PC And Smartphones Most Attractive Platforms For Developers Says GDC Survey

By Ishaan . February 18, 2014 . 1:00pm

A recent Game Developers Conference survey sent to Siliconera this morning reveals that just 4% of developers polled are planning to release their next game on Wii U, with 17% planning on an Xbox One release and 20% on a PlayStation 4 release.  Over 2,600 game developers in North America participated in the survey.


Furthermore, just 4% of those polled are working on a Wii U game in general (not necessarily as their next project), with Xbox One and PS4 numbers not being very high themselves, coming in at 12% and 14% respectively.


So, where are all the other developers going? To PC, smartphones and tablets.


52% of developers polled intend to release their next game for PC or Mac, and 51% intend to release their next game for smartphones or tablets. Meanwhile, 53% of those polled are working on PC/Mac titles in general (not necessarily as their next project), while 52% are working on smartphone/tablet games.


The survey also revealed that 64% of respondents are not working with a publisher on their current project, versus 19% who are (17% said they actually work at a publisher).


Finally, while crowdfunding via services like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo has become commonplace, a large number of developers are still self-funding their own games. 52% of respondents said that a large part of their funding comes from their company’s existing funds, while 46% said they contribute their own personal funds toward the creation of their projects.


That having been said, crowdfunding is growing. 11% of respondents in this year’s survey had used crowdfunding for their current project, which is a large increase from last year’s 4%.


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  • John Diamond

    i’m not really surprised at the results

  • Tinye

    I have a PC and a PS3/4 – I’m not sure if I should be excited or not. Really wanted to get away from my PC personally. And tablets and phone games can go die.. in a good way :)

  • Shippoyasha

    Smartphone gaming is bound to become way more legitimate for the core gamer in coming years. I seem to get called out for saying that but smartphones just needs controller support and developers to take a chance with truly big game releases that can cost $20-$40 and be the kinds of games we expect from handhelds, PCs and home consoles instead of being free to play grind festivals. The platform and distribution of smartphone gaming is truly something out of science fiction if we go back only a few decades.

    And these systems are bound to become freakishly powerful with the kind of hardware and software lined up for them in the near future. PC obviously is very attractive to develop on, but I can see more developers create core games on PCs and some controller friendly games being ported to powerful smartphones.

    • yomachaser

      Fully agree with your post and may I add that much of the groundwork is already developing in android.

      While Apple dicks around with 100 dollar controllers android has already birthed a secondary console war and (IMO) the handheld/console line that will someday kill off Sony for sure (and Nintendo maybe) in the Shield.

    • A controller would be nice, but I also have screen size preference issues lol

      • Shippoyasha

        Yeah but tablets are pretty gigantic. Though they probably require some sort of a stand if hey don’t have it built in.

        And some 5-6 inch behemoth phones are pretty large can they are only a few steps away technologically from providing true 1080p high definition. They seem to have a similar screen dimension compared to a big screen in my house when held at the optimal 1 feet distance.

        I can see how weird it’d be to get big screen experiences on the kind of small screens on an iPhone though

        • It’s going to be “drug addict” hard to leave my 60″ to play on something less than 10 inches if this is the future of gaming lol

          • yomachaser

            Why would you leave your tv? If the game you hypothetically wanted to play on tablet wasn’t a touch type game you would just plug in an hdmi and play on your tv like normal.

            I think people get confused by what’s happening, normal games aren’t leaving to be replaced by f’n angry birds, it’s just that single function devices (eg consoles/gaming handhelds) are getting pushed out by multifunction devices. You can still play the same kinds of games as now if you want to.

          • Mike Pureka

            I disagree; Most of the games available on phones/tablets are NOT the same as the sorts of games you see on dedicated devices.

        • Mike Pureka

          I pretty much disagree. Tablets maybe, but the tablets that are big enough to be worth gaming with lose all the advantages of not just being a laptop.

          And my CURRENT phone has a 1080p screen. That doesn’t improve the experience of playing something that size with garbage touchscreen controls one bit.

          • yomachaser

            So add a controller. Why is this option always left out of the discussion?

