Tournament Players Take On Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold

By Spencer . February 18, 2014 . 12:20am

Taito Station is looking for the best Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold players in Japan and are holding a tag team tournament to find them. Here’s a look at one of the preliminary matches and new character Sho Minazuki. The finals take place on March 29 in Akihabara’s Hey arcade.


Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold is also in development for PlayStation 3 and slated for release this summer in Japan.

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  • Tatsuya Fabre

    Katakana Minazuki actually looks pretty damn fun.

  • Mike Moran

    If it was between Persona 4 Spinoffs or getting Persona 5 sooner, I probably would have taken Persona 5 personally.

    P4 Arena was fun for a while. In some ways it was a very progressive fighting game. I played at least a couple hundred matches.

    Not so sure I want to do that all over again for a handful of new characters and shadow versions. The more versions of a single game you release the more you split up the community. The less enthusiastic I get about it too.

    • DyLaN

      Its a rebuild of the game, not a new ver.

      And I’m looking forward to the plot more, honestly.

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      Agree with you wholeheartedly.

      But the realities of game development… and especially for RPGs these days are “incredibly expensive” and “time consuming” relative to the “profits”.

      I guess Atlus JP needs to (very crudely) “milk” its previous games for maximum profit and raise “awareness” before another installment it its flagship series. You know, like 2 versions of Arena and Persona Q and Dancing All Night. Just a sign of the times.

    • Tarkovsky

      Except that new iterations are always needed to keep the competitive scene fresh. It’s the reason why so many competitive players are excited and looking forward to this and USFIV. These iterations are what separates the boys(casuals) and men(pros). Either way, this game wouldn’t even help P5 get released earlier as it’s mostly developed by Arc System Works.

      • Mike Moran

        It’s true that this probably doesn’t slow things down too much, but Atlus is still actively focusing on spinoffs in general. When they announced a dancing game, that was about my limit.

        As for “needing” new iterations of a game to keep it competitive, I don’t buy it. Capcom actually lost a number of fans by going back on their word that they wouldn’t be constantly updating Street Fighter IV. The latest version of SFIV sold incredibly poorly at 300,000 worldwide and Capcom has refused to release the digital numbers (which means they’re bad.)

        Evo’s gotten bigger but the actual Street Fighter playerbase has shrunk a lot since Vanilla and Super.

        There is no proof that we need a new version for people to keep playing it. I’m pretty sure if the game is made well in the first place people keep on playing it. King of Fighters XIII released in arcades 4 years ago and it’s still being played competitively.

        Despite what a train wreck Marvel vs Capcom 2 was in terms of balance it was still being played competitively up until 3 came out. That was what, 9 years or something?

        If the game is well balanced, or fun, or both: People will play it. Updates are not what make people play games.

        Where’s your proof that new versions of games separate boys from men? It takes at least a few years of very, very heavy competitive play for a game to reveal if it’s balanced or not. How do you know the most well balanced version of Street Fighter IV hasn’t already come and gone?

        You can’t know. You dropped it too soon to know.

        • Tarkovsky

          And yet SFIV is still the most competitively played, watched and followed fighting game in the world?

          It’s obvious that sales numbers dropped because non-competitive players stopped playing it. And it’s not just SFIV, every other existing fighting game is losing followers as well but SFIV still has the most number of players playing.

          Just look at the the most participated and viewed fighting games at EVO in the last few years and almost all of them are updated versions of the original games. (SFIV being the top) How many players are actually still playing MvC2 compared to newly updated games? The reason why it lasted so long in Evo was because it was the most unique of the bunch. KOFXII was a huge flop(sales wise) despite being at excellent fighting game and it was only introduced to Evo in 2012. We’ll see how the numbers are this year compared to the other games.

          Lastly, as you said, it’s not all about balance. It’s about mixing things up and introducing new mechanics to an already existing. Nobody said that USFIV will be balanced but you can bet that it’s going to play a whole lot differently with the new mechanics and characters introduced.

          Edit: Just checked, SFIV had a slight increase in contestants from EVO12 to 13 while KOFXIII dropped by more than half. Think what you will with those stats.

          • Mike Moran

            Considering Street Fighter IV started with the biggest userbase doesn’t it make sense that it would still have the largest one even if every community is shrinking?

            Typically people will play the latest version of a game if they’re going to play it at all, but considering the playerbases are shrinking there’s no foundation for saying that we need new versions. The people who want to play keep playing.

            If you are a competitive player you don’t have any choice but to play the latest version. Whether you think it’s good or not, it’s the competitive standard. Not many communities are willing to say “No, the old version was better, we’re still going to run tournaments on the old version.”

            If that were the case Street Fighter Alpha 2 would have probably stuck around longer.

            Really, there’s plenty of high level Street Fighter players who don’t even like Street Fighter IV compared to old versions. It’s just that if they want to play, it’s what people play now.

            When Street Fighter IV and Marvel 3 weren’t around, the older games were still being played by the hardcore players. Marvel 2 wasn’t the only example. People were also playing Third Strike for a very long time. King of Fighters 2002 had a pretty long lifespan that run concurrently with all the current KOFs.

