Hey Dorothy, Something Tells Us We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

By Eugene . February 23, 2014 . 2:00pm

Sunsoft are running around with their Nightmare Project series right now, which is looking to make some really horrifying works of fiction. Their latest? Way to Travel the World of Oz. It’s a visual novel adventure game for smartphones, starring familiar characters like Dorothy and Toto in a re-imagined story that’s got just a hint of the darkness within, despite the sunny visuals and harmless looking companions.




Here, Dorothy’s lost her memories in her trip to Oz. Only remembering Toto her little doggy, she’s met by some of the oddest creatures she’s ever seen. Scarecrow seems like a good-hearted sort, despite following along for the promise of a brain. But why is he always packing a knife? Then there’s Lion, who seems pointlessly insolent as a young white lion destined one day to rule his own pack. Jack the Robot is ruthlessly efficient, so much so that it wants a heart to call its own. Or are its actions as a tenderhearted companion indicating it never really needed one?



The game will regularly feature choose-your-own-path moments for players to make a choice before continuing on with the story. This will affect the ending, though to what ends and whether this mean Dorothy gets to go home is a mystery.


Way to Travel the World of Oz is available on your iOS and Android now.

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  • makubexnas

    Hey Dorothy, in Oz, amnesia make you black…

  • Happy Gamer


  • Eric Harris

    This reminds me of the DS game. No relation though right? BTW that game was a gem of an RPG.

  • GH56734

    It reminds me of Gintama XD
    (137 and 201)

  • revenent hell

    I’m never a fan of the “black out” thing for character features and such like what is shown above.

    I’m sure developers have their reasons and do it in hopes that the player is getting a certain “feel” from it but I find it to be very disconnecting for me as far as the game goes. It actually just irritates me when its done.

    Now mind people I done mean it in the sense as when they use methods to hide a characters face for a period of time in the game for plot reasons and such but take for example Killer is Dead when in his flashback’s the children are blacked out, it gave me no other feel than to be frustrated at the sense taking place because I cant see what they look like..

    I do tend to like “Alice in Wonderland” themed type games though, especially when they don’t do a typical looking blond haired “Alice”.

  • Scissors

    Anyone ever play the DS RPG published by Xseed? If so was it any good?

    • Keiji Johnson

      I heard of it, but never played it.

    • Aoshi00

      The DS RPG’s aesthetics and music (Sakimoto Hitoshi of FF12/Muramasa) were good, and it was a good turn-based RPG, except it’s quite grindy.. also the only way to move Dorothy along the paths is to keep rolling the trackball on touchscreen w/ the stylus which could be tiring.. I couldn’t bring myself to finish it..

      The design of this one is kinda cool.. I like it when they take a dark spin on fairy tales like Alice Madness Returns.. Return to Oz movie from the 80s was pretty creepy too :)

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      I couldn’t vibe with it for the same reasons as Aoshi00. There was also a weird 90s platform game mechanic in which you had to keep up speed and collect gems as you ran. What I played of the game was one really long corridor. What a pity this is what the Alumna of Wild Arms went on to do.

  • Taylor Davis

    I’m interested but it being on the smartphone takes off points for me. Oh well…also why is she blacked out? Is it because to put you in her ‘shoes’ and make her into a “different” Dorothy? (why do they black out characters?)

    • Namuro

      It makes the character feels mysterious. A lot of mystery novel (even manga) feature blackened characters to hide their identity and characteristics (especially in murder mystery novels).

      We all know who Dorothy is (Most of us, anyway), but since she lost her memories, combined with the fact that this is supposed to be a “dark” twist on the original work, who knows what kind of terrifying character she could become…

      Nobody knows, Dorothy might not even know herself. Thus, the use of the silhouette.

      At least that’s my opinion!

      • Taylor Davis

        I agree. Because we all know (Or like you said, “Most of us, anyway) that Dorothy is a kind, sweet girl but now with no mermory and evil dark twist to boot,she will become a ‘new type’ of Dorothy (like for example American McGee’s Alice). Also your input was great by the way :).

  • Gholla20

    This actually looks/sounds really good. We will never get it in English though. :(

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    I didn’t hear about this series. Did Siliconera cover any more of these Sunsoft titles?

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I will definitely have to give these a read some time~

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