Namco Bandai’s Dating-Sim, Namco High, Is Shutting Down In June

By Eugene . March 10, 2014 . 9:00am


Shifty Look, a Namco Bandai subsidiary, have managed to revive several classic Namco franchises, and were also behind the publisher’s dating-sim game Namco High. I didn’t even know who Bravoman was till they came around.


Unfortunately, it looks like time’s up for both the studio and its games, with several of them to be taken offline as the studio closes down. Namco High itself, free-to-play online here, will have its servers shut June 30th, 2014.


If you want to get in on dating some of the premium characters such as Taiko Drum Master’s Donko within Namco High, you can still purchase the Digital pack at Crunchyroll until March 28th. Otherwise the free characters are still around as well, untill the servers go poof.


Namco High isn’t the only one going away, though. Binja Bash!, which features Bravoman, will be available with in-app purchases on your smartphone till March 16th. After that, it goes the way of Flappy Bird, too. The site itself will shut down its forums on March 20th (So save those posts you want before it’s gone!) and the entire site itself September 30th.


Comics will end at these numbers: Bravoman at #300; Wonder Momo at #200; Katamari at #150; Galaga at #100; Valkyrie at #100; Klonoa at #65; Tower of Babel at #26; and finally Dig Dug Vol. 2 ends at #18.


It’s not the entire end of the world, though, if you’re a fan of Namco Bandai’s old characters. The upcoming Wonder Momo PC game that they’re partnering with WayForward Technologies for will still be released this spring, while the anime will remain free on YouTube and Crunchyroll. Books for Bravoman, Wonder Momo, Katamari and Galaga will continue to be released on schedule by Udon Entertainment as well.


Finally, WeLoveFine’s and’s various toys and apparel will also still be around.


It’s always sad when a game developer can no longer continue to do what it loves. You can read a blog post about the closure, including special credits and thanks, on Shifty Look’s website here.

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  • idrawrobots

    That didn’t last long.

    • d19xx

      My dates tell me that all the time….

      • ShadowDivz


  • XiaomuArisu

    The game was already out? And its alrrady over? ok then

    • Christopher Nunes

      Even I didn’t know it came out as well.

      Then again I wasn’t sure to play it as I wasn’t keen on some of the character artwork.

      • ShadowDivz

        Me neither I was like “oh shit that came out?…..and now it’s closing?”

        • Christopher Nunes

          I’m curious if the game was any good.

          Though with the company shutting down I don’t know if it’s either the game wasn’t good or they hit bankrupt which is a shame.

          It was a good idea for a game too.

    • This was basically my reaction. Here I thought they were still working on it.

  • Razlo

    I lost interest in Namco High when I saw the character designs & realized it was mocking the genre.

    Too bad about the rest of Shifty Look though!

    • KnifeAndFork

      Even if it felt like mocking to you, at least they were acknowledging their existence which is something Namco Japan fails to do.

    • Akai Ringo

      I concur. I too was unhappy when i realized Namco High was like some kind of punch in the balls parody of my dear galge/eroge/bishoujoge/adventure game “visual novel” genre. I’m glad to see that game go away; but it is still always sad when a small game company is closed down. hopefully all these people will find other work making games (and not making fun of eroge).

  • Spirit Macardi

    It’s official: Namco, you are the WORST company ever!

    I guess it was just too much to ask that you actually show love and care to your old properties! You just had to do to ShiftyLook what you did to Bandai Entertainment!

    Just had to kill the only thing that series like Bravoman and Klonoa still had going for them huh? Sorry, but this time there’s no amount of Tales game localizations that can make this better; you’ve shown your true colors as a bunch of morons who can’t even throw the occasional bone to fans of your lesser-known properties. Meanwhile you don’t even hesitate to waste money on more failed ventures for pac-man.

    I hope you go bankrupt so your series can be bought by studios that actually give a damn.

    • Razlo

      Worst company ever?! Coooooooome on!

    • idrawrobots

      Namco is pretty much the good part of BandaiNamco.

      • Spirit Macardi

        No, that’d be Bandai. Namco has done crap like this even before the merger.

