Attack on Titan Takes Over Phantasy Star Online 2 This Spring

By Sato . March 4, 2014 . 9:50pm


So far, we’ve seen a number of different collaborations with Sega’s MMORPG, Phantasy Star Online 2, from wacky Colonel Sanders KFC costumes to the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku to 7-Eleven. Sega’s next collaboration, however, will be with Attack on Titan, going by first looks, it seems pretty cool.



The collaboration will bring Attack on Titan’s Survey Corps outfits to Phantasy Star Online 2, with the three division and recruit stickers that can be switched out, along with the blades that will be used as Phantasy Star Online 2’s Twin Daggers and Wired Lance weapons.


Female characters will be getting Mikasa’s hair and scarf, and the Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear can also be detached from the rest of the costume.



Additionally, the Colossal Titan will be hanging out in the lobby and in the background, but don’t worry, he won’t attack. There will also be various Attack on Titan posters scattered around town, as well.



The video above a closer look at the Attack on Titan content that was shown in a recent Phantasy Star Online 2 broadcast. The footage gives us a look at the costumes featuring characters that resemble Eren and Mikasa, along with their Twin Dagger and Wired Lance in action, which actually looks quite fitting with the collaboration gear.


Attack on Titan will be invading Phantasy Star Online 2 this Spring.

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  • Crevox

    Yay PSO2! This game is awesome, just like rappies.

  • DanielGearSolid

    This game should come to Ps4

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

      I don’t see this as far fetched. With the PS4 being just a stripped down AMD PC, it would likely be an easy port when the game already supports full controller support and is on Vita.

      • DanielGearSolid


    • The Watcher

      nah, more like Xbox One since they had PSU in the past

      • DanielGearSolid

        Be reasonable…

      • DS23

        And Vita/Pc/Xbone crossplay blocks right? Surrrre…

    • DS23

      Sakai has said no console release in the past but I don’t really believe him.

  • Spirit Macardi

    And yet Attack on Titan is the only thing in this article that’s getting an English release.

  • Takane Shijou

    The only thing you won’t see with Phantasy Star Online 2, is a Western release.

    • Crevox

      Don’t start this again.

      If you want to play PSO2, you can go and play it in English at any time. There’s plenty of English patches and guides to do so. If you actually WANT to play it, all it takes is a little effort from you and you can *easily* do so, with an English community and everything.

      If you don’t want to, don’t – simple as that. This goes for every person that won’t stop complaining about PSO2’s localization on every news post. It doesn’t solve anything and if you actually cared about it you’d be playing it right now.

      Regardless of all of that, even if they decide to announce a western release, all we’re going to get is more complaining. The Taiwan website for the game was released, and they are MANY months behind in content compared to the Japanese version. Expect the English version to be no different, and with that, nobody to leave the current Japanese servers to play it.

      Just getting reaaaal tired of this every single time anything is mentioned about PSO2 on this site.

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        I’m really tired of being banned permanently for speaking English. Japanese don’t like Gaijin playing on their servers. Unless you can hop on Ship 2, Lobby 20 which is always full.
        the problem is that Sega said over 2 years ago they were bringing it here. It’s a F2P, they don;t have to worry about pirating, it makes no sense especially when they could use fan translations–which do not translate everything, just the menus.

        • Crevox

          As far as I know, nobody has been permanently banned. Trust me: if they were, the PSO2 community over on PSO-World and other sites would not hear the end of it.

          Ship 2 is never full, Block 20 is *sometimes* full but I personally avoid Block 20 because I don’t like the people there. There are still tons of English players all over the ship, especially if you just do a party search. Usually I just play with my friends, and we get random English players to join us… not to mention being in an English team (guild) to talk to all the time and play with, which is extremely easy to join thanks to there being a Team search at the Visiphone in game. The point is, there’s an entire English community there to play with.

          The problem is they have to pay for servers to host the game here, and based on many different factors, they probably believe the game won’t do very well; and I can’t really disagree.

