Atlus’ New Persona Talk Show Aims To Deepen Bonds With Fans

By Sato . February 21, 2014 . 12:55am

Shortly after the announcement of Persona 5, Atlus held a talk show with two well-known Persona fans—freelance writer Mafia Kajita and voice actress Tomomi Isomura—who discussed the upcoming game. Famitsu reports that the two will be returning as part of a regular program called “Persona Stalker Club”.


The goal of this program is to talk about all things Persona, where Kajita and Isomura will be sharing deep conversations and theories about the series, along with lighthearted fan talk.


Atlus have various plans to further deepen their bonds with fans and viewers, and expect for the program to continue growing. The first episode will be airing on February 28th, where some of the latest information related to the Persona series will be revealed.


The episodes will be available for viewing on the official Persona channel, and it will be broadcast through NicoNico Douga.

  • Firion Hope

    Its going to be in Japanese, isn’t it? :'( I want this so bad, this is a really cool thing to try out

    • Kumiko Akimoto


    • Nexus

      Let’s just hope that some diligent fans enriched in the language of moonspeak will be able to translate the broadcasts for us common folk.

  • Raze



  • Shippoyasha

    Pretty interesting how Atlus intends to use social media this way instead of the much more expensive option of taking up a TV station spot.

    Much like the recent Senran Kagura unveiling extravaganza, Nintendo Direct and others. It’d be nice if Atlus keeps up the trolling with a variety TV style too.

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      You know? One day

      One day I’ll click Siliconera and then see a brand new never before seen thumbnail beside the name “Atlus” or “Persona”

      One day

      One day persona 5 will be revealed

      • Shippoyasha

        And if Atlus has a dozen one hour shows lined up to slowly tease P5 through all of it, we’d all be there for all 12 hours. Hopefully with more Teddie and granny trolling.

  • Atlus forging a Social Link with the fans? Cool~!

    • Zer0faith

      They can level up that social link up to 10 right away if they just gave us a release date.

      • notpathetic

        Atlus fans social link reached its maximum! Atlus can now fuse Persona Five, the ultimate form of GAME ARCANA!…

    • God

      But do we help Atlus during this social link, or does Atlus help us?

  • Fallen_Persona

    Atlus <3. So glad Sammy promoted them to be even with Sega. It's amazing how fast they rose in that company. Simply breathtaking. Now, if only I can find my missing P4 disc…

  • Chris Yuen

    *Rank up!* Atlus will now…DIE FOR YOU

    • Warren

      Or take your money in exchange! But im ok with both i suppose. I will level the heck out of that Social Link and get my reward.

  • Emd23

    I assume that by “All Things Persona” they mean P3 and beyond, considering they’ve gone as far as to remove P1 and P2 from the Personal Channel

    • SatsukiYumizuka

      wow they really did, thats just sad. im not even surprised, ever since they passed on p2psp its been obvious they couldnt care less about p1&2

      • Hound

        Persona 2 WAS released on psp. An Innocent Sin PSP remake was first, then an Eternal Punishment PSP remake.

        Only Innocent Sin’s PSP release was localized in the west while the PSOne Classic version of Eternal Punishment was released on PSN (even though it was never a Playstation Classics game.)

        • SatsukiYumizuka

          Obviously i meant the psp remake of eternal punishment. i know that IS was released here.

    • Pegatron

      Persona 1 and 2 were smt clones it’s with 3 that the series came in to it’s own

    • Alexander Aubert

      how could they?

    • Rake

      Uh.. Are people forgetting P4 Arena is basically grealty hinting at P2 characters and a certain someone returning. If they got rid of P2 entirely, they wouldn’t be giving hints, or bringing back that certain someone.

      Along with that it’s been even confirmed the Nanjo Group exists, the Kirijo group having been part of Nanjo Group but separated.

      So basically, ATLUS hasn’t forgot about P2. Not sure about P1 though.

    • Snorlaxation

      They didn’t!!
      Damn it. I always meant to buy it online. i own P1 and P2IS but my psp doesn’t really work well anymore…
      What’s up with them, seriously? So sad

  • LastManStanding

    Waitwaitwait… that guy’s name is “Mafia”?

    • shenlong234

      Sounds like a badass name.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Atlus wants to forge a Social Link with us? Great!

  • Kazekage Gaara

    All things Persona huh……..P1 and 2? Yeah fuck you Atlus. I still love you though :3

  • colorblindnightmare

    I love bururaji becaise it feels like arc cares. Atlus goingbin the same direction really makes feel like atlus cares too.

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    Im calling it: they wont talk or mention at all P1&2.

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