        • Uh… no. The majority of licensed games by Bandai before the merger weren’t exactly their graces, so I’d still say Namco’s got a better sense when it comes to making games. Hell, Bandai isn’t even much of a game-related company as much as toy-related.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Making games, possibly. Respecting franchises, certainly not.

          • idrawrobots

            Sure I would love a new Klonoa, but they are honestly pretty good with their franchises.

          • What would “respecting the franchises” be in this case?

          • Spirit Macardi

            Actually making games in series besides just Tekken, Tales, and Soul Calibur, localizing them, giving them proper advertisement, and maybe making digital release the rule rather than the exception.

          • Namco favors those; you favor the lesser-known ones. A number of old franchises and licenses just lie unused for a long time for whatever reason. Ignoring the question of Namco’s management quality for a moment, it’s not an unusual situation at all.

            I don’t think it’s a matter of which franchises are the “right” ones to focus on, and I don’t think they’re “in the wrong” for not focusing on the franchises you prefer. I’m not saying you can’t lament the situation, mind you, but calling them “the worst company” over a difference in approaches and angles seems like going overboard.

          • Spirit Macardi

            I never said it was a matter of right or wrong. I have no problem with popular franchises that exist to make money; you have to get it from somewhere after all.

            What I do take issue with is them just plain ignoring their other series, or even outright screwing them over at times. The Splatterhouse reboot is a perfect example of this: Namco shafted the original developers as they were still working on it, brought in a new team to complete it, shafted THAT team, and then shipped the game to stores before it could be fully tested and bug fixed.

            Worst of all they can be completely hypocritical, cancelling some series for poor sales, while keeping others going despite poor sales. That makes no sense in the slightest.

            I don’t know how I can try to convey this any clearer. I’ve watched the actions they’ve taken for years, either scratching my head or slamming it against a wall from some of the decisions they’ve made. I’ve tried to follow their logic, but I can never find it.

            Perhaps bankruptcy isn’t the answer, as it nearly happened to them before and they still didn’t learn anything from it. But they do need something, some sort of kick in the pants to get them to wake up. However, the more I look, the more I think there’s nothing that can be done…

          • As I partly mentioned above, favoring specific franchises and focusing on specific outcomes may play a part here. I’m not saying whether that’s a good thing or not, but at the same time, I don’t really think there’s a clear explanation on why either. Maybe they like certain franchises enough to keep trying where they’d have given up in other cases; or maybe they wanna keep investing in certain titles because they pay well.

            But in the end, it’s just yet another case of a company and certain consumers not sharing the same angle. It happens all the time; not much else I can say.

          • Spirit Macardi

            Shiftylook was a chance to rectify all that though, and it was even accomplishing that goal in many respects. Showing off Namco’s older, lesser-known series to people who may not have heard of them, and I really think it could have been something if this hadn’t happened.

            In a way it’s worse than if they’d simply left the series in question alone; this was giving fans hope and then slamming the door in their faces. And for seemingly no good reason, since ShiftyLook was doing pretty well and were finally starting to branch out into physical releases of their comics and exploring other mediums.

            It’s depressing on so many levels. I had been trying to give Namco the benefit of the doubt for a while, since even with their baffling decisions there was always the silver lining of: “at least there’s still ShiftyLook.” Now there’s nothing I can look to that gives me hope of Namco improving.

          • Look, I get that you don’t like Namco’s decisions, but I really don’t think they stopped the project just to piss off the fans. Sometimes, projects just don’t come through (or at least to the end), especially in the current state of the market where the focus is on “big” and “new” stuff. If you would call that a sin, at least Namco certainly wouldn’t be the only offender.

          • Yause

            Is there any information on the profitability of ShiftyLook?

            It may have had some following, but that’s irrelevant if they can’t make money in the long run. One reason for keeping them around would’ve been to increase awareness of older Namco properties, but the company will only eat the costs for so long. There comes a time when ShiftyLook is expected to be profitable on its own, especially once they’ve maxed out on promotional benefit.

          • Spirit Macardi

            And that’s the thing: Namco had barely tried making any profit off of ShiftyLook. Everything released by them was free of charge; the site doesn’t even have any ads. They had only just started making shirts, and Bravoman’s physical release hasn’t even hit stores yet.