          • Ni ~Algidus~

            block 20 is the 4chan HQ right?

          • Crevox

            Not to sound rude, but my god… in my personal opinion, everyone there is an idiot. They just spam stupid symbol arts that are often times very inappropriate and offensive (nudity), spam the chat with stupid english, and do inappropriate things to each other with their characters (there is quite a wide range of emotes…). I am personally under the belief that we are guests on PSO2, and we should be treating the Japanese players and the game with utmost respect. They tolerate us being on their game, and the director of the game has said in the past that we can play as long we don’t cause trouble. These players just apparently have no idea what that means. It’s like a bunch of kids. That doesn’t even account for the huge amount of romaji and stuff I see there, and that’s just annoying.

            If that wasn’t enough, if an emergency quest happens, steer clear for all that you can. If you go to block 20 for an emergency quest, expect it to take a long time, probably fail, and have people die all over the place, while spamming stupid auto words. I wish I could give you some concrete examples, but I don’t have screenshots or anything. I just avoid the place at all costs.

            My team, other teams, and friends I know all pretty much agree. Stay far away from block 20.

          • KnifeAndFork

            All the more reason the game should get localized. It’s a win/win for the fans and the company. There’s obviously an interest and its obvious Sega is aware of it so why not.

          • Crevox

            The thing is, the majority of people that was interested in the Phantasy Star franchise are already playing on the JP servers. Like I said, the people that actually care about the game enough to put forth some effort to play it, are already playing it. If they released US servers, it is not very likely said players will even bother to switch over at this point. This has been shown through polls and player opinions in game. Nobody wants to lose the characters they’ve worked on, and with my personal character having literally hundreds of hours of playtime… yeah, no thanks. They would pretty much have to allow character transfers at this point, and if the games aren’t running on the same version, that’s just not happening (if it even was to begin with).

            Overall, Sega of America has shown a poor track record in maintaining online games in western territories. Lack of updates, early server shutdowns, increased fees, rampant other issues … they give anyone little reason to take the transition. That’s not to mention the fact that a lot of people, including me, have actually spent money on the Japanese version of the game. Our characters have come a long way, and we’ve amassed a large number of items. I am a proud owner of more than 10 rappy suits. You are probably jealous. That is okay.

            At this point, IF they decide to release it here, they’d have to go through a lot to actually get it going. SEGA is stingy about maintaining the servers unless it actually makes them a fair profit (so it doesn’t take them much to shut it down), and PSO2’s marketing model is dicey over here in the west. They would also have to regain the trust of the community, show that they’re actually serious about doing it better this time around, and actually keep up to date with updates. The Taiwan server is a massive disappointment, lacking an entire class and race that was released so long ago on the Japanese servers. That doesn’t give me much hope to start off with.

            The best option at this point in my personal opinion would be just to open up the Japanese server internationally and have separate language specific blocks and/or ships, and connect with an English client… but that’s asking too much. Besides that, we essentially already have that option. It’s the english patch.

          • KnifeAndFork

            The majority of people? Impossible to make that claim.

            And you’re leaving out the Vita version and acting selfish imo

          • Ni ~Algidus~

            I know how you feel. I entered that block two times and I regretted doing so

          • DS23

            Nope, the channers actually avoid the 20 kids as much as they can.

          • Spirit Macardi

            There’s a ton of F2P games here though that do well despite having none of the name recognition of Phantasy Star.

            And if Sega is nervous, then why not let a third party like Aeria Games host it in the west? I’m sure there’s a ton of sites like that who would love to have the rights to a game like this.

