Tales Of Link Gameplay Footage Looks A Little Bit Like Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

By Spencer . March 2, 2014 . 11:58pm

Tales of Link has a new story that follows Shiza and Sara who are on a quest to seal the Seed of Disaster. The game also has a bunch of returning Tales characters like Milla Maxwell from Tales of Xillia and Senel Coolidge (actually multiple Senels) from Tales of Legendia too.


Bandai Namco also made a new battle system for Tales of Link too. Dubbed the Touch Link Battle System, players touch and connect characters to attack enemies. It kind of reminds me of Final Fantasy: All the Bravest, but with strategy added into the game because you can just swipe the screen like crazy. The way you connect characters changes how strong their attacks are.


Tales of Link will be released for iOS and Android this spring.

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  • Kaitsu

    Reminds me more of Brave Frontier, to be honest. You almost scared me for a second.

  • Shippoyasha

    It looks decent for what it is and it’s nice they’re voicing a lot of characters. Almost makes me wish they make a more ambitious crossover Tales game on a console release someday. Though it may be understandable that a crossover game like this is more feasible on portables/mobile while the major next iterations are more geared up for consoles.

  • wererat42

    Comparing any game to All the Bravest is a serious accusation.

    • Godmars

      Making similarities to a title designed to rip fans off could be bad for the game being compared to it you mean.

    • Crevox

      In case people aren’t aware, Tales has been copying Final Fantasy for a little while now… it just depends on how much you can observe and see. It could be a coincidence, but it’s really really strange if it is.

      1. Tales of Xillia is the 13th game in the series. It has a female lead protagonist alongside a male one (Final Fantasy XIII has a female protagonist). Both Jude and Snow are fist fighters, Milla and Lightning are both sword users that use magic.
      2. Tales of Xillia uses the Lilial Orb system. This is extremely similar to the Crystarium used in Final Fantasy XIII, in both function and how it looks (a web of nodes).
      3. Tales of Xillia 2 is based on time/dimensional travel. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is based on the same concept.
      4. Tales of Xillia 2 gives the player many choices in cutscenes, offering branching dialogue. Final Fantasy XIII-2 introduced this concept as well.
      5. Final Fantasy: Dissidia came out 12/18/08, and not long after, Tales of VS was released, 8/6/09. Both are similar concepts: a crossover fighting game from various games of the series.

      There are probably more, but that’s off the top of my head. It’s no surprise that this game is similar to All the Bravest.

      • Izzeltrioum

        -The travel-chat system of XIII is just the skit system… when travelling. Xillia uses it too, but they have every right to (Kind of reminds me of the RE4 — Gears of War — Operation Racoon City scenario. Gears copied RE4, and ORC copied gears. Ironic, I know).
        (Ok this might be too nitpicky)

        -Tales has used Sword-mage users before. Remember the Destiny boom? That’s why they gave Milla Stahn costume.

        ToX2’s Time-Travel resembles more to Phantasia (Chronos = Dhaos. Hatin’ humans; Thor-inspired dungeon; the use of Aska and Pluto; ).

        -The Dedicated choice system was presented first in Tales of Symphonia 2.
        Funny enough, Okumura also made the concept arts for the cast of said game. Same with Xillia 2’s.

        -Lightning returns fused the Narikiri Costume System from the Narikiri games with Ludger’s Weapon Shift. Thus, making the Schema System.

        Tales is being influenced by Falcom. Just look at ToX2’s Arousal Orb! Is identical to that of Kiseki (Orbment System; Elemental kills). Heck, even TITS using a Female lead.

  • Ban The Jackass

    Wonder if they will localise this. I liked Tower of Saviours and Brave Frontier.

    • DyLaN

      Considering its iOS, I doubt it.

  • keithmaxx

    Swipe the screen like crazy? Now where’s the strategy in that? (ー_ー;)

    • Nana

      Be fair, that is already more strategy than 99% of mobile rpgs that get hyped on here.

      • Eilanzer

        there is mobile rpg´s being hyped here? o.o

      • Linhua

        … i’d like to know what you think of Brave Frontier.

        … I absolutely cannot get enough of this game.

    • Arrei

      Isn’t that a typo? Shouldn’t it be “can’t swipe etc.”? Because frantically poking your tablet is what you do in ATB and saying this is a little like that but with more strategy logically suggests furious tapping is less of an option.

    • NTaiyokun

      Not really. If you watched the vid, ou should have noticed the patterns being drawn. You might have to draw different patterns for different enemies, or one attack team might be unusable for that turn.

    • Zoozbuh

      I think that was a typo… Since you don’t just swipe the screen like crazy (like a certain other iOS game *cough*) there IS some strategy involved, is what he’s saying.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Because games always have to be about strategy am I right?

      • Arrei

        They do when the article describes the gameplay as “with strategy added”.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          What effect does that have on the actual gameplay?

  • Detrimont

    this what i said i didn’t want to happen

  • FallenAfh

    Its nothing like like ATB. For one this is turn base, not real time. There are already a couple of mobile games that use a similiar engine (cant remember the names) with grid base swiping and rotating party members.

    • s07195

      Thousand Memories seems similar.

  • DyLaN

    The design for the Goddess and the OP animation is pretty good. Looks pretty decent for a budget title. Might get IF its localized.

  • Somber

    All the Bravest….it haunts the title :P

  • s07195

    It’s…. exactly like Thousand Memories, but with Tales characters…

  • SupaPhly

    actually, that gameplay could be compared to the android screen unlock patterns :P

  • DanielGearSolid

    “All proceeds from this title will be donated to current and future Tales of flagship projects” That’s wat I say to myself to stay sane

    • 永次

      That’s what Baba said, they said this games are made to move smartphone users to Playstation and play the main serie.

      • DanielGearSolid


  • Samsara09

    this comparison is very misleading since some people could dodge this game just because of it,thinking this game will swipe their money too,when there is probably no info at all about this.

  • Of all the tens of thousands of video games in existence to copy or take inspiration from

  • Roberto

    >iOS and Android game
    what a surprise

  • Arcana Drill

    You know, comparing to all the bravest made me worry for a second, this looks much more fun… and less of a cash grab based on luck.

  • Spirit Macardi

    So first there was Mieu who looks like a miniature King of Sorrow, and now there’s a cat creature that looks like Grandpa… Add to that costumes and Klonoa himself being a summon in Tales of Hearts and Keroro RPG…

    Namco, let Baba and his team make Tales of Phantomile already. I think they’ve dropped enough hints x3

  • Masa

    guessing it also going to be a huge scam too like All the Bravest

  • FX102A

    I suggest you point out the “Little Bit” in your title, cos saying a game is like All the Bravest is like saying a market stall seller looks like that con-artist who sold you those goldfish that turned out to be carved carrots a while back.

  • Zoozbuh

    A Tales-themed crossover puzzle game?? Wow this actually seems really fun. Especially if there are voiced scenes and cutscenes etc. I hope it gets localised, but no huge loss if not I guess!

  • Vash bane

    I haven’t played the psp version much (seeing as I saw a spoiler of what happens to your character ….. I dis-like games were I follow the story and they die in the end ….p3 i’m looking at you >.>) but isn’t this the same story line as those (don’t know much of 2 since I think it wasn’t translated…i’m going to have to look it up again)?

  • CirnoLakes

    I sure hope it isn’t like All The Bravest.

    All the Bravest was one of the most exploitative games ever created.

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