delta that chooses to neither sacrifice or save monsters. To further build up the fanbase, Sony made Soul Sacrifice a free play title for PlayStation Plus users in Japan and discounted digital copies down to 2,940 yen.


Fans can also attend a Soul Sacrifice festival on March 1. Developers will be there and attendees can get a special (and so far unspecified) costume.


Soul Sacrifice Delta comes out on March 6 in Japan.

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  • Balalaika

    Looks good, Would be nice getting an Anime out of this where each episode a new monster based on a human characteristic is hunt down and then judged based on how they became corrupted, but I can see CGI being way overused to lower costs and make it easier for the animators and artists.

  • gretan

    now i wanna see the game with cell shading graphic after seeing that trailer

    • TheGioG

      This trailer’s a thing of beauty, I tells ya. At this point, I’m not just wanting a Vita; I’m NEEDING a Vita, if not just for the Soul Sacrifice games.

    • Kroz

      I’m so tired of ultra realistic graphics, and so many people don’t understand how beautiful cell shaded graphics are. Seriously more games need to try cell shading.

  • AlteisenX

    Holy crap, I would love an anime like this now… @[email protected]

    • God

      Wasn’t an animated something going to be a part of the collectors (?) edition?

      • AFAIK Yes, maybe what we see here is a trailer for that. From what I know it will be some kind of short animation.

        • God

          I hope it gets to the death of sortiara, those feels…

  • I don’t see a reason for it not to be made into an anime. I’d watch it =)

    • Tinye

      Money is always the reason :(

  • Raze

    I’d like an anime with Soul Sacrifice story…

    All the story are pretty cool no doubt…

  • artemisthemp

    To bad their ain’t Soul Sacrifice Anime but, then again would maybe be to dark for majority of Anime fan base

    • 永次

      You know a lot of anime.

  • Raw

    Great animation, however I really disliked the fact that the protagonist is portrayed as male, when the game goes to such lengths as to make it ambiguous, one of the cornerstones of the plot.

    • Raze

      What do you want then?

      Make it with no face/darking it and use dual voice like librom?

      • Raw

        Yes. You gotta admit it’s one of the focal points in the plot.

  • Pedro Furtado

    Eh? When did Soul Sacrifice become free on the Japanese Plus? Are you saying it’ll become after the next PSN update or that it was on there before and now it’s not anymore?

    And that price has been that way for a while now, ever since it went to the “Playstation the Best” re-release, it’s not a temporary discount…

    I think those two informations are wrong but I hope they are right.

    EDIT: okay, very sorry, I thought it was wrong because of no email on Sony’s part, but after seeing it on Famitsu, it seems to be correct

  • Make it a real anime! Pretty please!!!

  • Earthjolly

    This must become a thing!

  • mynameisdats

    Got goosebumps watching it. Hope this is a sign of an anime adaptation. Sony, make it happen!

  • Goufunaki

    I’m trying to sacrifice my money, but nothing’s happening! O_O Still waiting to hear any info for a NA release.

  • Vash bane

    don’t know what I was suppose to get out of this trailer but if it had a anime and LOOKED exactly like this then that would have been awesome.

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