          • Crevox

            Well, that’s gonna be SEGA for you I guess at that point. It might precisely be because it’s such a big name that they don’t want to risk letting someone else handle it. I guess you can consider it in the same way Namco doesn’t let anyone else localize Tales? Kind of a random comparison I know, but it fits. But then again, I think the Taiwan version is being handled by someone else, so I don’t even know anymore:


            PSO2 has that sort of “garapon” system like most Japanese games have (Cosmic Break is one that is actually still alive here in the US using a similar system). I’m not sure too sure if such a system would be popular in the west, or if SEGA is willing to take the risk… they might be brainstorming changing the marketing model, who knows. I also think they once stated that the reaction from people at PAX is also part of the reason it got “delayed”… they said the response was underwhelming? That was like the last major thing they had going for PSO2 in the west. Besides that, maybe they’re waiting for the game to be rich with content first, or waiting to see the reaction in Taiwan? The game launched fairly barebones, but nowadays, it’s got a lot going on.

            Honestly, it’s just brainstorming reasons at this point. The thing is, there’s a lot of potential reasons why they delayed it, and many of them are solid reasons. People say “just go ahead and try it SEGA and see!” but it’s a large investment to get it going. They didn’t even give us PSP2 Infinity, but did give us PSP2 online, though it took shutting down PSU for that to happen. Honestly, a lot signs did initially point to PSO2 being a “thing”, but for now, we’re stuck with what we’ve got.

            PS: Never let PSO2 near AeriaGames. AeriaGames is the pure evil that ate Ijji and more greedy than any other F2P publisher I know

        • 하세요

          I’ve been playing for about a year or so now and I strictly speak English on Ship 07. Even on Ship 02 I never was banned nor kicked from a party on either ships.

          As long as you don’t suck, JP players don’t seem to have an issue unless it’s a complicated mission that needs communication, in which anyone would rather speak in the language they’re most comfortable with. Nothing personal.

        • MaximDualBlade

          LOL, you really get banned for that? I raraly notice when someone is writing another language online, it’s so unimportant, unless I need something from another player whom I cannot understand, but then again, why would you need something from a player whom you have never spoken to?

          They really are a homogenous people XD

          • Kornelious

            Now see, My only problem is that they are releasing it in english in a country that doesn’t speak english, which fells like a backhand to the face. And evem if I were to play that version, I play on my vita and it is too much trouble to have to switch accounts every time I want to play it.

        • join ship 2ur that is where we play. also there is a tweeker that patches almost everything for u including item names. and they are working on the story patch again for this update. so u can play

      • Altin


      • Bobby Jennings

        Agreed. I’m sick of this honestly.

        Everytime there’s a PSO post, the crying comes with it.

        Weird I can’t say things like crapcom or beg for releases meanwhile that’s what almost everyone does when it comes to PSO2.

      • Gustavo

        Don’t read the comments then. I want to play the Vita version, your little guide is useless for me.

        • Crevox

          That’s port complaining, which is frowned upon on Siliconera. Anyone can play it on PC; it runs on basically any computer. It runs on garbo laptops without graphics cards. There’s really no excuse.

          Besides that, I played Japanese games all the time without them being translated. Again, if you really enjoy Phantasy Star, there are still tons of guides online on where to go, what things are, how to play, etc. Worst case scenario you can play on the computer for a bit, see everything and understand everything in English, and then go play on vita. I have it on my vita. Works just fine.

      • DarkLight

        You know all those english patches are against the Terms of Service right?

        • Vanadise

          Yes, for legal reasons. It’s just a generic CYA statement. Nobody has ever actually been banned for using the English patch or speaking in English. Honestly, during peak hours on Ship 2 you’re more likely to run into English players than Japanese ones.

      • Mind0105A

        I used to play PSO2 and I didn’t like how most of the time I need to be cautious of being banned by Sega.

        Every time the server goes in maintenance and then return online again. It give me stress when I can’t log in and then I have to think of the worst possibility that my account was banned. It was a nightmare.

        The game is fun and you can manage playing it, but the fact that I need to be cautious most of the time gives me stress. if I was banned then all my efforts will be wasted just like that. Just because I’m not in Japan.

