Acguy Beats Up Other Gundams In Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost

By Sato . March 4, 2014 . 12:58am


Namco Bandai will be adding a trio of Mobile Suits with new pilots in Acguy, Z Gundam, and Gundam Ground Type in their third wave of DLC characters. Here’s a look at the three downloadable characters in action.



The video starts out with a look at Shiro Amada piloting the RX-79 Gundam Ground Type. He’s shown switching between its machinegun and cannon in both long and short-ranged battles.


Next, we get to see Roux Louka pilot the Z Gundam, using many ranged-attacks to do heavy damage at the helpless enemies, including a look at the rock-shaped dummy balloon that can be used to avert enemy fire.


Finally, we get to see the fan-favorite Acguy piloted by Haman Karn. Acguy will excel at close-ranged combat with plenty of tricky attacks and melee combos which are demonstrated in the video.


All three Mobile Suits with the three downloadable pilots for Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost will be available on March 5 for 400 yen each.

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  • DanielGearSolid

    If they made a 3rd person Titanfall clone with Gundams rather than titans. You think it would sell?

    • neocatzon

      Forget Titanfall clone, Gundam Battle Operation with lesser gameplay still running today. Anything Gundam will sell and if there’s a clone/mod based on Titanfall it’s practically a godsend.

      • DanielGearSolid

        I love operation, but its so damn clunky lol. I guess what I’m basically dreaming of is Battle operation with more fluid gameplay.

        A gundam mod for TF would be cool, but, I remember Respawn saying they weren’t supporting mods (atleast at launch)

        • neocatzon

          As much I love my Zakus in gbo, they didn’t do much justice there. I wish there’s a true gundam game made by From Software. AC:VD gameplay would be perfect and the mecha size is pretty similar.

          Yeah, I read the news. Guess we have to wait.

          • DanielGearSolid

            I agree, From Software would be the perfect dev

          • neocatzon

            For better or worse they are hooked with Dark Souls series. Well, money for them.
            FS, please don’t forget AC..

          • DanielGearSolid

            The good news is between the 3 yrs since Dark Souls came out and the coming Dark Souls 2 release, AC:VD dropped. So I think they still got love for AC

          • neocatzon

            and it’s an almost simultaneous release for all region *cry*. With upcoming Dark Souls 2 in release countdown, I will properly wait for AC:VI.

          • Exkaiser

            Armored Cores are actually a lot smaller than Gundams, especially in fifth gen (they’re about 5 meters tall- the smallest Gundams are around 15m but they average 18m).

            ~The More You Know~

            That said, it would be a matter of resizing the environments to fit the Gundam scale.

          • neocatzon

            Thank you, I remember them as 15 something tall (between feet and m). 15 feet then. If that’s the case, 5th gen ACs are pretty close to Titans giving their size comparison to surrounding buildings,

    • 永次

      There a lot of gundam games like Titanfall released years ago.
      Like Gundam Senki (TPS), Gundam Gaiden series (FPS and TPS), Senjou no Kizuna (FPS), and crossovers like Another Century’s Episode (2 and 3 have VS. multiplayer, TPS).

      • DanielGearSolid

        Cool, I’ll check those out

  • megaten666

    Am I the only one who thinks a Super Robot Wars VS game would be totally awesome?

    Evangelions vs Rahxephon vs Code Geass mechas vs other mechas/main Gundams/stuffs…
    A mecha cross-over game just like J-Stars Victory VS but this time with giant mechas.

    • Dark Zerato

      We have Battle Robot Damashii and SRW Battle Infinite. But i think these games aren’t as good as Gvs.

      • megaten666

        What? Thanks for the titles, I’ll look into them.

        These VS games are really good. I feel that vibe what I felt from the old Capcom VS games.
        I wish Battle of Z was handled by the guys responsible for these new VS games. Maybe in a distant future :)

      • Namuro

        Oh yeah… I totally forgot about these two.

        But Damashii only covers “REAL” robots from the Damashii toy line; while Infinite only include the OG robots, right?

    • Namuro

      Would be really cool!

      But just imagine if they make the game with all the mechs in their actual sizes, though. LOL

      • megaten666

        Solution: PS4.
        Ha :D

  • J_Joestar
  • Freakmasta

    I definitely wanna pick up Haman’s Acguy. It’s now more badass with purple pressure.

  • MSJ

    Acguy with dat purple from Haman, hell yeah!

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