            MOGA controllers are excellent at turning a phone into a ds shaped game machine with a quick flip and snap.

          • Mike Pureka

            Two reasons:

            #1: Many games don’t work with controllers. I need the equivalent of a mouse to play Star Command. A controller won’t help at all.
            #2: If I need to lug around a controller, why wouldn’t I just carry a dedicated game device instead and save myself from crummy mobile games? ;)

          • Shippoyasha

            That’s why I feel controller support will be a game changer if they can standardize it with more smartphones and tablets. I’m talking more about the future of smartphone/tablet gaming, not the way it is now.

          • Mike Pureka

            The question is – is there any reason for smartphone developers or manufacturers to move things in that direction? What do they actually stand to gain?

            No, I think the smartphone space is going to continue its race to the bottom on F2P exploitative design, then possibly collapse, and THEN we may see a decent game space there.

            Even the “Good” games on smartphones right now are pretty bad by the standards of those of us accustomed to the experiences delivered by more traditional platforms.

    • KnifeAndFork

      Nonsense. The only reason these developers are moving towards this is because they are cheaper to make.

      The PS4 console RPG that’s on Kickstarter: Kingdom Come, said that his backers kept persuading him to “just make a F2P MMO on smartphone/tablet” because “that’s where the money is” and its cheaper to make.
      But he refused and yeah, most core gamer doesn’t really want to play those garbage games plus there’s game size issues once you keep bumping up the technology of the graphic engine. smartphone games are smaller.

      As of now, smartphone gaming appeals to the casual market; people normally not into games. That’s why there’s so many f2p grind feats because that’s an easy alluring entry non buy in and the model is designed to addictive lay suck you in to spending money on a regular basis as opposed to an initial once only price, so to avoid sticker shock and potentially take on more money on the long run, this method is implemented. Problem is the games really aren’t that good; they’re just shallow time killers (Candy Crush, Angry Bird, Puzzles & Dragons….Flappy Bird lol), and those casuals usually ONLY play that “one” game and the iOS/Android market is saturated as it is. Over 3000 RPGs for it last I checked.

      And a tablet will never replace a TV screen experience and of course multiplayer convenience.

      PS4 is already in its 3rd month, at 5.3 million units sold and it hasn’t even reached Japan yet; as well as that being the fastest Selling rate Sony has had so far, so when that keeps up, I expect these percentages of developer involvement to increase. Especially when the PS4 is easy to develop for as some developers have noted, and is PC port friendly.

      • Shippoyasha

        Well sadly there will be the devs who do that but there are some surprising games on mobile already (though to be fair, there are shovelware on consoles and PC too) that are pretty good, artistically envisioned titles. I doubt the scene will be static forever considering it’s been growing astronomically in only a few years. I think it has a future for core gaming down the line. I do agree game size will be an issue though cloud gaming may help alleviate that.

        Maybe even game streaming might become more robust and standardized. But we are still talking about technology a few years down the road. Even if games are still perfectly capable on smartphones and tablet today (seriously, the mod scene is just awe inspiring on what today’s smartphones are capable of) and surely things will only improve going forward.

        • KnifeAndFork

          This poll is done way too early

          Cloud gaming defeats the purpose of a smartphone / tablet. DRM is needed and you won’t always have a signal when you’re on the go

    • tubers

      Actually, I can see “PC” actually going toe to toe of console/pc quality titles (multi-plats) with/against iOS/Android .. in 3-4 years.

      I recently looked up tablets and was surprised with the existence and performance of 8 inch full windows tablets (8-10 hours rating depending on model).

      These are pretty inexpensive too ($ 249 – $ 399).

      In 3-4 years, I expect a decent full Windows Ph/ablet and ofc, Steam. Not sure w/c term to use but it seems a true “PC Phone”. Might start huge at 6 – 6.4 inches tho (the biggest of phones today.. oh and Apple will follow suit with the huge phones soon).

      It also seems that mobile Android/iOS games are starting to bleed into full Windows tablets.

      I am not talking about RT just to make things clear.

