Create Your Dream Boyfriend In Style Savvy: Trendsetters’ New Mode In Japan

By Sato . February 28, 2014 . 10:30am

While North America recently got a new Miiverse community for Style Savvy: Trendsetters, Japan will be getting an updated version of the game that has new features for the fashion dress-up title. Nintendo have provided a look at some of these.



Previously, MC Mode required you to match your clothing according to a certain theme, but this time, you’ll be going on the walkway using your own coordinated style. The good MC will then judge your fashion sense.



The game will also include a new “Dream Boyfriend” mode, which takes place in your dreams. In this mode, you’ll be able to create your very own ideal boyfriend. Additionally, you’ll be able to go to all kinds of different places on dates. You’ll also be able to change his appearance, if you feel like dating another dream boyfriend.


Meanwhile, Daisy the florist will also be back to tell your fortune according to your dress coordination, once a day.


In Teagan’s special effects AR studio, you’ll be able to see all the characters you’ve encountered using your 3DS camera and AR cards and check what kind of reactions they put on show as they come to life.


Finally, you’ll be able to visit the home of Emmylou, your former co-worker, who will be giving you all kinds of advices on life and how to manage your shop.


The updated Style Savvy: Trendsetters will be released on April 17 in Japan for the Nintendo 3DS. However, existing owners of the title will be able to update their game with the new features via the Nintendo eShop for free, starting March 26th.

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  • Not to get too philosophical or nothing, but the other day I was asking myself what my perfect girlfriend would be like, and then I realized that if she were “perfect” she wouldn’t be human, and if she weren’t human she wouldn’t be a woman, and if she weren’t a woman I wouldn’t be attracted to her. And then I wasn’t really sure how to even start thinking about the qualities I find attractive in a woman, knowing that the possibility of finding them all in one place isn’t even a desirable impossibility unlike most ideals we strive towards.

    So uh inverted Love Plus huh, ha ha how about that

    • Mind0105A

      Just listen to the little man.

  • Pyrofrost

    Nice update, to a game that’s already addictive as hell! Seriously, hours can be burned away before you know it when playing this. (It’s one of my guilty pleasures). :p

    I wonder if this update will be making its way West; and if so, when.

  • I swear, I will buy the Japanese version of the game for this update if the US version doesn’t get it.

  • D-Omen

    Smells like this could be the start of a Nintendo dating sim franchise, count me in!

  • GAHH! Please come here! I mean, I actually prefer the chance to date some of the in-game guys, but dream boyfriend is cool too!

    And I really wanna visit Emmylou. ;u;
    I hope we get this.

    They need to give us more DLC too. . . in the form of clothes and room stuff.

    • SerendipityX

      *gears up* Don’t worry, me and some friends are going to visit NOA right now to threaten ask them to kindly bring it westward.

      • I’ll come along! I can invite some friends that also have. . . gear. A lot of it.

  • PenguinChan1119

    I hope the update comes state side.

  • Trinity

    I hope we get it, too. I seriously adore this game send could spend hours playing it.

    A new version sounds like a day one buy/preorder.

  • Audie Bakerson

    This was revealed back during the Nintendo direct, what took you so long?

    Not to keen on the “Dream Boyfriend” mode because… reasons.

    • Out of curiosity, are those reasons private? Or just something you weren’t going to mention at first?

      • Audie Bakerson

        I’ve never seen males added to a mostly female cast for the purpose of love interests done well EVER in any form of media for one. (Hell, love interests there for the sake of love interest tend to be the most annoying, hated shallow characters ever, regardless of their sex or the work)

        People want to see cute girls being cute with other cute girls (and in this game, wearing cute clothes), not waste time on men in the series.

        • Your definition of “people” does not include me. :)

          While I enjoy “cute girls being cute with other girls” I was always baffled by the lack of guy-involvement in this game series, especially the first game. Devs, did no one ever tell you that guys wear clothes too? They even design & sell them – and some of them seem to be outstandingly good at it (Seriously, just take a look at how many men are involved in the fashion business)! So, while I am a girl and I prefer playing a girl character and this game is clearly aimed at a girl audience, I still do wonder why you can’t play a guy in this game? It’s not like there is some ultra twisty plot with tons of dialogue that would need change in case of a gender-swap… and I know that a lot of guys love this game, so why? :(

          At least now you can make up a guy and design him and do silly stuff if you like, you can just simply ignore this feature and continue watching “cute girls being cute with other girls”, but I get bored of that after a while tho and will gladly play the hell out of the new content should we get it over here in Europe! :D

          I think you should just see the dream bf feature as what it is: A cute distraction when you get bored of the repeating mechanics of the game, there isn’t really much story to begin with, so I don’t think a love interest added for the sake of love can make the story any worse, especially if he’s just a characters in a dream and not even involved in the real world stories. And so far I found most characters in the game pretty shallow, tbh. But this is a fashion game and the fashion world is a very shallow place, so that’s fine with me. ;)

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            The reason why you can’t play as a male character and why there was no male involvement in the first game and little male fashion options in this game is because the audience target is female.The dream boyfriend is for otome dating sim fans they likely aren’t going to be fleshed out and are likely pure fanservice.

