Rebuild Of Evangelion Meets Puzzle & Dragons And This Time It’s Coming Here

By Spencer . February 19, 2014 . 5:05pm

016GungHo Online Entertainment and Gainex got together to add Rebuild of Evangelion characters to Puzzle & Dragons. So far, all of those crossovers have been exclusive to Japan, but the English localized version will get Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and the EVA-01 dragon egg machine.


Each Evangelion character is paired with an EVA. Puzzle & Dragons will also have an Evangelion themed dungeon with Angels to fight and Evangelion-themed ultmate evolutions. The crossover will kick off in March for the US and Europe. Japan will get these Evangelion characters on February 24.


Imagine the wacky combinations you can have with Batman, an Angry Bird, Hello Kitty, *and* Misato all in the same party.



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  • KnifeAndFork

    Why has it been so hard to make a decent Evangelion game?

    • Martian Wong

      I always want a game that has the story of Evangelion with the battle system of Zone Of the Ender 2.

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        I want an Evangelion game with a PS Move minigame involving Shinji and comatose Asuka.

        • Thrasher429

          I heard they tried to make something like that before, but their testers would always end up filled with so much self hatred that they tried to end the world

        • Martian Wong

          Beside choking Asuka, what else can you do…?

          • chroma816

            Gel her hair.


          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            “I’m so fucked up.”

            You should rewatch The End of Evangelion ;)

          • Martian Wong

            I just remember Asuka saying How disgusting or something similar to that line…

          • A lot of people theorize that the way she said it is actually how women in japan say they feel when pregnant (like morning sickness).

          • Martian Wong

            I remembering an article stating the Hideaki Anno asked Asuka’s VA….(Spoiler/disturbing) that if someone only masturbate while you are unconscious, what would be you reaction? Asuka’s VA replied with how disgusting. There is a scene when Shinji visited Asuka in the hospital and ripped her pajama off while trying to wake he up. After that, Shinji masturbated without having the guts to have sex with Asuka. That disgusted her.

          • There are other things a man can choke.

      • KnifeAndFork

        Closest to that is Rahxephon PS2

        And yet it was still quite boring

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      Evangelion: Jo is… playable I guess? It’s not good but it’s not abysmal either.

      • Martian Wong

        I agree that Jo is more playable, I also played the music game on PSP…sigh…I asked myself why am I suffering…

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          I liked 3nd. Impact (How the fuck are you suppossed to say that?) mostly for how bizarre it was. The lack of Komm Süsser Tod is mindblowing as well.

          • Namuro

            You pronounce it as “sound”, according to the katakana spelling. It’s a pun on the genre of the game, being a rhythm-action one.

            This kinda work, since the word “third” is pronounced as “sa-do” (サード) in Japanese. If you combine “sa” with the last two alphabet which is “n” and “d”, you’d get “sa-un-do”, which sounds like “sound”.

            Japanese love their puns…and so am I… :D

    • Namuro

      I think the one on the N64 is quite decent. I really enjoyed it!

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        Evangelion Jo is a bit better than that one. Not by much though… the N64 is better just for the sheer fact that it came out in the 90’s and that it used the N64 pretty damn well. The music sounded fantastic.

        • Namuro

          I didn’t play Jo, but isn’t that one an action game? I like the one on N64 for the fact that it’s a bunch of entertaining mini-games.

          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            It is an action game. It plays like a weird mech game/shitty VN hybrid. It’s good but that’s about it and the ridiculously high learning curve made even worse by my lack of knowledge of japanese made me stop at one point just to get a bloody guide and starting to play it again.

  • LM009

    finally a reason to play this game

    • SlickRoach

      Hello Kitty collab not enough?

  • HellMuT

    PAD needs more anime collabs. DG keeps getting them now.

  • harmonyworld

    Mistato looks so badass! :3

  • nonscpo

    This is so unfair why is Android and IOS getting this kind of support but those of us that own consoles and handhelds have to beg for localization and ports?

  • fearlubu

    Now if they would get suda51 to make a sequel to 3nd impact…

    After Evangelion 4.0, of course.

  • fearlubu

    Now if they would get suda51 to make a sequel to 3nd impact…

    After Evangelion 4.0, of course.

  • Alexandra Cordes


  • So is this one of those games where the blocks just keep tumbling down?

  • megaten666

    How about a serious EVA action-game?

    Like the N64 one just with more kraft.

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