            They could have done something like making a compilation of old arcade games and releasing it on Steam as “ShiftyLook Museum.” Or maybe making the Bravoman cartoon available on DVD. Namco didn’t give them any room to make a profit, and now they’re acting surprised that they didn’t see any huge returns?

          • KuroNathan


            From just new releases and coming soon:
            Tales of Symphonia re-release,
            Dark Souls II,
            Power rangers (wut?)
            Saint Seiya
            Ranko’s Longest day
            Tenkai Knights
            Project X Zone
            Pac Man

            I don’t even see soul calibur or tekken in the list on their front page. I’m sorry your favorite game series got shelved but NamcoBandai is doing fine work and definitely do not deserve to be shut down.

          • And it’s not like they’re completely shelving the old properties either. I see tons of references to them pretty much everywhere applicable in Namco’s games.

          • KnifeAndFork

            You didn’t put Gundam on that list; that’s one of their biggest cash cows (in Japan only at least)

          • KuroNathan

            I just put down what I saw on the us homepage

          • KnifeAndFork

            Should be already familiar with Gundam though because aside from the Souls series success in the West, Gundam sells more than all of those franchises in Japan alone; even Tekken, which you didn’t list either…
            Which is why it makes no sense they gave up on the West imo

          • KuroNathan

            I’m not saying that they should or shouldn’t continue making gundam games I’m responding to the claim that all namco bandai makes are localizing are tekken souls and tales games by showing evidence of what games are being promoted on the US website.

          • Ferrick

            hmm lets see, Gundam VS series, God Eater, Demon/Dark souls series, .hack, ace combat, armored core, Gundam, Xenosaga I~III, Tales of, and solatorobo

            yep, certainly not respecting franchises

          • Spirit Macardi

            … You do realize that Xenosaga isn’t even a current series, since Monolith has long left Namco and they have no intent of making another, right?

            CC2 had to convince them over a period of 15 years to let them make Solatorobo, and even then they pawned the localization off to XSEED.

            .hack// hasn’t seen an English release in years.

            God Eater and Tales are cash cows, of course they’re going to keep them around. It’d be a different story if they only made mid to low-range sales.

          • Ferrick

            so your definition of “respecting the series” is for them to constantly dish out sequels of the game over and over again? wow, quite amazing

            And explain, how is it that a seriess that only has 3 games (1 game if considering NA) in it’s name, is a cash cow

          • Spirit Macardi

            There’s no need to “dish out” sequels. I’m against continuing a game series if there’s no need to. This is why I have no complaints that they aren’t continuing Mr. Driller, since its creator said he’s done all he can with the series. I consider milking a franchise to be another form of disrespect, since it’s basically taking the “throw it against a wall and see what sticks” approach.

            However, if there’s a clear desire to make a sequel, like a plot thread left to explore or question yet to be answered, then it should be acknowledged. Especially today where there’s tons of opportunities to make lower costing games and still get them out to a wide audience thanks to Steam and other download services.

            Solatorobo did have a decent approach to this, almost like how Hollywood directors will agree to do some guaranteed blockbusters as long as they get to make their passion project. There wasn’t really a guarantee though, no promise that they’d be allowed to in the end. CC2 pretty much lucked out when they finally got the go ahead, since they still could have easily been told no despite making spectacular sales figures with their Naruto games.

          • KnifeAndFork

            I wonder how you feel about Nintendo then…

          • Spirit Macardi

            The people who still have most of their series and throw nods and shout-outs to others, and regularly bring them all together in a fun platforming fighting game?

            Totally hate em’ :P

          • Ferrick

            But it’s not like you personally know if they (the developers of Klonoa) desired to make a sequel, and going with the “Make lower costing games” logic you placed on the table, they might as well make an ioS version of Klonoa, since it’s cheaper, and lower risk.

            and let’s not forget, where is your explanation for “God eater is just a cash cow” ?

          • Spirit Macardi

            It’s not “just” a cash cow. I lumped it in with Tales after all, a series I quite enjoy. They both make some big monetary returns, and that’s not a bad thing, but it’s also clearly why they aren’t going away any time soon. They’re guaranteed to stick around, unlike other series.

