More Details About The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening’s Tough Choices

By Sato . March 4, 2014 . 3:31pm


Nippon Ichi Software recently announced that they’re working on a new title, The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening, featuring two female leads and the twist is you have to choose which one to save. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shares a few more details.


According to the magazine report, The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening will be a proper sequel to The Guided Fate Paradox with all new graphics and systems. Its theme will be “the ultimate choice,” which will most likely be related to the two protagonists, Jupiel and Arul.


The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening is said to take place several years after the first game and characters from the previous game will likely return. As far as gameplay goes, you’ll be exploring randomized dungeons in full 3D.


Famitsu reports that the game will be much easier to play than before, and there will also be an enhancement system that will also be related to the game’s theme of “the ultimate choice”. There will be a gameplay element where you can strengthen weapons, and another system that involves angels and demons.


If you’re wondering what kind of choices you’ll be making in the game, there will be many other difficult decisions where you’re faced with choices and cannot save the lives of everyone around you. Your choices will also lead to different endings depending on the types of choices you make. Additionally, they will also have an effect on how the protagonist thinks and feels, influencing the type of ending you’ll get.


The Guided Fate: Cross Thesis Awakening will be released on July 24, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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  • otakumike

    Oh wow…I’m excited now…

  • Varnes

    Wow this sounds awesome :D

  • Landale

    The choice is an obvious one. If you can’t save them both, save the redhead. Unless she’s annoying.

    • Ksatmata

      she is a demon

      choosing between saving a demon and angel when become a god
      i think demon is the right answer

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Ooooh. This sounds real promising.

  • DarkLight

    Hopes it comes over.

  • sorenman2

    Can’t wait, I hope you have an evil route; save no one that would be interesting.

    • burnfist23

      Super secret evil ending — Face the Devourlord to see who is the most evil character in the Nippon Ichi-verse

      • Firekitty

        And then kill him to become the NEW most evil character!

  • DesmaX

    Well, not surprised by this being a lot easier. The tough difficulty was one thing that didn’t allow the first one to appeal to a bigger audience.

    “If you’re wondering what kind of choices you’ll be making in the game,
    there will be many other difficult decisions where you’re faced with
    choices and cannot save the lives of everyone around you.”

    Now this sounds cool. Hope it works out in the end

  • MitsukiIX

    Can’t wait loved the first one.

  • Tell me, should I hope for a localization or not? Would really loved to get this game if it ever comes out in english :3 Also, the sequel, is it out on America or only in Japan? And how is it? Might get that to see if I like the series.

    • DesmaX

      It’s a NIS game, so It’s bound to be localized.

      The first game came out in November in the west. It’s available on PSN and Retail

  • Kornelious

    This sure is much differently themed than GFP, that’s good though, i can’t wait to see how this turns out :)

  • CleruTesh

    Still quite excited, with a couple reservations.
    Firstly, the tone sounds markedly darker. Not sure how I feel about that.
    Secondly,”much easier to play”?
    I felt the difficulty of GFP was perfect. Not yank-your-hair-out frustrating, but not a pushover either.
    Sure, I died a few times… but with the burst icons and total levels, I always felt like I made meaningful progress.
    If they make it much easier, that could be boring.
    Oh well. At least they can put the trainer back in I’ll just add levels until it’s interesting.

    • Ladius

      Reading that bit, I think “easier to play” means revamped UI or streamlined customization rather than dropping the challenge.

  • Aqua King

    I’m excited about this game.

  • Hitaki

    This definitely raises the replay value of the game, but I’m still skeptical after how bad the first game was. A lot of potential wasted by poor execution.

    At the very least they have a variety of plot holes to work with from the last game.

  • Roberto

    Why can i have both?

  • SlickRoach

    Full 3D? Can’t wait for screens to develop, I’m curious how this is gonna look.

    • DesmaX

      There is one pic on the top of the red haired girl on the pic.

      Really small, but you can have some idea on how it will look

      • SlickRoach

        Ah, I see it now. It really is tiny, and it doesn’t help that I looked at this article on my iPhone of all things.

  • Josiah Wolf

    Haven’t even gotten around to Paradox. Was it any good?

    • DyLaN

      Mixed opinion on the plot, but gameplay is considered to be generally good if not a bit punishing.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Well since neither is a twin-tails loli, can they both rot in h*ll?

    • Firekitty

      Kill both off, take the yaoi option.

      • DyLaN

        In be4 Renya NTR the new MC.

  • Raharu95

    Why 3D? ‘ ‘ Oh well, as long as the game is fun I should not complain

  • Sounds good. I’m gonna have to pick up the first one now before this comes out.

  • Akemi Nakajima

    I hope there’s an option to screw them both..

    • Not sure what kind of screw you mean =P, but I don’t want them to die lol

      • M’iau M’iaut

        I don’t think the blonde is an Ito girl. The redhead and the MC appear to be.

        • Ito girl? <— (Doesn't know much about this series lol)

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Noizi Ito — the Shana and Haruhi artist who did the designs for the first game. She has also done her fair share of h work.


          • @dylanng:disqus

            I see. Her characters are rather beautiful. Thanks for the info guys =)

          • M’iau M’iaut

            She can suffer from the same face syndrome so many artists have but when the face is that cute, I allow it happily.

          • DyLaN

            2 character designer (Noizi Ito and Airi Hori) work on TGFCTA.

  • biskmater

    I hope these games get ported to handhelds, I always felt that was the only way I could inverst any meaningful amount of time on games like these.

  • Oguri Murasaki

    That is way too cruel… I say KILL MYSELF!! and SAVE BOTH!

  • Ladius

    TGFP was such a great game, I’m really happy NIS isn’t only developing a sequel, but also giving it enough budget to completely change its graphical assets and systems.

    When this sequel was announced the first thing I thought before reading the news was that it would probably recycle a lot from the first game, but it looks like things won’t be like this. I also hope this game manages to retain the interesting mix of bizarre side-stories, self-aware comedy and drama the first game was able to provide.

  • ragingmerifes

    “much easier to play”
    Now I’m excited. Easier to play does’nt mean easier to beat, so there will probably more user-oriented streamlined stuff that will maintain how challenging and fun ZHP and the first Guided Fate were.
    Too much hype!

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I beat the first game, it was fun but not easy!

  • DyLaN
  • Morningstar

    “full 3d”

    You know if there’s 3 things I didn’t expect to go 3D, it would be Fighting games, Pokémon and N1’s games. But there’s a mix of 2d and 3d fighting games, Pokémon X and Y and the Witch and the Hundred Knight (and obviously this), to prove that even they will go 3d.

    As much as I enjoy Playing Pokemon Y and as sure that I am that This game and Which and the Hundred Knight would be great games, I’m not sure if this will lead into something more shocking; a 3D Disgaea, or how I would feel about such a game.

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