Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call’s “Daily Feature” Lets You Score More Points

By Sato . February 20, 2014 . 5:31pm


In addition to having over 200 songs and more than 60 characters, Theathrythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call will also include a versus mode along with the return of “Quest Medley mode,” where you’ll be taking on various quests to add more Final Fantasy allies to your group. Beyond that, week’s Famitsu magazine shares a few more detail on the game.


The new “Critical Hit Trigger” can be used to perform a critical hit for more damage against enemies, Famitsu reports. Hitting it can also give you a chance of acquiring items.


There’s also a new “Daily Feature” track that will show a new track every day. Clearing the daily feature track will give you x1.5 the average Rhythm Points. You can also acquire more Rhythm Points by clearing stages without missing. These points can then be used to add bonuses to selected characters.


The EX Burst Gauge gets filled by hitting the notes on beat. Once it’s full, you’ll be able to from nine different EX Burst skills that can be used to put your versus opponent in a disadvantageous position. One if these skills is Stoic Judge, where you’ll make all of your opponents’ notes be ruled as “bad,” except for their critical notes. Ouch!


Additionally, if you happen to run into a Fat Chocobo, consider yourself lucky! They’ll be appearing at random and will hook you up with all kinds of different treasures.


Famitsu also says that the Museum feature that displayed various records, music, videos, and “CollectaCards,” will be back in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. This time, there will be more cards to collect, and they’ll all have their own rarity ranks.


Finally, there will be short, medium, and long quests, where you’ll be taking on different maps and fighting bosses in Quest Medley mode. You’ll be rewarded for defeating bosses, and completed maps can also be shared with other players through StreetPass.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call will be released in Japan on April 24th for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. A western release for the game has not yet been confirmed.

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  • 하세요

    I am ridiculously hyped for this game. Importing AND I’ll buy the western release, if we get it. I’d imagine we will but…I’m just impatient with rhythm games, especially one based around one of my all time favorite series.

    All I need is a MH rhythm game and I’m set.

  • SuperSailorV

    Any news on the Theatrhythm Edition 3DS XL release in the West?

    And also, sorry if this has been answered, but will there be anything in the way of data transfer from the original game?

    • 하세요

      We don’t even have news of the game itself in the West, let alone the XL.

      • SuperSailorV

        question still stands :)

        • 하세요

          I can’t speak for the data transfer (not like it matters for me, had the NA version for the first game) but I wouldn’t be against it for others. Doing these songs on Easy was really, really boring. Hell, Standard/Normal is pretty boring.

          All my songs consisted of:

          Easy – 1 Play
          Normal – 1 Play
          Extreme – 30+ Plays

  • Kaihedgie

    Oh god, Cloud’s face in the thumbnail

  • DCBlackbird

    Is cloud givin me the eye?

  • Hinataharem

    There is so much meat in this title.

  • Fox

    Is it weird that this is the only Square-Enix game since 2009 I’m even remotely interested in?

    And that I’m actually pretty hyped for it?

    I can’t wait to play it. I can’t wait to see the full track list, either. Hopefully it will be MORE than just a DLC compilation (original game + DLC = 134 total tracks, including DLC and non-playable tracks (intro/outro) and multiple versions of the same track like Suteki da ne.).They say “over 200 songs,” so theoretically we could have around 70 new tracks, which would be AWESOME, but who knows whether or not they’d be fully playable or not.

    • 하세요

      The demo (I’ve been preserving the hell out of my uses xD ) has Lightning Returns’ remix of Blinded By Light and the I guess overworld / area theme from Realm Reborn, so it’s safe to say there will be many new songs added, not just all from the iOS version.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they had the FFX HD versions of songs too, even arranged tracks from Dissidia.

  • Izzy Miyake

    C’mon NA press release.

  • Oniros

    After Super Smash Bros, my most sought-after game this 2014.

  • kthanxyousuck


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