            Also, yes, Yoshizawa and his team have desired to make Klonoa 3 for quite a while now. And to tell the truth, I’d be completely willing to get a game like Klonoa on a mobile device provided it was still a solid game and that was deemed the ideal platform for it. Go ahead and make it completely 2D like the Gameboy Advance games if that’ll save some production cost. Though I would question a precision platformer only being on a system without any buttons.

          • Ferrick

            tales is a different story, god eater on the other hand, still no explanation on that? or are you not going to explain your reasons at all? Because you yourself said “It’d be a different story if they only made mid to low-range sales”. God Eater barely hit 300k copies sold, that’s not high sales, meaning that in your own logic, it’s NOT a cash cow

            Klonoa…Flappy bird

          • Spirit Macardi

            Last I heard the God Eater series was doing damn good for itself. Filling the void on Sony’s handhelds left by Monster Hunter. Not amazing numbers, but it earned back its investment and then some, and the sequel seems to be faring far better.

          • Ferrick

            still doesn’t make it a cash cow though

          • Spirit Macardi

            True, but it seems like its destiny has been decided.

            I probably should classify it as a soon-to-be cash cow; it’s definitely heading in the right direction.

          • Ferrick

            well, that’s that i guess?
            Still gotta see if it’s released here or not though

          • Two questions:

            “I’m against continuing a game series if there’s no need to.”

            Wouldn’t that make going back to revive older licenses awfully difficult?

            “I consider milking a franchise to be another form of disrespect, since it’s basically taking the “throw it against a wall and see what sticks” approach.”

            What’re they supposed to do with stuff that didn’t stick? Keep throwing when there are better options for the purpose?

          • Spirit Macardi

            1. This is a case-by-case basis. I’d agree that some licenses are rather pointless to continue, especially if they only had one prior entry. There’s some though, like Tower of Druaga, that still had some potential left to capitalize on. Even if only as old-school remix throwbacks. Sometimes even a simple port can be nice, seeing as backwards compatibility is becoming rarer these days.

            2. I assume you’re meaning this to refer to their niche series that didn’t make much impact. Well, if there’s a fanbase, then clearly something stuck. It’s just a matter of finding the right amount to satisfy while still making a profit in the end. As I said, there are ways to make smaller, cheaper games and still get them to a wide audience.

          • “It’s just a matter of finding the right amount to satisfy while still making a profit in the end. “

            What happens if a project can’t satisfy both conditions? In such a case, assuming that you know it’s true that one or both conditions failed, would you still spite the company?

          • Spirit Macardi

            No, I wouldn’t. This is why I can’t spite Nintendo if they don’t make a sequel to Wonderful 101.

            However, going back to my point on Splatterhouse, there are times when games can be just plain screwed over by the company. It’s all about context: did the market simply decide against it, or did the company decide against the market?

          • “did the market simply decide against it, or did the company decide against the market?”

            How would you know? Is it fair to blame just the company in a situation where you don’t have enough information?

          • Spirit Macardi

            No, but when there is enough info it’s fair game.

            Now to predict the next question: Yes, I have done research on Namco’s games. In fact, I used to like Namco before I started looking into this stuff. Some of it pure incompetence, some of it downright WTF. Like advertising a game by making its name seem like an STD. Or advertising a desire to change the entire appearance of characters overseas, but not advertising their decision not to. Things that poison the image of a product to the consumer. Things that make you say: “How did they think THIS was a good idea?!”

          • Marketing hiccups? Still not seeing how that makes Namco worse than certain other companies that had made deliberately anti-consumer choices.

            But whatever. This is getting long-winded without resulting to much; I’m dropping out of this talk.

          • XiaomuArisu

            Im still waiting for GE2! T.T Namco wont release the 2nd gsme of that cash cow series! ;P

          • KnifeAndFork

            They don’t respect the potential for success of Gundam games in the West.

