New Drakengard 3 DLC Unlocks The Memories Of Zero’s Sisters

By Sato . February 25, 2014 . 9:10pm


Square Enix recently revealed that Drakengard 3 is getting a prequel story as downloadable content. Instead of Zero, you will play as her Intoner sisters, the very people Zero is trying to kill in the main story. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares additional details.


According to the report, the DLC is said to be a collection of fun stories that revolves around the past memories of the Intoner sisters. You’ll be unlocking their memories as you advance through the scenario and level up the sisters.


To catch you up to speed, Siliconera previously translated some of the character’s back-stories in Three, Four, and Five, and we might be able to see more where that came from, in the upcoming DLC scenarios.


Starting March 6th, there will be a new DLC scenario per week in the order of One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Zero. They’ll be going for 600yen each, once they’re available for download.


Drakengard 3 will be released on May 20th in North America and May 21st in Europe.

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  • Fun stories in Drakengard? Surprise me then.

    • Rayhan PromisedGallery

      Murdering children is fun

      • AokiShizuku

        This guy gets it.

    • Verbally abusing dragons is also fun.

  • Earthjolly

    Pre ordered Drakengard 3 a few days ago. Shame the LE is sold out but at least I can still get the pre order bonuse’s

    • TheRealMalek

      be happy that you can pre order a physical edition <_<

    • Kornelious

      It’s gone already?! Phew, glad i got mine pre-ordered :)

      • Freud_Hater

        Amen :P

    • terranoie
      • Earthjolly

        We’re sorry but Drakengard 3 Collector’s Edition [PS3] is currently out of stock and cannot be added to your cart. We apologize for any inconvenience.

        • terranoie

          Ohh I see now when you put it in cart it says it… That’s a shame :(

  • Nitraion

    >>Fun story
    Me: O-kay ._.

  • Scipio

    Really sucks that Taro isn’t seeing any of that money.

    • AnimusVox

      …..oh that’s right

  • AokiShizuku

    I wonder if the memories they’re referring to take place during the Utahime Five manga or their individual novels?

  • Natat


  • bob

    “unlocks.” Lol ain’t that the truth. they should start calling it that, maybe people wouldn’t get so upset then…

  • This is gonna be a long 3 months lol

  • Alexander Aubert

    so i must pay 3600 yen for all dlc? oh my that is like i’m buying 1/2 game

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, paying for all sisters’ dlc is a lot, I was wondering why the stories were not included in the game like Nier or lost Odyssey.. At least one’s dlc should be free with theUS LE.. I’ve gotten endings A & B now with C & D left.. And read most of the novel.. The backstories aren’t bad but I felt the ones in Nier for kaine were more powerful. I hope these would be cheaper on US PSN, just blew 1575 yen on left behind dlc since I got the Jpn ver of the last of us.. Hope the intoner dlc content is substantial, would be cool if they fully voice the Novella, like ff13’s drama CD s for episode zero..

  • kyrt

    Isn’t this the fabled on disc dlc…why the hell do people have a double standard for square-enix. If this were capcom they’d be veto’d. I love drakengard and nier but I cannot approve of square-enix’s way of handling this release. I am at least able to get a physical copy of the game but honestly I’m not sure I want to anymore.

    • BB

      Don’t like it? Then find some other game that might be better for you then.

  • Mrgrgr I swear spring cannot come soon enough in both weather and game releases!

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    This game i’m stoked for. That’s All.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    600 yen is over €4. I really hope the game will be €30 for Europe since it’s gonna be digital-only.

  • Michael Martin

    So annoyed that I missed being able to order the collector’s edition. 5,000 copies was clearly WAY too few for Square Enix to produce.

    • icup ✔️

      that’s odd. i still see it on their online store for pre-order… which is the only site you can order from.

      • Michael Martin

        When you click it, it gives you an error saying it’s out of stock. :(
        Kind of weird they haven’t taken the button off for it, though. Really hoping maybe they’re going to give a bigger print run since it sold out so quickly.

        • icup ✔️

          oh, i’m sorry to hear that… it would be more reasonable to block the pre-order button to prevent false hope.

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