            There was a need for some really big new game to draw some old players back in. That was Street Fighter IV. The only solution to the shrinking playerbase is an actual new game, though. Hardcore players keep playing regardless of updates, assuming there isn’t something about the latest competitive version that drives them away.

            I never said mixing up the current version of a game was important to keep a community playing it. I said for a game to have lasting appeal it needs to be balanced, fun, or both. Marvel was just really fun so it lasted. Third Strike was really balanced so it lasted.

            Good games last with the hardcore players regardless of if you tweak them, so long as you don’t ruin them.

          • Tarkovsky

            Competitive players do have a choice to go back and play the older games if want to but they choose to play the newer games. (they aren’t forced to, they can always change games if they are not interested in the newer versions.) Why do you think so many players have stuck with the SF series for so long. It’s because of the constant updates and changes. Capcom would’ve stopped with the iterations long long ago if they weren’t working. There’s a reason why games like Darkstalkers, Rival Schools and various SNK games dropped off in popularity.

            On the opposite spectrum, MK, arguably the most popular fighting game franchise next to SF was dropped out of EVO because it’s already stale. Look at MK9 now, released around the same time as SFIV, probably had higher sales but yet has lost so much support from the FGC. Tekken 6 is another prime example and the only reason why Injustice is going to be at EVO 2014 is because they just updated the game. Heck, even the latest iteration of Blazblue is going to be at EVO.

            Ultimately, the FGC decides which games live or die by the support they give to them. Just look at SFXT. I’m pretty sure if SFIV and it’s countless iterations were crap, it would not have been at EVO for such a long time. In fact, it’s the longest lasting fighting game in tournaments.

            What I do agree with you is that new fighting games draw the largest crowd, however, to keep these games alive and kicking in the long run, iterations need to be made to keep them from becoming stale.

          • Mike Moran

            Street Fighter is being played because it’s the most well known choice. It struck first and earned a reputation before the rest. Street Fighter IV generated about 4 million players minimum largely due to hype, brand recognition and a lack of competition. It didn’t draw anyone in because it was an update. It was an actual new game in the series. It was different enough to people regarded it as its own entity.

            The core game is what’s important. So long as you don’t mess it up the hardcore community keeps playing it. Again I ask where your foundation is for the argument that updates keep the community going?

            There are games that have been played for over a decade without being updated. The communities tapered off eventually, but so is Street Fighter IV’s regardless of updating itself. How are you watching a community’s numbers decline while claiming updates are keeping it going? That’s my point. Evo’s gotten bigger because it opened up the worldwide circuit, but natively fewer people end up playing each time Capcom asks for more money.

            If the sales numbers are declining that means the community is too and it would be crazy to assume nobody dropped the series because they didn’t want to pay. Every time you say “We want another $15 or $40” that’s another player that has to ask themselves if they still want to keep playing, and some will say “no” if they thought the previous version was fine already, and those players will get left behind when the new game becomes the standard. Those players will either play a different series or decide they’ve played long enough. High level players drop games all the time after all.

            As for being able to go back on a game players might have a choice but it’s not a realistic choice if they’re competitive. So long as the game is solid competitive players stick with the latest version. What you said doesn’t contradict what I did. The update itself doesn’t stop a community from playing a game. It’s when you mess up your game that it dies. In Mortal Kombat’s case I don’t think there even was a standard game to go back to unless you count Ultimate Mortal Kombat III, which still wasn’t a very popular game in the competitive circuit anyway.

            As for the Tekken scene, I don’t think they went back to an older game so much as just hoped that something better than 6 would come along.

            Who said SFIV’s updates were crap? They just haven’t screwed up the game yet. There’s no proof that asking the players for more money does anything other than shrink the community down to the people still willing to pay to stay competitive. Previous versions of the game were still surprising people at tournaments. They had life left in them.

    • Shippoyasha

      Um, except Arc System Works is working on this, not the core Persona staff. Plus, it’s not like the script writers of Persona 5 are going to be slaving over the plot 24/7. They are likely going to have ample time to make the scripts for their side of collaboration in making the Arena storyline alongside the people actually coding and creating the actual fighting game with Arc System Works. Even for ASW, they are juggling Persona and Guilty Gear and BlazBlue and other games on top.

      And I’m not sure I understand how incremental changes in a fighting game and adding new fighters and adding in a whole new continuation to the story is trifling. It’s a pretty beefy enhancement. They can’t just throw away years of working on a game and character assets (it’s pretty much slave work to animate those characters so well as they’re all hand drawn) and they can’t just jam in a new fighter with a whole new cast.

      • Pdugna

        Also these other spinoff games for Persona are them actually working with other experienced people in those genres like in the example of P4A being Arc system and PersonaQ being EQ team P4D being Dingo which is basically Sega PD team.
        So the “Main” team can keep working on RPG at their own pace, RPGs just take a long time to make.