      • KnifeAndFork

        The huge phone thing was a fad that already came and went

        • Shippoyasha

          I went big phone and I can’t fathom going back to small phones again. It’s almost like having a palmtop laptop and it’s not quite as huge as a full tablet. And these things are perfectly portable too.

          • KnifeAndFork

            Doesn’t matter what you like it still was a fad. Else we’d be seeing more of them and we’re not.

          • Shippoyasha

            Just sounds to me like you are simply not interested in giving it a chance. And how is it a fad when big phones are continuing their lines? The new phones look better than ever.

          • KnifeAndFork

            I did give it a chance I had one of the big phones. It was annoying and cumbersome and I just went back to an iphone. The majority of people out there have regular sized phones. And I didn’t see IPad mini take off either

          • Shippoyasha

            I don’t think it’s fair to say big phones are a fad just because you are comfortable with phones being more for portable phone purposes. And full blown tablets are still very popular. Big phones and tablets probably will work better for future games that intends to have a lot of screen real estate to work with.

        • tubers


          Z Ultras, Notes and G’s are here to stay.

          It’s a rumor/leak but Apple will likely do the same next round or after with their phones.

          Ph/ablets are here to stay.

        • yomachaser

          Okay now I know you’re delusional.

      • yomachaser

        It’s pretty amazing when you see an 8 inch tablet running Skyrim and more than a few cheap ones are at that level as of late last year.

        IMO mobile OS are dead meat in front of what windows has to offer.

    • David García Abril

      Smartphones and tablets already have controller support. They’ve had it for a couple of years now, specially the last year. I tried the official Samsung game controller myself a month ago (it’s VERY inconvenient, BTW. It’s a mini-360 controller, so you need to put the tablet on a stand or something). And still, they barely had any impact.

      That’s because the vast majority of people who play regularly on smartphones don’t care about core gaming experiences (at least in those devices) and/or are still intimidated by traditional controllers. And that’s the audience that most smartphone games are made for.

  • Anthony Hadow

    I understand PC getting good results who doesn’t use a computer? But, seriously I am hating the mobile market there are very few games that are actually good and thousands of bad titles flood the store. Its easy for a developer to put up a small app or game and make money off of it. I would rather see more handheld consoles released than more mobile games

    • nonscpo

      I dont know if i agree with you on that, id rather keep the crapware on mobile. Sometimes less is better look at the vita it has less games true but as a result they have more quality titles.

      • Anthony Hadow

        Well I didnt mean to move the crapware to other devices I meant more I would rather the developers to focus on console or handhelds than for them to make more crapware. even if they make a good game for mobile the bad far out weighs the good and just like most things on mobile it will be buried by the thousands of apps available and very very difficult to see noticeable sales

  • This made me cry a little inside. I love my home consoles and my PC, but tablet and smartphone gaming just isn’t my thing. I understand from a business standpoint, but yeah……..

    • yomachaser

      What don’t you like about it exactly? It’s a pretty diverse field with dozens of factions trying to do different things with it.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Mostly shovel ware garbage

        • Guest

          And almost ubiquitous anti-consumers business models.

          • PreyMantis

            How about adding lack of physical buttons?

          • yomachaser

            Does EVERYONE on these boards only see stupid iphones or something? Seriously android is festooned with controllers, consoles,handhelds and every other form factor now.


          • neogeno

            For me its ultimately the payment model that tends to come with these games. When I purchase a game, I expect to pay for that game and NEVER have to see that cashier again. I can’t do that with games from the app market.

            The impression I’ve had from app market games I’ve tried is that these games aren’t truly designed around gameplay being the core. They are designed with gameplay wrapped AROUND the monetizing business model that has a cashier following you around wherever you go. I cant enjoy a game that may suddenly decide to charge me for an item I see within the games store.

            Sure I don’t HAVE to buy it and can play on without being charged anything. But I shouldn’t have to do that just to enjoy the a game.

            Processor capability is another big thing. I would much rather play Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen instead of Dragons Dogma Quest. There are just things that are way more possible with consoles than with a smartphone (or even the Ouyas processor).