            It’s almost as if they look down on those games and consider them Japanese only milked shovel ware.
            This might have been true in the past with older Gundam games (besides Star Wars, Gundam holds the record for franchise with the most amount of games and often, Bandai would hire entry level developers with no programming experience on the cheap to make the games on a freelance job status. That’s why the quality of the games were inconsistent because the sequel would have an entirely new team working on it.) but VS series was developed first by Capcom so it actually has a good base of quality. They’ve improved elsewhere now though with 0081 chronicle but again the rest of the world don’t get them

          • Ferrick

            but the problem is, Gundam is what we’d consider as niche in the west, not many people knows about it, and some who do, thinks it’s ridiculous as they favor the crap known as mech warriors

          • KnifeAndFork

            People know what Gundam is. Why you think Linkin Park got to do the VS OP? They’re big Gundam fans.

            Not knowing a franchise to halt game distribution is a weak excuse.
            If the game is good people will flock to it. Look at Armored Core; it’s now arguably even more niche than Gundam in both regions and Namco still localized it and look at how people are going nuts for Titanfall it proves people like multiplayer games with giant mechs.
            Namco has no faith in some of their products and that is lack of respect. They treat Gundam like its a silly toy for Japanese kids only.

          • Ferrick

            you do have some point there, as that’s what some people in the west also considers (the gundams = toys part)

            armored core is also niche, and the latest didn’t sell that well as well

            and titanfall hype is possibly affected by COD fans and hawken

          • KnifeAndFork

            But the funny thing is Titanfall is not that much different from XBox 360’s Mobile Ops (which got its localization canceled) Just faster paced with some parkour elements and locked in first person

          • Solomon_Kano

            Very much affected by COD. People would have anticipated Respawn’s first game under any circumstances.

          • Kaihedgie

            Apparently not since both kids and adults invest a large amount of interest and time into Gunpla, making both a video game and a full-fledged series out of it and even real-life international tournaments And to be honest, that’s how Gundam has lived this long.

          • KnifeAndFork

            Adults are going to get involved just like how adults get involved with Pokemon and Mario; they’re long running series aimed at kids but have the benefit of universal age appeal. Too bad Namco doesn’t really think they can capitalize on that in the West.
            Klonoa is every bit as cool as Mario or Kirby but look how lost a series that is as well.

            Same for Konami’s Goemon

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I think we all are quite aware of your thoughts on Pac-Man by now. Let’s not continue down that particular road.

      Perhaps just not enough folks thought the bones Shifty Look was putting out were tasty enough. Smaller studios have smaller margins for error. Clearly a lot of time, money and effort was spent on Namco High and the response has been very far from favorable. The artists involved were pretty polarizing folks even before BandaiNamco got involved with them. Yes, perhaps that was something which should have been considered, but isn’t enough to wish even more folks to lose their jobs over.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Time money and effort? It’s not like Namco High had voice acting, console ports, or even any moving images. I’d be honestly surprised if it cost over $100.

        And is that a good reason to shut down all of ShiftyLook? To cancel great comics like Klonoa: Dream Traveler of Noctis Sol or the Bravoman animated series? If one bad game is all it takes, then Namco should shut down its doors entirely since they’ve made a ton of crap as a whole.

        And frankly them going bankrupt would be the best option for the continuation of their series. Since if they’re just going to sit on the rights and do absolutely nothing with them, not even selling them off, then they’re just stupid. Not many “jobs” would even be lost, since they haven’t used many members of their staff in years; if anything it’d be a chance for them to actually start working again.

    • Pizzor

      “It’s official: Namco, you are the WORST company ever!”

      I think you spelled Capcom wrong.

      • Ronldbx6

        I thought it was EA?

        • Pizzor


      • Renaldi Saputra

        how many games that weren’t localized by Bamco?
        a BUNCH!!

    • Curtis Kam

      …………………..dude shifty look is trying to revive them in the best way possible with little support from namco but yeah they just throw a couple of dollars to the mascot.

    • Izzeltrioum


      That would be Square Enix.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        Square Enix forgot that PS Vita exist

        just what the hell

    • Kaihedgie

      How about we stop throwing around the “worst company ever” drama. It’s already tedious enough.

  • Zonic505

    Well that’s a shame. I was really liking their different comics (Katamari, Valkyrie, & Wonder Momo. Probably should check the Klonoa one out as well) & a shame they’re closing after a rather short period.