          • It’s not like I didn’t know that, I even mentioned it in my comment, but especially after the first game they should have been aware that this game also clicks with guys and since they already added fashion for guys in the second game, adding a male avatar wouldn’t really have been that much of a problem either (since, as I said before, the story can pretty much revolve around any gender).

            It’s just a feature I would have liked to see, even if I wouldn’t have used it anyway. I know a lot of girls who prefer playing as a guy tho, so there you go. Tastes differ and good devs should take that into consideration, especially when you can create your own avatar to represent you in the game. Fire Emblem: Awakening did that very well imo. :)

          • LanceCS

            As far as representation goes, Fire Emblem threw a lot of their “inclusiveness” out the window by adding insult to injury with the “hot lesbians” and “err yeah whatever you’re into, boys” commentary.

          • Please elaborate, as I’m not sure what you’re refering to tbh..

            I simply meant the options in creating your avatar at the start of the game where rich enough to please most people, being able to choose a voice actor, having enough options for hair, face and colour – far less options than Style Savvy has for the avatar creation, yet I felt a lot more pleased with the avatar creation in FE.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I think that only have four brands for guys would mean it would be highly lackluster to player as a guy compared to a girl and while there are girls who would like to play as a guy when you’re designing for an overall demographic you usually try to go for the gender of the demographic because of relatability.

            It would be nice to be a guy and have an overall dating theme added to the game but that would require more than just an update. (Though i always think girls have more options than girls in terms of clothing so that’s the main reason i usually go for a girls.)

            Fire emblem is an rpg and as far as fantasy settings of “you are this nameless person who becomes a hero and helps all” those are pretty easy market to give a customizable hero to. Despite the market being more than likely male.

          • Are you trying to tell me, that it is easier to implement both genders for a story-rich fantasy RPG than in a shallow, mainly story-less simulation game? You seem to know a lot about the gaming market as well, are you talking to devs and publishers a lot? Keep track of sales of certain genres, as in, do you even know how many guys bought Style Savvy and how many girls bought Fire Emblem? Because you make it sound like you sure do… :/

            I’m just saying that it would have been a nice and VERY EASY to add feature (programming wise, because, you know, I develop games for a living…) – I’ve never been talking about wanting romance as a standard feature, which as you already said, would have required far more work. But dude, don’t you get what I’m saying? The devs were to lazy to add the feature, they didn’t see the need, just like you don’t see it, but I simply disagree, I heard lots of players of the game talk about how they would like to play a guy – via updates they could have added more brands and fashion for guys if there was demand, they could have made money out of this, they decided to not care about it, their loss. I think that was a bad decision marketing-wise, that’s my opinion as a fellow dev and you won’t be able to change it, sorry. ;)

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            You mean a game that clearly marketed to a certain demographic vs a game with ambiguous fantasy setting that could go either way. and no If you just take a look at how anything kid related is marketed you can see that the majority of the time if it leans one way they will always include a main character that is the the gender of the demographic they are marketing to again relatability.

            They weren’t lazy for following a standard marketing procedure I’m also going to have to fire your own question back at you, do you know how many of the overall buyers of the game would have liked a male option? A male option in the game would be nice for various reasons but I wouldn’t expect it from a girl oriented game.

          • By your logic hardcore strategy + high fantasy (because that’s what Fire Emblem is at it’s core..) would be a boy’s domain and therefore adding a female mc makes no sense either.

            Also, are you trying to imply that by adding multiple options to play the game LESS people would buy it, because it doesn’t fit their expectation of how the world has to be? Adding a male avatar option to Style Savvy would mean less girls buy it because they don’t want anyone else to have the option to play as a male? Wow. Mind blown.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            It is and it would be more surprising to see it have an female only option in that respect.
            Anyways that’s just how things are marketed whether or not those things actually deters people depends. Considering there again has been a lot of representation debates in the gaming community and people have outright stated that unless you give me this gender or allow for both genders I’m not going to play it could be a deterring factor for a game, that and various social stigmas on certain things. Gender marketing is complicated.

            I’m not saying a male option wouldn’t have worked in this sort of game just they were justified in not allowing a choice considering how girl oriented it is.

          • So by your logic, if there’s extra chocolate sauce in a little bag added to the food you want to buy and you hate chocolate, you won’t buy it because there is optional chocolate with it?

            That is your logic and it makes no sense.

            Gender marketing is old fashioned and useless imo, you seem to have very old-fashioned views as well, so I won’t argue with you, but it’s adorable how you try to force your opinion on the whole of humanity.

            I might not have your clearly superiour knowledge of marketing, I wonder where you get all your knowledge tho, do you work in the gaming industry as well? But hey, I still make enough money for a living, so not everyone seems to be stuck in your way of thinking.

            Optional stuff is ALWAYS a good thing, you can choose to use it or simply ignore it if it bothers you, catering to a broader audience is smart, being stuck in old ways and not moving forward on the other hand….

            I know that there is no reasoning with you, but could you please just finally accept that my opinions differs from yours and you won’t change it with your weird arguments that make no sense to me, as I’ve experienced the world completely different from you, it seems. (Cultural differences, maybe?)

