Earth Defense Force 2025 Is A Blast When You’re All Controlling The Same Mech

By Spencer . February 18, 2014 . 12:00pm

I had a chance to play a little bit of Earth Defense Force 2025 multiplayer and the first mission I played had dragons. Yes, dragons. I picked the Wing Diver and chased the dragons into the air with a shotgun-like laser weapon.


Flying around shooting hordes of dragons was enjoyable, but the Wing Diver feels designed as a solo class. Meanwhile, the Air Raider is the exact opposite.


The Air Raider is a class designed for the game’s four-player co-op mode. While the Air Raider has weapons like explosive rounds, this class’ specialty is calling in air strikes and summoning vehicles. One of the new mechs that you can summon using the Air Raider is basically a walking fortress with a ridiculous amount of hit points, and the catch is players have to work together to control it.


I hopped in the pilot seat and drove the humongous robot slowly towards my teammates. Soon, the other players jumped in to control the guns and we were an unstoppable death machine. Since we were all controlling a different part of the mech, it looked like it was doing an awkward dance while it sprayed missiles at alien ships.


The giant mech felt similar to the Fencer class, another new addition to the Earth Defense Force series. This class can carry four weapons, including a giant hammer or sword. Aside from arms like the Gatling gun, most of the Fencer’s arsenal requires players to get close enough to the action to attack.


That’s where using the Fencer can be frustrating, since you move slower than an oversized slug and Earth Defense Force 2025 has big maps you need to cross. In multiplayer, one player can choose the Air Raider and summon a bike to drive the Fencer around. In solo, the Fencer only has thrusters for movement so it’s kind of like air dashing through a battlefield.


Being ridiculously overpowered and wildly firing at giant bugs is what makes Earth Defense Force entertaining, and so I decided to try the game out with the weakest weapon possible—a hand torch with zero range.


I was determined to see if a ranger could kill just a single ant with only the Torch (not a medieval torch, a can of hairspray and a lighter) and walked right up to an ant and “fired” away. All that came out was a tiny little flame maybe an inch away from the Ranger. I dodge rolled around the ant’s attacks and kept trying to hit it with the puny weapon. I’m not sure if I ever hit it, but this kind of wackiness is what makes Earth Defense Force 2025 unique.


Earth Defense Force 2025 comes out today for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While the game supports online multiplayer, you won’t be able to play with gamers from Japan. Siliconera confirmed with a D3 Publisher representative that people who purchase the English version can only play online with other people that bought the English version.

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  • Shippoyasha

    Giant robot co op sounds like Voltron and Sentai mecha!

    The idea alone sounds incredible.

  • Zalin

    My copy is waiting for me at gamestop right now! But I don’t have a car atm!!! The pain of it all! I am so excited for this game to the point where I have not felt this way over a video game since the early ps2 days!

    • D. Collins

      Get to walking!!!!!

      • Zalin

        YES SIR! EDF!! EDF!! EDF!!

  • The Watcher

    anyone know if you can sprint in this game?

  • tubers

    A bit interested. I enjoyed some EDF on the PC and VITA.

  • Zalin

    Just got to play a few missions all I got to say is YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!

  • Oooh, I’m so excited for this! Especially, since Sandlot are back in the seat. I loved the last EDF game, too, but I really missed seeing Sandlot back on the screen.

  • Fox Mulder

    EDF is worth the money, talk about fun. It’s addicting and frustrating, the funny thing is that the frustration makes you come back for more. There are so many different weapons to try there actually is a strategy to the game. Some weapons combinations work on some missions and don’t on others. Love the massive units too, the sheer scale of the enemies and the jaw dropping explosions and punch of the weapons add up to 1 game you have to own. If you like shooters you can’t miss this.

    Lot’s of DAMN moments when you hit an enemy with that last shot, it falls then seconds later BA BOOM! It blows sky high giving you that “damn you killed it alright” feeling.

    The buildings destroy much more detailed too, like a 100 story building collapsing down because of a missile impact. It’s all so overwhelmingly cool, you see what Sandlot had in mind with the concept and they present it really well. At times you’ll be like GOD———DAMN, when you see a cascade of destruction played out in stages…

    LOL. Liked the first EDF 2017 it was one of those games that you kinda got the idea when you played it what it was all about.

    The graphics are good based on what the whole concept is about,everyone complaining about the graphics fidelity don’t understand the concept of the game this isn’t Crysis and it isn’t meant to be. Seeing as that the whole world is designed to go boom, the detail level is just good enough to relay that message to the player. Since you’ll be face to face with 40 foot ants baring down on you and spiders leaping 100 feet over your head you really don’t have time to window shop the stores…

    It’s good and with Sandlot back behind the scenes it’s different than the last game Insect Armageddon, which i also liked but this game is the successor to edf 2017, and you will find yourself sitting for hours in front of the screen following your fellow edf soliders into battle after battle.

    Get that MMF 50 sniper rifle ready to do some damage. This is another extension the cult classic EDF.

    Oh i forgot to add the enemies! The lower monsters Ants and Spiders all destroy in a satisfying shower of pieces now, so when you blow them apart they literally blow apart, abdomens and heads go flying, legs get ripped off, robots shatter, the ants and spiders also have violent sprays of blood that blast out when hit with a powerful weapon too, which is even better!

    Awesome game!

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