Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Coming To Asia With Traditional Chinese Subtitles

By Eugene . February 16, 2014 . 11:00am

Gamers in Asia who understand traditional Chinese and impatient for the release of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster won’t have to wait too long. The Asian release for the games will come February 27th in Japanese with traditional Chinese subtitles. This is just about a month ahead of the English release, which lands March 18th.


Key producers Shinji Hashimoto and Motomu Toriyama sharing a commemorative photo at the Final Fantasy Producers Tour Shinji Hashimoto, and Motomu Toriyama

Key producers Shinji Hashimoto and Motomu Toriyama presenting the key features and highlights of the game titles.JPG Key producers Shinji Hashimoto and Motomu Toriyama speaking to the media at an interactive Q&A session

The news was broken at an event held in Singapore to mark the launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII earlier this week, with Senior Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto and director & scenario writer for Lightning Returns Motamu Toriyama in attendance. The photos of the event are above and you can read the interview (which, fair warning, has some spoilers inside) here.


FF10HD02 FF10HD03

FF10HD01 FF10HD04

FF10HD07 FF10HD08

FF10HD09 FF10HD10

If you’re still wondering how the graphics are doing in the beefed up version, above are some screenshots of how the updated Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster look like. Wakka looks really funky in that group shot of the team protecting Yuna. “Uhh hey guys, where do I stand?”


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster will be available in North America March 18th, and Europe on March 21st.

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  • GVmanX

    I wonder if they’ll offer Japanese voice downloads with this one?

    • Aoshi00

      They probably won’t do it for older remasters like KH 1.5, 2.5 & X/X-2, but for newer ones like LR, Drakgenard 3, Bravely Default, and going forward.. LR’s dual audio DLC was huge though, like 5Gb for PS3, but around 2Gb on the 360 since there’s addt’l Jpn ver video.. The recent Left Behind DLC for the Last of Us is over 5Gb as well, I had to delete games to make room on the HDD.. would be nice if they’re included on disc since it takes a lot of space.. would be interested to see some Chinese screenshots for FFX/X-2.. I only got to before Operation Miihen so far, and almost near the end of Drakengard 3.. but won’t get my US ver of LR since it’s pre-ordered together w/ FFX from the S-E store..

      • mikanko

        It’s worth noting that the HD release of X and X-2 is so close to the past PS2 ver. that people have hacked the Japanese ISO’s with the old English translation files and the game runs pretty flawlessly. So whether they offer it or not, doing so certainly wouldn’t be hard.

        Like you say, it probably comes down to file sizes. Unlike the XIIIs, X and X-2 kept the same lip synch from the original Japanese recordings, so it likely wouldn’t reach anywhere near the XIII file size of a patch. That said, they could still easily deem the extra size prohibitive.

      • pressstart

        Did someone downvote because they think you want in disc dlc? -_-

        • Aoshi00

          lol.. yeah, sometimes I wish the people who downvote would bother to reply and say what they actually disagree w/, but trolls are trolls :P

        • GVmanX

          That’s all I can figure out.

  • iamakii

    I don’t even need those English dubs. Give them Japanese subs to us!

  • potatoes

    “If you’re still wondering how the graphics are doing in the beefed up version, above are some screenshots of how the updated Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster look like.”

    Perplexing. The problem is that almost all of the screenshots posted are from earlier builds of the game. Some characters have undergone dramatic changes so these do very little to indicate what the final build quality is like,

    “Wakka looks really funky in that group shot of the team protecting Yuna. ‘Uhh hey guys, where do I stand?'”

    Given the context of the scene in that screenshot, it’s not unwarranted. He’s reluctant to fight a high ranking member of a religion he’s been indoctrinated his entire life with. Maybe it’s best if Siliconera keeps from editorializing.

  • mynameisdats

    Man i hate those asian release with chinese only subs. Sony, not all asian understand chinese! SEA gamers needs ENGLISH subs. Thank you.

    • shuyai

      what about all those asian version that is japanese only?

      actually dont they only sell Chinese version in china/Hongkong/taiwan and place like singapore where majority are chinese? i mean they have Korean version for Korea.

