Noire Blasts Us With A Gundam Parody

By Spencer . February 28, 2014 . 1:48am

Planet Destroyer Black Heart, a PlayStation Vita strategy RPG spinoff starring Noire, is loaded with game gags like a characters inspired by Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Street Fighter. Compile Heart also snuck a Gundam parody in the game. Players can also decorate Noire’s room when they aren’t battling monsters from the Neptunia world.


Planet Destroyer Black Heart is slated for release on May 29.

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  • Landale

    Quite surprised with the new characters shown off, though I’m also surprised at the general lack of Sega representation. Hopefully at least one of the last two girls, judging by character space left on the site, is Phantasy Star, Shining, or Streets of Rage based.

    • Christopher C

      Yeah but Neptune will probably be enough Sega rep for me.

  • Kaihedgie

    I only clicked for the article title at 2:48 :T

  • I love that there are so many characters in this. It’s going to be fun interacting with them in game.

  • DyLaN

    TL of some of the Nep and Noire lines in the PV:

    Neptune: Wow, Noire is this cute!
    Noire: You’re cute too, you know?
    Neptune: Eh? Say that one more time!
    Noire: Eh?! E-everyone is cute, aren’t they?
    Neptune: Oh Noire, don’t be so embarrassed!

    At the end, Neptune remarks that she still wants the leading role, to which Noire replies “Too bad, you should just give up”.
    Character page updated. TLs for the new character will be updated once xizro complete the TLs for it.

    Jeneria G (Gundam)
    CV: Eri Sendai

    “Excercising control using military force is necessary -de arimasu”

    A super mechanic that can always do something if it’s related to machines. She uses a characteristic “de arimasu” at the end of each sentence.

    Weapon used: Spanner
    Likes: Development – Design – Production
    Dislikes: Overspec
    Game genre in which she excels: Military Games
    Special Ability: Building models (She’s a pro-builder)

    Puuna (Opoona)
    CV: Rikako Ito

    “There are various things, but I’ve settled with the bonbon only~”

    Regardless of merit, she uses a slow [as in “stupid”] way of speaking. She’s a gentle pacifist, but when acquaintances are in trouble, she also finds the courage to take action.
    The bon bon on her head is her charm point.

    Weapon used: Bon Bon
    Likes: Rights
    Dislikes: Calculations (Several meanings)
    Game genre in which she excels: Fantasy RPG
    Special Ability: License acquisition

    For the PSW system:

    – At the moment of getting a new companion (friend) there’s the new system in play, PSW, that means “The perfect Noire-sama can make immediately a huge amount of friends”, that leads to character-specific events.
    – Noire is shown dressed as a hostess bar girl
    – Mode to upgrade the lonely Noire’s private life

    Sim Noire
    It’s a system in which Noire’s secretary (the hero) can strengthen lonely Noire’s private life.

    Rearrangement and remodeling of the room
    – Renovation plans and furniture can be purchased in shops using collected “Sim Points”.
    – The type of furniture that can be bought rises as the grade of the room rises.

    Let Noire grant people requests
    – It’s possible to tell Noire about people requests.
    – During listening to people requests you have to pick a choice between three. There are also events
    – It’s possible to raise Noire’s credibility by selecting certain choices that appear.

    Going out
    – Starting only with Supermarkets and gyudon shops. As the “level” [it’s not said what it is] rises, she can go to stylish shops and sweets shops she used to go alone (meaning she goes alone first, then with someone else). Once the level reaches the maximum, can be called friend

    Credits to the peeps on NISA forums.

    • Kayriss Wins

      Adding Sim elements to a turn based RPG? I love it.

  • Just Tim

    And speaking of more Gundam parodies, should I expect a Char parody too? After all, Char is the most popular character archetype of the franchise.

    • DyLaN

      EDIT: Now the posters are saying Gundam is more possible than SRW so :V

  • Demeanor

    Did I just spot an Atelier char at 2:02? :D chick on the right, Ritoru Rain or something :)
    Also, Asagi would totally murder Noire out of envy, she’s magnificently (“karei ni”, so to speak XD) stealing the spotlight from the traditional MC XD even getting a preorder figure :D (she’s got MY shares, to be sure XD)

  • Roberto

    Dat capcom trio

    • DyLaN

      Actually it seems like the gamesona forms a group:

      Moruu, Bio, Rii Fai: Team Capcom
      Riddo, Win, Saori: Team Konami
      Brossa, Tsunemi, and Ai: The Idols/Singers/Stage people.
      Restore and Little Rain: IF/CH.
      Lady Wakku and Jeneria G: Team Namco
      Estelle and Ain Al: Team Enix
      Ryuuka: By her lonesome.
      Puuna and Sango: Koei.

      -Credits to NISA forums

      • MikelAL93

        I wish there was an SNK group…

  • Daioh

    Final Fantasy?

    • Didn’t you watch the PV? There’s even a still that shows Noire, dressed as a FF character, standing next to the series parody.

      • Daioh

        You mean the girl with the swords on her face? It’s just unlike the other parody characters,it really isn’t so obvious that shes a Final Fantasy character

        • I’ve been going to website from time to time to look at the next character reveals, and it was apparent – to me – who she represented. I’ve had little experience of the FF series, as a whole, but the hair immediately made me think of Tidus; it also helps that there is a Moogle-like creature in her bosom holding a crystal.

          Whilst that was apparent to me, a few of the others I wouldn’t have known which series they are from just from looking at them.

  • Liamv2

    I really hope Persona (Or shin megami tensei in general) gets a character.

    • DragKudo

      I was just thinking about this when i was watching the trailer. How would they represent her? Maybe a summoner girl who has three personalities
      law = nice
      neutral= bored ?

      Or two goddess sisters who can fuse into one. Yah and Weh

      • Or a Jack Frost girl wearing the hat.

        • DragKudo

          That’s too simple.

  • Prinny Dood

    Man compile heart sure is taking there sweet time announcing neptunia rebirth for the us dood! The longer they take, the longer we have to wait for this game dood >.<

    • DyLaN

      Its NISA that does the localization.

      • Prinny Dood

        Whoever dood! I just want this game so bad dood!

        • Anime10121

          Agreed dood!

          Secretly wishes they would have skipped the idol game and went straight for rebirth…

          • Christopher C

            You know there’s a harem ending in the idol game right? Just sayin’ here is all…

  • Yatol Charles

    PS= Perfect noire super noire

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