          • Ryudo9

            few hundred bucks for a phone monthly bills and a big ass contract then some 35$ add on to play a bunch of crappy clones to hold my attention shorter than a morning piss. OR Take 400$ get a Vita and 3DS. Play some Ys Memories of Celceta,Gravity Rush,Dragon’s Crown or Fire Emblem Awakening,Code of Princess,Mario Kart and much more. Whoops I did that already. Oh and got a robot NESS stickler on the 3DS.

            A WINNAR IS VITA/3DS
            iPhone is Error

            I have a Samsung Android tablet and never use the damn thing. Ok I do it holds down my mail as a paper weight.

          • yomachaser

            That not true and easily disproven to boot.

          • Guest

            So your rebuttal is…?

        • yomachaser

          Did you hate nes,snes,genesis,n64,ps1,ps2,gamecube,etc too? All platforms are shovelware magnets and up until recently we all knew to just focus on the gems and enjoy them.

          Why would you or anyone else care about the not good games as opposed to the good ones?

      • While there are some interesting games out there, I just don’t feel or seem to get the full gaming experience from playing most things on a phone. That’s just me though.

    • Anthony Birken

      Personally, I’m not a fan of smart phone gaming either with where it’s at now, but compared to what Shippoyasha said just a while ago, I’d be interested in it then. Otherwise I’d rather stick with my home console, handhelds, and PC titles.

    • tubers

      I honestly believe your “PC” would go mobile so there’s hope if you just don’t want the “mobile” scene.

  • Alphabet Soup

    I prefer gaming on my consoles, but the results here aren’t very surprising. First off, traditionally it was very difficult expensive to get a development kit for consoles. At this point, it seems console companies are much more willing to work with small and independent developers, so I’m guessing the barrier to entry is much lower there. However, it still seems higher (and filled with more hassle) then simply releasing a game to PC/Mac.

  • Jero

    As long as the games are good I don’t really care about where they’re released. I bought my 3DS for the games it had not the other way. And if good games comes to pc then I’ll start saving for one.

    • nonscpo

      I understand were your coming from however this trend is frightening to some, what were to happen if support becomes so lopsided that you don’t even have the option to buy whatever comes after the 3DS. Remember their are analyst who are predicting this to be the last console generation what if it were also the last handheld generation, now that’s a thinker.

      • yomachaser

        Personally I can’t say I’d miss consoles as pc’s going forward are worlds better in terms of performance,backwards compatibility,cost etc.

        It also kinda feels good to know my compy can emulate most of the consoles and handhelds in history which gives me the full backwards compatibility my many consoles largely never did.

        As for handhelds they’re being subsumed in the same way really. A phone 2 years from now will be able to emulate the 3ds and the vita in 4 tops while still being a general game platform for all kinds of games so nothing will be lost minus games from stubborn companies who holdout too long and don’t make the leap to pc/mobile.

        Do you honestly care which box gives you the series you like? Does it matter if Nintendo folds up their hardware and you play their games on some other box?

        • nonscpo

          My concern isnt buying new boxes or handhelds its that going digital is going to limit our choices. Take Ace Attorney DD I would have gladly bought that game if it was available as a physical copy, however it was only offered digitaly and I cannot justify spending $30 for a digital game; I can definetly make exception but not for a game that should have been offered in physical format.

  • MrRobbyM

    With the amount of indie games on Steam, PC is an obvious answer. Tablets are okay for very simple, short games but require buttons to be taken seriously as a gaming device. Phones will need to come a longer way than that with the screen being so small.

    Indie games don’t get as much attention as they do on PCs. The focus is all on big budget, mainstream titles which get more and more expensive to make with each gen. So it’s a good thing Sony is pushing the indie scene because it IS the future.

    • KnifeAndFork

      PC is not plug and play

      • MrRobbyM

        Okay but that wasn’t the point or even remotely related to anything I said.

      • Fronkhead

        Regarding the ‘plug and play’ argument, it depends on what device you have to be fair — I bought a Surface Pro 2 at launch and it’s been wonderful.