      • Mike Moran

        I never said that a new version of the game is trifling. I said it’s not enough to get me personally interested in spending money.

        A new plot to me isn’t really a selling point. P4A’s plot didn’t really have a strong impact on much of anything and the delivery of that plot is much more limited than the source material.

        When Xrd comes out I’ll probably be spending my money on that.

  • vincent_vincent

    How is the story? Any hints on the future titles or Persona 2?

  • ThatGuy3190_7

    Not having any localization announcement for this and the other Persona games worries me.

    • Abysswalker90

      Worrying about the western localization of games that don’t even have a release date in their native country is a bit overly paranoid.

      • ThatGuy3190_7

        Persona Q is being released in Japan on June 5th. Persona 4 Arena 2 is being released in July. Preorders are already available on Play-Asia. Persona 4: Dancing All Night will be released in Fall. Persona 5 will be released Winter 2014, which most likely points to late November, December.

        • Abysswalker90

          None of these are specific dates, and are just vague development deadlines that might change. Persona 4 was announced for US release when the game was already very close to being released in Japan. There’s no reason any of these games won’t be localized.

          • ThatGuy3190_7

            I was unaware of Persona 4’s US release date. I never heard of and got into the series back in late 2010. I also had the impression that Atlus USA has a good track record of releasing games no more than a month or two of its Japanese release as it started doing such releases beginning in 2012 and all of last year.

          • Abysswalker90

            P4 was announced for US at least a year after it was announced for Japan. P4A don’t count, it was a fighting game that was backed up by Arc for global release, P4G already had most of the translation ready, and didn’t require that much localization work.

            Ultimax will probably be released globally, as for the others, it’s just a matter of time.

          • ThatGuy3190_7

            What about SMT IV? That was released and announced about a month or two apart from the Japanese release.

          • Zero_Destiny

            The almost simultaneous releases with Japan is something new that Atlus’ US Branch has been able to pull off only in the very recent years and really it is a testament to how popular Persona and SMT have become.

            With these localizations they start working on the translation process with the Japanese creators prior to the game’s completion. Catherine was another game released very quickly after its Japanese counterpart and their was quite a commotion over it.

            People wondered why Atlus stayed silent and didn’t announce anything about the game; putting the pressure on them– websites directly asked when they will release it, and Atlus gave the typical PR response of “No plans at the time” (even though localization started quite some time ago). Thus everyone panicked that it would never come out. And lo and behold it came out only 5 months after it did in Japan.

            When it comes to most companies they will never announce anything until they feel perfectly comfortable, know they have all their ducks in a row, that all they’re partners and employees are satisfied, and so on. You can’t really force an announcement, the company will never say anything until it’s ready.

            In this situation, Atlus being silent is pretty standard fare and not really any cause for alarm yet. They are likely working simultaneously with Japan on Persona 5 like they did with Shin Megami Tensei IV, and the other spin-off games will probably be given similar treatment.

          • ThatGuy3190_7

            Thanks for the explanation. All I have been seeing on Atlus USA’s side is the advertising for Conception II. While I am excited about it, they have yet to announce any other games for Summer or at least early Fall.

          • Abysswalker90

            Well, it’s only been a month or two since the Persona games were announced. From what I understand, Nintendo help push localizations for their consoles due to region lock, which may or may not be related.

    • Yan Zhao

      US is definitely getting it. It’s not even a debatable matter. The Persona brand is just as popular in the west and the previous games sold well. Cant say the same for Europe though with vanilla P4A’s European fiasco.

  • Time to SHO OFF.

  • MrJechgo

    Sho with no Persona
    Sho with Tsukuyomi

    That’s it? Aw, I was hoping for 2 or 3 more characters :(

    • There’s still Adachi. But the question is, if he’s indeed a full playable character, a CPU controlled character or just a cut scenes character.

      • He’s probably for the console. I would be fascinated though if Dojima somehow gained a Persona. I think it’s implied a certain child has one as well and would probably be a magical girl if she appeared.

        • Dojima and Nanako with Personae would be cool. Dunno about Dojima, but Nanako would be wearing her Loveline costume (from “The Animation”), and the Justice Personae are pretty great on their own! In the fights, I guess Nanako’s Persona would always be active, probably even the only thing you’d be fighting. So, the rules of card stock wouldn’t count.

          • You ruined the spoiler even if it was obvious.

          • I ruined a spoiler? What spoiler? Where?

          • The one about Nanako. I think it’s implied that she might have gained a Persona after the Heaven incident.

          • That’s not a spoiler, not even implied. In fact, THIS is a spoiler: She didn’t get a Persona in that event. In fact, she never did faced her Shadow in any part of the game. not even in Golden. The observation for why was said by the characters in the game: She’s too young for a shadow to manifest. Not enough life experiences to create a facade.

            If it ever happens, it might be in either Arena, or in the later games.

      • God

        I really hope adachi is playable, imagine the possibilities!

  • Raine

    IT’S SHO TIME!!!

  • Bear Negishi

    No comments about the fights?
    Cuz those were pretty good fights :x

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