        I don’t know if this is true or not. However, it’s still can be considered a worst possibility situation.
        Read it.

        I don’t see sega at wrong even if they banned players. It’s still against the Terms of service, thus it means each person should be responsible on his own choices.

        Well, either way, have a good time.

        • Crevox

          “I used to play PSO2 and I didn’t like how most of the time I need to be cautious of being banned by Sega.”

          That’s your own paranoia. Very few people (if anyone) have ever been banned. My character has over 900 hours played on it.

          Yeah, I see the link, but the guy probably got banned because he caused problems. The only reason SEGA would ban a foreigner is if they caused problems. They don’t actively go looking for foreign connections or anything; if JP players report them, like anyone else, they have the risk of getting banned. The only reason JP players would report them is if they were being annoying or doing something they shouldn’t be doing. It’s pretty much just a case of “don’t be stupid.” He might’ve also gotten caught up and banned during the time that a bunch of US players were hacking on PSO2. That site is really old at this point, and it’s very well possible that he was caught in the crossfire. Again, who knows, but the game is just fine to play. I know tons of people on the game that have been playing since the game launched, just like me.

          Honestly, he might’ve even made it all up. He seems overly butthurt.

          • Mind0105A

            I see, that makes sense, but I don’t see myself having Paranoia. I Just hate uncertain things. Things depend more on variables than answer.

            See here too. This member.


            If I have to make a theory regarding his/her statement. It might be true that most foreign people are meant to be in Ship2.

            Yes, that’s why I said that I don’t know if it’s true or not, because you can already see from his writing that there is something doesn’t sound right.

            I will keep looking for now, then I might return to PSO2.

            Anyway, happy gaming.

          • Crevox

            Again, very old screenshot. Probably same case as I said before. There was a time when they were banning a lot of English players because of the hackings, but that hasn’t happened in a very long time.

      • Sergio Briceño

        Let him voice his opinion. I’m with him and I think his comment was funny. Also, it’s not like is complaining, some of us are still eagerly waiting while maintaining our hopes on Sega.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      if you’re looking for english release, there is. but not western region

  • Kazekage Gaara

    Last Wings of Mankind please :D

  • Prinny Dood

    Oh and btw were so not getting this game dood!

  • Cool but geh another content update. Updating gonna take awhile.

  • LBattle0819

    I can’t do it, now every time I enter the lobby, I’ll sh*t myself

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      Whoah, sounds like a personal problem…

  • Tenabrus

    I know this game is available to westerners with patches and all but… My Vita sits here crying D:

  • natchu96

    Everybody knows Mikasa is the goddess of badass, but we can’t go swinging around with the 3D maneuver gear in this game T_T

    . . . or play a western release of it :/

  • Istillduno

    And just like everyone in Attack on Titan are stuck behind the wall hiding from the giants, PSO2 is stuck in Asia hiding from the Westerners.

  • xPhoenixMoon

    It just shows me how awesome Attack on Titan would be if they made a PS Vita version.

    • Vash bane

      I was just going to say that too

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    I’m torn. On the one hand, Attack on Titan is being done to death. On the other, at least it’s not Eva, and I’d rather see Mikasa’s abs than more Rei/Asuka.

    • Vash bane

      she muscular? ive never seen it lol

      • Skeptika Crediblus

        She’s cut. It’s super hot if you have a thing for fit women…

  • KnifeAndFork

    Is there some logical reason they keep avoiding localizing this game to the West? This is just ridiculous it’s bordering on extreme jingoism now…does Sega not like money or common sense?

    • 하세요

      That could be a factor – the money. Many MMO players in the West do not go out of their way to pay extra in F2P MMOs, so SEGA doesn’t see much profit. The Asian market as a whole is filled with players that are more hardcore and willing to pay the extra mile in F2P games.

      It probably boils down to “what’s the point.” Sad to accept it, but over here it’s either standard monthly fee or bust.

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