        A lot of games people are playing these days on PC tend to be indie, like Minecraft, Starbound, the recently released Ikaruga, and more, and a lot of modern PC hardware will play it out the box.

        I’ve been getting 60fps on games like Metal Gear Rising on my Surface, and games like Bit.Trip Runner2 run at 1080p. It’s great. With 360 controller and mouse support being great too — detach the type cover and pull out the kickstand and you’ve got a (either silent or very quiet) piece of gaming hardware with a gorgeous 10″ 1080p display right in front of you, or hidden away by the TV if you connect it up.

        These days integrated graphics are good enough that you’ll get great performance out the box with the majority of games. It’s certainly a plug and play experience based on my usage patterns (this is the first time I’ve had a device ‘good’ enough to run PC games).

        • Guest

          And there are a lot of options available on PC for gaming purposes. Steam has become a great alternative for me, aside from some savings, it provides a streamlined experience, it gives you pretty much everything you need to play game, i.e. drivers, graphical tuning, updates, etc.

      • CirnoLakes

        Actually, a PC can be every bit as plug and play as a console.

        And the Valve Piston or “Steambox” is pretty much guaranteed to be as plug and play as any modern console.

      • yomachaser

        That’s complete bs. In this day and age of stupid easy computer gaming you have to qualify a statement like that because it pretty much is just download game,plug in controller (or use mouse) and play.

  • KnifeAndFork

    And this is not even including Japanese developers, who I would assume would be just as close.

    Ugh this horrible

    • CirnoLakes

      All that’s coming is a future of more functionality. Multipurpose devices are becoming more and more ubiquitous and more developers want to develop for them.

      Also, multipurpose devices last longer than single generation consoles. There are new video games that can be played on Windows XP and old computer hardware.

      If you’re a console gamer, this means that you’ll get more software for more hardware than ever before. And not have to spend as much money on hardware.

      • But then how will he indulge in his precious console wars?

  • Odin

    I wonder how long developers are going to take to transition to a smartphone-only future. And if it does eventually happen, realize what a glaring mistake that was.

    Only hypothetical of course, but I’d love to see it happen. Then we’ll all just laugh. HA. XD

    I’m doing it right now, just thinking about it.

  • easter

    dat profit margins doe

    I’m primarily a PC gamer at heart, but I’ve also another foot firmly planted in Sony soil.

    I truly believe the 3DS and Vita are a viable platform for the future, even as phones and tablets do their thing. They can mutually coexist.

  • DesmaX

    Not surprising, though. PC and Mobile are the best places for indie developers.

    And, more importantly, really nice to see developers not depending so much on Crowd-Funding. It’s a cool idea to make games come to life, but it shoudn’t be abused

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      No they arent.

      Way too much deluge on that platform. Thats why they leave to handhelds

  • J_Joestar

    I think there is also a degree of quality expected from traditional console/handheld systems that may turn off some smaller developers.
    On the other hand, i’m sure that those who do invest the time and effort to make a quality product and put them on consoles as well will find themselves a potentially dedicated fanbase for their future works as well compared to a lot of phone based casuals who probably don’t care who is making their next game.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Low overhead, high profit. There is your reasoning.

    I have to say, I’m not a fan of mobile gaming in the least. It all feels like a cash grab at this moment in time…perhaps when the various platforms mature as gaming software/devices, have battery lives of at least 72 hours at max brightness/processing, and provide acceptable button control accessories, I will change my tune. At this moment in time, however, I can see myself exiting gaming or playing what will be classics in the not-so-distant future. If anything, I’ll be able to cut down my backlog.

  • $23890725

    The 2 big problems I find with mobile gamins is tuch screen and hardwere. I mean for the price of phoned and tablets today I can build a PC that is still twice as strong than a phone or tablet . When games can be as complex as like Witcher 2 or Maseffect and soon on a tablet then I can say okey mobile gaming is not bad. Last thing i rather game on 24 inch monitor over a 5inch also if I want mobile gaming a 3ds and PS vita is way way way bettet and cheaper option with better games and real controllers. Only tuch screen controlling sucks mix them like 3ds and vita and im fine with it.

