Puzzle Quest Meets Dragon Quest In This Retro Puzzle RPG

By Eugene . March 8, 2014 . 3:31pm


Block Legend is a pixel-graphic puzzle-based game from new devs Dot Warrior Games. The two-man team’s smartphone game reminds us of Puzzle Quest’s match-3 mechanics and utilization of skills during combat, and the retrolicious pixel-art of old-school Dragon Quest.



Interestingly, the game also claims it will have no in-app micro-transactions.


Block Legend will also include, in addition to what the devs promise to be a “huge” selection of heroes—including a salaryman, basketball star and what looks suspiciously like an R-Type ship alongside the Dragon Quest RPG vibe-character—multiple regions to explore and about 100 quests to complete.


Matching blocks and such fills up meters that unleash attacks, and players can also utilize treasures and spells to shake things up further. One of the fun ones we saw in the trailer was Blockscalibur, which destroys every block with a potential match.



And what sort of RPG game would Block Legend be without boss monsters? There’s a shot of the Behemoth, so huge it actually comes out of the preview shot in battle and surrounds the entire map.


Block Legend is shooting for a March release on iOS and Android.

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  • Audie Bakerson

    Another day another “retro” styled game with too many colors at once and colors that the Famicom/NES can’t display.

    • Derek E Nay

      I know right? If they really want to go “retro” they should limit the engine with the NES power (As in no smooth gameplay and limit the number of sprits that can be displayed)

      • Fen Y

        Most good NES games actually have very smooth and tight gameplay, much moreso than most modern games because they were a lot more focused and didn’t require to waste most time on graphics.

        The sprite number wasn’t high, true. But… I can’t actually think of a NS game that would be a better game if you’d use more sprites. It’d be different, but not necessarily better.

        The color argument, on the other hand, is actually valid. The smaller number of colors forced the designers to make better decisions. Take the original castlevania, for example. Every single color there is deliberately chosen and placed, to make platforms and enemies pop out, down to complimentary colors.

        It’s an important part of the classic artstyle. The color mess in “retro” titles is worse, not inherently because more colors are chosen, but because they aren’t chosen with the same deliberation and thus lack the effect it had in GOOD games of that era.

    • ddh819

      NES was not the only 8bit system

      • Audie Bakerson

        It doesn’t fit any of them though.

        In fact, this game isn’t even internally consistent with number of colors in a sprite

        • darke

          FM-Towns? Honestly even a latter PC-98 with VGA should handle it. Though I can’t think of any Japanese games with 256 simultaneous colours that pastel.

          • Guest

            Then you have moves from the fact that the pallets don’t work to the artwork being really bad for the system it “represents”.

            Hell, even the original version 16 color version of Zak McKracken has better art than the pictured game.

          • darke

            You won’t have me arguing that. :P I grew up with these sort of sprite games, and I don’t see why everyone seems to like the crappy look. Next they’ll decide the in-thing is black-and-white/green/amber only sprite graphics. :(

          • Audie Bakerson

            Then you trade the wrong pallet for the graphics having extremely primitive art for the system.

  • Godspoken

    Reminds me more of Puzzle Quest than Puzzle & Dragon.

  • Guest

    Just got it~ :D

    • poisui

      Actually, this game is really linear. I got bored after an hour.

  • harmonyworld

    I wish more of these things would come out on the vita
    it’d be able to play them super well

  • hofreith

    This game isn’t a puzzle game at all. You don’t make up combinations, you only tap where combinations appear. The bosses are too tough for a gameplay that linear and if you are game over your character’s level will reset to 1.

  • leeorv

    Bought it, lets see how good it is :)

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