Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn May Eventually Move Beyond PS3, Says Producer

By Sato . February 21, 2014 . 12:58pm

During a recent interview (via: Game Jouhou), producer Naoki Yoshida had a few words to share about the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, along with some notes on its remote play feature with the PlayStation Vita, and what we can expect to see in the game’s future.


According to Yoshida, when you have a PC with the exact same specs as a PlayStation 4, the game runs much smoother on the PS4 with the game running at up to 60fps (frames-per-second), which makes sense due to the console being a dedicated system for gaming, without other processes running in the background.


During development, the team was able to go higher than 60fps, but it was a little strenuous on the system and the minimum was around 30fps. While it does occasionally dip lower, Yoshida says that for the most part, there weren’t any problems.


At the moment, migrating data from the PC version to PS4 is quite difficult without an archived server, but it’s something they’re currently working on; however, transferring data from the PS3 version is good to go.


Square Enix restricted photo sharing and streams during the beta phase for the PC version of the game, but for the PlayStation 4 beta phase coming February 22, there won’t be any restrictions and Yoshida encourages players to share as much as they want using the PS4 Share function.



The remote play feature with PlayStation Vita runs well, but some things like the font and UI might need to be adjusted, as they may appear a little too small at the moment. Additionally, as far as lag goes, you’ll notice small delays when you do actions like jumping, so it might not be the best way to fight Titan (Extreme Mode) and his plumes.


According to Yoshida, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s first expansion pack will be available in its entirety for PlayStation 3, but as far as the later ones go, he is still uncertain.


The reason for this is because Square Enix feel that in order to compete against other products in the MMORPG market, they must continuously “renew” Final Fantasy XIV, and this could mean that they might eventually go over the capacities of the PlayStation 3.


Yoshida says if they end up having to “trim things out for the sake of the PS3,” he’ll have some big decisions to make.


He also shared a few things on patch 2.2 and beyond. The development team has already began working on the Gold Saucer, but he’s also thinking about adding mini-games you’ll be able to play at the bars in town.


He’d also like to add more ways where players can play around with the field more. A way of playing by climbing up to high areas was something he’s been wanting to add since the launch of the game. For example, you might climb somewhere and say, “There’s a monument up here!” or “I’ve reached the highest spot of Eorzea!”


Finally, here’s a bunch of PlayStation 4 screenshots and a closer look at the game on the Vita’s remote play:


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  • Already playing the game on PC, but can’t wait to play the beta on my PS4 in a few hours =^_^=

    • Momo

      downloaded the beta the moment it was up on the shop! I too cannot wait. been playing on the ps3 since it came out and recently bought it on PC, though i much prefer it on a console! but i know playing on the PS4 will be worth it!

    • Draparde

      Same here! im probably gonna play it completly on the ps4 after it releases personally.

      • @Momo:disqus

        Yeah, if everything is to my liking, I’ll most likely mainly play it on the PS4 as well =)

  • XyzzySqrl

    Oh thank goodness. No “LOL PS3 LIMITATIONS” to come in the future.

    • It’s still a possibility, though. As the article implied.

  • whatinthewolrd

    This is the reason FFXI never went anywhere after 5 years. It was all PS2 limitations. This is a good mindset for an MMO in consoles.

    SE is going to make BANK with FFXIV in the next 5 years.

  • Pdugna

    Cool just do so once a great amount of people have a PS4 and there shouldn’t to many problems.

  • Spider-Man

    Beyond PS3 ?Thought of the Super Saiyan 3 time.

  • Tiduas

    I’m really happy to hear about this. As long as they always offer a smooth way of upgrading to the PS4 for PS3-users I don’t see any problems with it at all.

  • the9reen9uy

    Remote play seems like it could be really cool, can’t wait to try it out!

    • Monterossa

      I hope they’ll make an actual Vita version. remote playing has delay time and it’s not good for endgame content where you need to do everything as fast as possible.

      • the9reen9uy

        Yeah, however I don’t think a true Vita version would be possible. I play on PC, and have already cleared coil 5 multiple times, and I can already imagine just how hard that is already while playing on a PS3, let alone a Vita. I’d only use the vita for casual leveling/quests/dungeons at best. It’s just a fun concept, but not something that I’d use very often

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Just under 6 hours now. Wont be playing the Beta too much since I can’t keep anything. But I want to try out all the goodies the PS4 version has exclusive to it. I doubt the PS4 will run it as well as my PC, but I look forward to you proving me wrong SE :)
    Current settings:

    Anisotropic x8
    Graphics maxed except shadows.
    Consistent 60FPS in everything except FATE’s and CT where it drops to at lowest 28 FPS, even during Odin.

  • Alestaos

    Yoshi-P the best thing to happen to Square in along time imo. He understands what needs to happen for XIV to stay current and future proof. Something rare to find nowadays tbh. Im really glad they gave him XIV ARR because didnt he make a return for them on the investment put into remaking XIV which should show them and the industry that just because it fails first time doesnt mean theres no hope left in it, many current MMOs out and indevelopment i have played should take some lessons from him. Then again so should Square xD

  • Monterossa

    Dumping the PS3 version is a must. It holds the game back now and will be more issue when the game trying to develop to the next level.

  • Midori Inaba

    I think dropping support for the PS3 version is just meant to happen soon or later. The system is simply too old, and while I find impressive that the game is even running at all with such low specs (prolly thx to Cell), anyone who has tried one of those huge FATEs on PS3 knows that it’s just too much for the system. I get horrible frame drops, input lag and characters sometimes take up to 20 seconds to appear onscreen. Running arround in Mor’Dhona is so strange cause you can never see everyone.
    I love the game, and have been enjoying it on PS3 since last year, but the system’s just too old. I’m not even sure I’d dare take on CT on PS3, I’m afraid it’ll explode xD

    • Enma_Kozato

      I personally find CT is a lot more tolerable compared to Fates on the PS3, but I’m sure that’s because of how the dungeon is set up with everyone being put into alliances and not too many enemies to pummel during each stage. The only “problem” I run into are the load times for cutscenes although that’s regular fair throughout the PS3 version.

    • Daryl Victoriano

      That’s the great thing about the PS3, and even the 360. When they came out, they were state of the art, it’s why 7 years later they can still run the latest games. Not so for the PS4 and Xbox One unfortunately, they are already outdated by 2 years. But that’s understandable, these company’s can’t afford to take a huge loss anymore so they made consoles that are profitable from the start.

  • Invisbin

    Is it possible to pay a yearly price, or is there only month to month?

    • Crevox

      Not yearly, but you can pay like 180 days or something.

      • Invisbin

        Uh that blows. Thanks.

  • Daryl Victoriano

    As long as they apply the same $10 upgrade that BF4/ACIV/and COD uses then it don’t matter if they stop supporting the PS3 version.

    • NotMastema

      Upgrading from PS3 to PS4 is completely free. You wont be able to use the PS3 version anymore, however.

  • artemisthemp

    I got a error, every time I try to stream FFXIV

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    SE stop talking and get working. Your company isn’t doing nowhere near as good as Namco Bandai is financially, and plus i’ve been waiting on FFXV for 8 years already.

  • Kaiyl_kariashi

    As long as their dropping PS3 support includes mailing a PS4 with FF14 pre-installed to everyone who purchase the PS3 FF14, they can drop support all they want.

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