  • Domii

    I guess this survey was done before Sony announced that more than 5mil PS4s have been sold. It’s still understandable considering how cheap and easy it is to develop a small scale game on those devices.

    • Guest

      While it’s selling good for now, think about it. Who do you think is buying those PS4s? Which demographic group exactly? Is that demography enough to sustain the console environment as a whole?

      Now do the opposite, who is buying smartphones and tablets? And why so many companies have tried to nurture a market there?

    • ronin4life

      5 million is nothing compared to the Dozens of millions of capable Pc owners, and hundreds of millions of smartphone owners.

  • David García Abril

    The whole smartphone/tablet development thing is a bubble waiting to burst.

    Only 1% of games released on those devices are actually profitable (and many of them it’s because they were made by VERY small teams, if not just one person), and so far almost no company has been able to repeat a success.

  • AkiraScare

    I’ll stick to My consoles… I still think they look much better and you don’t have to be scarred that the game you pick might not be compatible with the pc u got…. or that you have to kill the graphics for the gameplay…

    • yomachaser

      Are you suggesting people buy pc games without reading the requirements? You also must know they don’t and can’t make better looking games on console so what are you on about?

  • Kazekage Gaara

    Meh…..Consoles and Handhelds are more for me :|

  • Why are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo even making consoles anymore?

    • CirnoLakes

      Well, temporarily, there’s still a market. Sony sold a great many PlayStation 4s. And the XBOX One isn’t even focused on being a video game console so much as an entertainment centre device.

    • yomachaser

      Microsoft’s investors are asking for them to leave the console space and their new CEO is looking into it as we type, Sony have no choice as it’s one of their few good legs and Nintendo doesn’t meaningfully do anything but this so it’s to the bitter end for them I suppose.

  • Mike Pureka

    Could we have a link to the actual results? None of these numbers add up. x.x

    Why is the number for “working on a PS4 game at all” LOWER than the number for “planning on a PS4 game for the next project”?

    Overall, this an unsurprising and not very informative survey. I mean, it’s GDC. If you asked folks in Japan, you’d probably get different answers, but hearing the American game dev community say “Yeah, we’d like to release on PC and handheld” is not really news.

    • Shady Shariest

      The latter was meant/sounded like a question about exclusive development.

  • CirnoLakes

    It’s not all that surprising. Many PC gamers are as elitist against mobile as many console gamers. But PC gaming and mobile gaming share in common that they are multipurpose devices.

    One of the biggest trends in the gaming industry today is the shift away from dedicated devices(not just gaming, but any electronic device dedicated to only one function, such as cameras, especially now that mobile devices are starting to become capable of recording 4K video), and toward multipurpose devices. Video game consoles, are essentially, for the first time in history, an obsolete technology, and I while I don’t think they’re going to go away permanently(neither have cameras, or even vinyl or VHS tapes, or paperback books), especially with how well the PlayStation 4 sold, I do think that dedicated gaming devices are going to become less and less relevant.

    I think that even the PlayStation 4 is essentially a gaming PC and a multipurpose device just like the PlayStation 3 for a reason. And that speaks nothing of the XBOX One’s… peculiarly non-gaming marketing.

    Mobile and PC are also becoming increasingly similar. In fact, outside of Steam, I feel if anything is going to make PC gaming more mainstream in Japan, it’s mobile. I don’t think that “PC” just means people who build desktop computers. The Razer Edge is essentially a gaming PC. And while it costs more money than most people are willing to spend, “Moore’s Law” doesn’t appear to have stopped yet. And before too long I expect something like it to cost much less than $500.

    Microsoft has started making phones and tablets. And ultrabooks with detachable keyboards, making them essentially tablets, are becoming increasingly common. And gaming ultrabooks are also becoming increasingly common. This will surely become a competitor in the Japanese market as well where both iOS and Android devices are popular. Microsoft are also making a lot of effort to make their software work on popular CISC architecture like ARM or Qualcomm CPUs.