    • Aoshi00

      To be more specific, this is the Asian Chinese ver and traditional Chinese at that, meaning they’re more like Asian Taiwanese and Hong Kong ver., since Singapore and mainland China use simplified Chinese. And there’s Asian “Korean” version. Prior to things being subbed in Chinese, most Asian version were plain Asian “Japanese” ver, meaning not much difference from the Jpn ver except the discs are compatible w/ systems in Asian regions, which mainly refer to Taiwan and Hong Kong, their main Asian market. But “Asian” version had nothing but Japanese text, they didn’t assume the whole Asia spoke Japanese.

      If gamers in Southeast Asian countries need to play the English version, can’t they just play the US version w/ full Eng text?

      • Firekitty

        But then they’d have to play with English voices, too, which I’m assuming not all want?

        SE has been consistently releasing both full English and Japanese voiced, English/Chinese/Korean subbed Asian versions of their games over the last few years…People have come to expect it, so the fact that they’ve suddenly stopped is pretty upsetting.

        • Aoshi00

          S-E has actually just started releasing games w/ dual audio this year. Before Lightning Returns, there had never been a FF that had dual audio, and Drakengard would be the 2nd RPG that has Jpn audio as DLC (free or pre-order bonus). previously all Asian or Jpn ver had Jpn audio only and Eng text in some case while the US ver has Eng audio, the 2 dubs have always been separate (just like Metal Gear Solid) since there’s diff lip sync for the video. The PS3 Jpn audio DLC patch is almost 5Gb.

          It’s highly doubtful they would do it retrospectively for the FFX remaster, if KH1.5 was any indication. The fact they’re starting to do it w/ LR & D3 do get people’s hopes up though. I wish I knew about the Jpn audio DLC for LR sooner so I wouldn’t have imported it so soon (since 13 & 13-2 had no dual audio before). This is actually a very new practice for S-E to include dual audio for their console RPGs like FF.

          I’m playing the Jpn ver right now (slowly), would take me a while to finish it and then play the US ver again like I did over 10 yrs ago lol.. just don’t have as much time now..

          • Firekitty

            Note that I never said anything about dual audio? Maybe you should learn to read things a little more carefully before going into rant mode, because I’m pretty sure ‘both’ and ‘versions’ (plural!) indicated that I was talking about two differed, ah, *versions* of a game?

            To clarify: Over the last several years, Square-Enix has made it their practice to release, in addition to the standard English 1:1 Asian-region compatible port, an Asian-region version with the original Japanese voices and English/Chinese/Korean text. While KH games have not gotten this treatment, every voiced FF since Dissidia has.

          • Aoshi00

            which is my point exactly, since the KH 1.5 did not get Jpn audio w/ Eng. text, chances are neither would FFX/X-2 retrospectively. I’m not sure why you said people would “expect” an older game to all of a sudden get Jpn audio + Eng text. For 13 & onward perhaps (and dual audio DLC seems to have started this year). Also I just mentioned in general a lot of these “Asian” version are actually Chinese ver, specifically w/ traditional Chinese for Taiwan and Hong Kong, not even China or Singapore, let alone Southeast Asia. Maybe S-E would better call these Chinese ver instead of Asian as to not to cause constant confusion and uproar for some, and shouldn’t expect the Chinese ver to include Eng text so matter of factly. And now that the US ver gets Jpn audio DLC, that takes care of the problem as well.

          • Firekitty

            We expect it because that’s how every other Final Fantasy has been released for a while now? I don’t see why this being ‘an older game’ would be an obstacle to that.

            Which is, once again, the same thing I said in both my first and second post.

            And no, the KH remasters not having Japanese voices or a Chinese-English version available doesn’t mean anything, because it is a different series, which has never had these features included (Probably because it’s freaking DISNEY. Even I’m conflicted about which set of voices I prefer).

          • Aoshi00

            Actually not a while, so far there’s only asian ver with Jpn dub and chinese and eng text for 13 and 13-2, there were actually more like the exception in the history of FF, while LR is the first one with dual audio via dlc with Drakengard 3 to follow. If the original release of both x and x-2 and kh didn’t have Jpn audio with eng text and neither did the remaster, I doubt this would as well. Why not simply import the Jpn ver?

          • Firekitty

            Dissidia Duodecim had an Asian version with the Japanese voices and English text; three games over four years is a precedent. They also released the PS3 version of Star Ocean 4 with dual-audio, and would probably have done the same if they’d gotten around to a PS3 release of Last Remnant (The PC version had it)…And Tomb Raider PC has DLC voices as well (though that’s a slightly different situation). There’s also the fact that the original FFX-international release had both Japanese and English text in the game, which you could swap between at will.