            Your “because everyone has always been doing it, it’s right” argument sucks, there were lots of things considered normal and THE thing to do in the past that turned out to be utter crap in the end (smoking, slavery, female non-equality)… it’s not like all the big companies with all their traditional marketing (Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft etc) are still selling stuff like crazy, everyone complains of the decline in gaming sales, do you know the reason for that? (hint: It’s not piracy ;>) Do you know why indie games became such a hit the past 5 years? But, tbh, your opinions do no longer interest me, so you don’t have to bother replying to me. This is the last I’m gonna say to this matter anyway. Hope you’ll have a happy life and everything anyway! :)

        • notpathetic

          It may be shocking for you..Even devastating… know, most women are not lesbians…Craziness, I know. Especially for this female-targeted game.

          • Audie Bakerson

            I can’t just appreciate the mood given by a cast with a female supermajority?

          • notpathetic

            Yes, yes you can. But I can’t understand why you must speak for majority of users. I can’t understand why this game should be targeted specifically at you and not at its general demographic of heterosexual females who, well, like boys. If you are lesbian, I can safely say that it get better and we’ll see some more open-minded games in the future – I certainly hope so. If you are heterosexual male who plays female-targeted games just to see some girl-exclusive interaction…THERE IS NO shortage of that type of product for males. It is everywhere. Literally.

          • Audie Bakerson

            When did I say it had to be targeted specifically for me? I just said I and prob others (never everyone) am not interested in that feature and I can’t recall a character that existed for the sake of being a love interest I didn’t want to strangle or was completely forgettable.

          • notpathetic

            You said ‘Why I (not we, but I) can’t just appreciate’ as if someone forbids you to appreciate. :) ‘Someone’ meaning developers who included a love interest for their general demographic. Still, it is kinda funny thing to say. Everyone has their opinion. But not everybody voices them in such way. I, for example, wish for a Style Savvy with all-male cast. But I never say ‘Why I can’t have this game with all male cast? There is a market for that you know’. What you say is a same thing. Indeed, there are people like you. And there are people like me. But general demorgraphic likes it this way: girl majority+ boy love interests. And it is okay.

          • Of course you can! But just because this is your personal preference it doesn’t mean everyone else likes it that way, but you make it sound like your opinion about this game is the most common one… how would you know that? :(

            You see, as a mum who’s trying to teach her son that everybody can be whatever they want and like whoever they want, it is pretty frustrating to see that the games my son & I like to play tell him something different (you can’t be into fashion unless you are a girl) – by now he hates being a boy, because it means he can’t like and do the stuff he loves without being laughed at by other children,because every gorram media forces those outdated values on them…

            I also can’t stand it when devs are simply too lazy to add a feature because they think it’s not wanted enough to justify the effort.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Well it’s nice to teach your kid that and all but that doesn’t change how demographics are marketed to and the one of the hottest debates right now in the gaming world is more female representation so it only makes sense that a game marketed towards the female demographic would have a female option.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Welp time rob a bank

    • s07195

      Not if you have the original game. This is a free update, apparently.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I don’t own it yet

  • ZnTxn

    *Husbando mode*
    Stop making me interested in this game! ;_____;

  • Scissors

    As a heterosexual male I demand we get this update too. Style Savvy Represent!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    As a male, creating a perfect male sounds kinda wrong lol.^^”

    • LanceCS

      *As a hetero male.

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      *checks pants*
      Yup, still male wanting to create a perfect male counterpart.

  • rurin

    When I saw the picture for the article, I was already excited….

  • Quizler

    Wow that’s pretty cool, I’m sure the siliconera mods have gotten enough people interested in this game, maybe this will push them to buy it. I sure will once it hits NA.

    • The game’s already out in NA? This is just an updated version of the original game and since sales in NA/EU have been pretty well from what I heard, it’s pretty likely this update will hit the western market as well, if only as a DLC. (But since I already own the game, I’d prefer it that way ;>)

      • Quizler

        ah whoops I meant I’d go ahead and get it once this update hit NA

        • It’s so easy to be misunderstood on the internet. ;_;


  • I would take a break from my Bravely Default grind to play this!

  • lunier

    You can just update in the eshop?!
    Now I won’t have to go back to the store “I-It’s for my sister…”

  • Meily

    Phew, I can finally stop ‘fake-dating’ Reed and move on to ‘dream-dating’ him instead.

    • Lol, that was exactly what I thought. And with dream Brad and Mode thrown in. . .

      I thought Harris was hitting on my character for a while, but he’s clearly interested in Michaela. Who is obviously with Avery.

      • Wait, what? Michaela and Avery are an item? I never got that impression, but maybe I haven’t been reading between the lines.

        • I think so. And not in a “lol headcanon” way. I feel like a lot of what I’ve seen of them together makes me feel like they’re an item (they act like the other couples in the game).

  • JW

    I had the trendders game, but many girls and boys came to the boutique and all, also we see them in city, but the only thing we can’t do in my ideal is date some one. Very disapointening. I could had liked the update if i in these times i be a owner of one copy and the update come to west.

  • Juli

    omg this has to come to america! ASAP pretty please!! :3

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