    Also, more and more of what are essentially PCs and more like desktops, are being made to use ARM. Things like ARM and other popular mobile processors are becoming the new Power Architecture. And Android is getting more and more software support from software developers that were once PC exclusive. And becoming more and more like a Windows PC. At this point, I think that Android is the biggest competitor to Windows.

    Intel are also making their CPUs more and more compadible and to work with Android. Which is yet another sign that PC and mobile are fusing and becoming into one market. Laptops, tablets, and phones, are the PC market’s new laptop.

    Furthermore, gaming PCs are already set to eclipse consoles in power/price point this generation much sooner than last generation. The PlayStation 3 was so powerful that they were sold at a loss and were more powerful in terms of price than many PCs. But in this generation, the case is far less so. Relatively inexpensive PC hardware will be much more powerful than the PlayStation 4 or XBOX One in the next couple of years. This generation, both the PlayStation and the XBOX were released with hardware that wasn’t very competitive with PC gaming.

    I’m happy for the PlayStation 4 and how well it sold, but I don’t think that this is a sustainable business model. And I would be surprised if there were a PlayStation 5. And I don’t think that Microsoft are interesting in making an “XBOX Two”.

    This isn’t nearly as foreboding or scary as many console gamers may see it, though. The console or arcade or handheld gaming experience isn’t going anywhere. Video game systems are just going to have more PC and mobile gaming functionality, but are still going to look and play like classic console and arcade games.

    • yomachaser

      Excellent post sir.

    • Shady Shariest

      Actually, current consoles have all ready been eclipsed. Otherwise… Very good post :< Yupo. Fingers tired after all that? :3

      • CirnoLakes

        They’ve definitely been eclipsed by high end computers.

        What I meant was, in the same price range. Though I may be wrong about that as well, and you can already buy a computer more powerful than the PlayStation 4 for the same price range.

        Though if I’m not mistaken, the PlayStation 4 may have a slight price to performance edge right now. Forgive me if I’m wrong, though.

        Oh, and thank you.

        • Shady Shariest

          I think that PS4 is still kinda above the average gaming PC… But we should remember that it is still a gaming platform, so specs themselves cannot be directly compared…

  • FlameEmperor

    It still puzzles me that phones have become a primary source of gaming for a lot of people. I mean.. We have handhelds for on the go gaming…..

    • yomachaser

      And with the exception of the shield they are weak as kittens and can’t do multimedia for shit. People don’t like one use devices much anymore.

    • Shady Shariest

      They are casuals… A problematic crowd, that as a resource will run dry eventually. This all hulabalooza is just a high-point of a new platform. Nothing to worry about.

  • I honestly wish smart phones didn’t exist, they are going to eventually kill the games industry as we know it.

    Honestly, I think It all boils down to laziness. There is no other explanation. It’s not an ideal platform for the consumer, at least, not long time gamers.

    I use my phone for posting like this, Email and keeping contact with friends. I don’t need to play games on it, nor do I want to.

    • ZeroV3

      Just my 2cen
      In those days, company target is to earn fame and everyone trust by creating awesome gred game..

      but now, smartphone games seems easily milk out everyone pocket money. Even with just a click/pull/touch 2D game (low budget, high income), they able to milk out those rich ppl which willing to spend on it.


    yeah but the ps fan girls dont want to hear that and yeah i do own a pc ps3 and a vita.. no fan boy though

  • Ryudo9

    Why would you use a Dell low end bottom of the barrel bare bones..*takes a breath* laptop from 2010 as a the header image? I have that exact one in a closet somewhere and the thing overheated from playing Youtube vids in 720P. Not joking. Lol no one would be able to game on that POS.

  • Why do the 4% even bother with Wii?

  • RunningWild1984

    Nothing “Smart” about Smart Phones.

  • Croix Zapp

    smartphone? seriously? >_>

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

    By developers you mean amateurs who make crappy games on Flash and RPG Maker and sell them on Steam and Google Play? Yay. Quantity over quality. Reminds me how we ended at video games crash of 1983.

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