            Given that the LAST THREE voiced games in the series had subbed releases, and the original game already HAD exactly that programmed into the game (Which was removed for the remaster, for some reason?!), it’s pretty reasonable to think that FFX/X-2 would get similar treatment. Again, KH and it’s release formats have no bearing in this argument, since it it a completely different series that just happens to contain a few FF cameos.

            And I love how people like to go ‘LAWL, import the JP version if yew want JP voices har!!’, as if prefering media in its original language means you have to be fluent in that language (meanwhile, if this were a film site, anyone admitting to watching a dub would be laughed out of the thread). Though I DO import when I have ti, FF is the last series I’d recommend for it; you need a pretty decent reading level just to navigate the MENUS, half the time, assuming the kanji in question is even large and clear enough for a non-native to read.

            Sure, if it were a last resort, but it’s not like there aren’t lower-stress ways of playing with the original voices.

          • Aoshi00

            Dissidia is a PSP fighting game w/ snippets of voices instead of a fully voiced console RPG, you’re grasping at straws here. By your logic, Star Ocean 4 International PS3 re-release is not a FF either, so also had absolutely no bearing on the issue. KH 1.5/2.5 remaster are actually much more more relevant because it’s the same kind of remaster release.

            The Last Remnant I do have both the Jpn & US 360 ver, I imported Tomb Raider 360 as well (like the Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite, Heavy Rain) for dual audio.

            So actually only 13 and 13-2 so far had such separate Asian Eng ver, S-E did not do it for LR (Jpn audio & Chinese text only) which is 13-3 and people were making a fuss before the free Jpn audio DLC announcement.

            So yeah, I wish people who don’t speak Japanese would stop whining and making a fuss about not having the Jpn track and insisting or expecting to have one like they owe you. S-E released an Asian Chinese version w/ Chinese subtitle, simple as that. Tired or hearing people saying Southeast Asia get short handed and English is not included.

            LR, aka 13-3 does not have separate Asian Eng. release (instead dual audio via DLC), and I believe the Asian release for X/X-2 will only have Eng audio/Eng text only from the Singapore press release from someone’s link above (except w/ a different cover than US ver), unlike the Asian Chinese ver which has Jpn audio & Chinese text. So that answered your question. I guess your best hope is for S-E to let the Asian Eng or US ver to have Jpn audio via DLC like LR, which is why I mentioned “dual audio” in the first place, but I highly doubt it.

            But yeah, if you like Japanese so much (anime, manga, games), take the time to learn the language instead of being so pompous? If I watch a lot of foreign movies like from France or Spain, I would take the time to learn the language to maximize my enjoyment and to respect the culture.

            Watching films dubbed is also a common practice, Hollywood movies get dubbed into Japanese for Japan and Cantonese for Hong Kong all the time, not everyone understands Eng and like to read subtitle. Jpn dramas dubbed into Chinese for Hong Kong, Korean dramas dubbed into Japanese for Japan. You think it’s funny? It’s practical, that’s what voice actors are for, you think they only dub video games and narrate commercials? Again, if you want to be a purist so bad, learn the language and stop complaining like a child, no one’s stopping you.

            BTW, I played both the Jpn/US ver of FF X/X-2 back on PS2, I love both Jpn & Eng dub. If possible I wish there’d be a Chinese dub for some big RPGs too instead of Chinese subtitle only, I’m interested in many languages. Oh, I watch lots of movies dubbed in Jpn too, Pacific Rim, Great Gatsby, etc, of course after watching in Eng first. Jpn dramas I have also watched them in Jpn and Chinese when I was younger.

  • Erwin MadJelly

    I’m gonna say that this happened because Sony is going into chinese market too..

  • fairysun

    I want Japanese Audio for this scene….

  • WhyWai

    another plus point for this asia version: FFX-2 in cart form instead of download only

    • mieu mieu

      But you need to pay $60 for two games ($40 vs. $228HKDx2 = $58) because they need to cover the extra cartridge and packaging cost.

      Blame SCEA for the stupid policy of not allowing a single HD remaster game in retail form.

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