Have A Heaping Handful Of The New Koihime Fighter

By Eugene . March 9, 2014 . 9:30am


Koihime: Embu is the upcoming brawler arcade follow-up game to Shin Koihime Musou: Romance of the Three Kingdoms Adaptation With an Abundance of Girls. Here, the Chinese Three Kingdom characters have been turned into woman, such as Guan Yu/Kanu Uncho and Lu Bu/Ryoufu Hosen.


The main website has updated itself with an abundance of screenshots as well as sample voiceovers to listen to. Predictably, Lu Bu’s is cute. And badass.


There’s also word that the game system remains largely the same as the previous versions, with strategic layers such as the “Strategist Gauge” that players can make use of to gain advantage over foes during the course of a match.


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  • Kevin Schwarz

    It looks good, alright. Let’s hope it plays good and this needs to be on consoles.

    • Chardo

      the previous version already is (ps3), this one just adds 3 new characters, I certainly would love if we got those as dlc for the console version.

  • Saphiren

    [waiting for a console version intensifies]

  • OutlawStar26ep

    The first version of the arcade was just released on PS3 a couple of weeks ago and its on PC too. This article is talking about the update to the arcade version adding 3 new characters(one for each faction).
    I can’t remember if the PS3 version has online play or not. I think it does…

    • The PS3 version does include netplay, but unfortunately the netcode is such that it is unplayable if you are not in Japan (where the majority of your player matches will originate from).

  • Mind0105A

    First day buy for me when a console version comes.

  • I am really digging this art direction, and the cast look unique and varied enough as well. L-let’s just say I’ve not seen an adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms since reading Shocking Pink!……….. yuuuup… *ahem*

    Obligatory mentions of inspired h-manga aside, this looks quite promising. Plus it makes a nice change of pace from the dominant fighting games by Arcsys, Namco and Capcom. Let’s hope for the best on this one guys ~

    • Christopher C

      Well there’s 36 episodes of anime plus 2 OVAs to watch of the series.

      • Huh… I really should pay more attention to these. It was the same when Aquapazza came about, I only know the characters were based off two main franchises, though regardless, I’m debating setting aside some money to get it.

        At least nowadays “anime adaptations” don’t necessarily automatically coin into the “oh boy, here we go again” trope, in fact quite the contrary as of late, so if anything, my hype meter just went up, if even just slightly more :D

        • Shippoyasha

          The anime is really mostly a pure comedy and with a hefty helping of fanservice on the side. I think the real dish is still with the original game series. It’s a pretty huge franchise by now. The original PC game was localized to Europe and America a few years ago.

  • TheBlackRabbit

    YO i might hit this up

  • Hoping this gets a console version :3

  • Nue

    so where’s the harem king?

  • .:Raphællius:.

    Basically the 真・恋姫†夢想 ~乙女対戦★三国志演義~の起動 With more characters and a tag mode.. I hope they’ll release it on PC.

  • cyberkinghardy

    PS Vita please.

  • k.b.a.

    i can’t. perhaps if they handled the 3d in the gorgeous way that GGxrd’s team did i’d play it once, but… without going into it, i hope the people who like this enjoy it when it comes out and leave me alone about it.

  • Freakmasta

    I like my fighting games and I tried this one out (the older ver.) at my local arcade. Definitely was NOT feeling it. I do play moe anime fighters (Aquapazza, Arcana Heart 3, etc.) and I just didn’t like the sprites for them. They looked like Barbie dolls. I think they should’ve just gone with bit sprites or cel-shading (like Xrd).

  • jsecula

    Dang! so many 2d Anime Fighters i love it!
    IS this ever coming to NA PS3 or handheld (vita)?…or did the older game?
    maybe ps3 JAP?

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