  • Lavitz

    I didn’t even know this came out, I just remember the announcement…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    pfft I was watching a Lets play of this just to see how bad it was , the guy playing it was a HomeStuck fan and even he was very disappointed by it. It also looked like it didn’t take any time at all to make. Namco should try to make a better dating sim with their Human and Nonhuman characters. XD I wanted to date Ms.Pacman not her 1980’s sprite

  • alixraen

    I didn’t care for the game but I did really enjoy the comics, especially Wonder Momo. I wonder if there will be a way to access them after the website shuts down. :S

  • z_merquise

    Their going to discontinue the webcomics? That sucks. I find the Wonder Momo comic fun.

    Would that also mean the site would shutdown or will they just stop updating it while remaining it open?

    • I saw no mention about the comics being taken down, but then it’s my first time browsing the site, so.

    • The site will also shut down permanently; in September, I believe.

  • Yan Zhao

    Wow this game didnt last long. Not surprising since they decided to make stupid/ugly characters and is practically a parody of the genre than making what could’ve been a pretty popular sim if they used real characters that mattered.

  • KnifeAndFork

    Bandai namco can be pretty bad at times (shutting down Bandai Entertainment last year was pretty foul, not localizing their Gundam titles, sporadically localizing the Tales series, ignoring old franchises), but I still put them above Capcom , Sega, Square-Enix, Konami, Microsoft and EA….and at this point, yes even Nintendo.

    I once did a running tally on all of Namco’s original IP’s and it outnumbered Nintendo’s and at one time did you know Namco’s games equaled 40% of the console game library when the NES and SNES was around. Nintendo even allowed them to manufacture their own cartridges which they didn’t allow anyone else to do. I think that’s why there were no Gundam games for the SMS and Megadrive.
    And at one point after Namco had a falling out with Nintendo after they revoked the right to make their own cartridges, Namco was even going to partner up with NEC to make their own console to rival the SNES (but Hudson got involved)

    • Kaihedgie

      So refusing to localize a franchise that rivals the popularity of Pokemon puts them above Nintendo?

      • KnifeAndFork

        You mean Digimon?
        Digimon never had a chance at coming near Pokemon. But yeah doesn’t mean Namco should ignore it.

        • Kaihedgie

          I’m referring to Gundam

          • KnifeAndFork

            They don’t treat Gundam with enough respect to do that. They treat it like its shovel ware in Japan. Besides being bipolar why do you think Tomino was always so pissed about it? During V Gundam when Bandai bought Sunrise, he ranted pretty hard about that

          • Kaihedgie

            Yes, shovelware, like that 1:1 statue they have in Japan.

            Or the numerous animation projects they have like the high-quality Gundam Unicorn OVA or the currently running and popular Gundam Build Fighters. In fact, Gundam remains the only currently running mecha anime that doesn’t use 3D models for their giant robots.

            Or that Gundam MMO that’s currently running right now.

            Or that Gundam Extreme VS series that looks like it belongs in EVO, so much so that even SRK is covering news for it on their front page

            Just how much do you know of Gundam, anyway?

          • KnifeAndFork

            I know a lot. I know of everything you just said.
            I also know they made a G Savior movie but half assed it which is why they’ll never try that again.
            They know Gundam is a big market in Japan. What they don’t know, is how to market it to the West so they don’t even try.

          • Kaihedgie

            G Savior was made by a Canadian studio.

            They’re at least trying to some extent. They’re hosting English subs of some of their Gundam shows on YouTube, plus there is still is still the final episode of Unicorn to be hosted worldwide

          • KnifeAndFork

            Shutting down Bandai Entertainment is not trying. That’s practically giving up.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          Bamco should know that being 3DS with DMW 1 system it will bring back many old digimon fans in the west. But they’re still waiting until this time

          DMW 1 was a huge success in US on that time

    • I wouldn’t put them above Nintendo or SE, though they’re about on par with Sega. In Sega’s defense, I believe they were doing worse financially though and even if they didn’t give a lot of their other titles a chance lately, at least characters representing those series made it into the racing game.

      In Nintendo’s defense, at least people are allowed a chance to play with old properties and they’ll sometimes make an effort to localize stuff.

      I am pretty burned by Bamco though; first it was giving Western fans a tough time with Tales, then fans everywhere get burned with Klonoa among other titles.

      • Izzeltrioum

        How’s SE any good? Nostalgia aside, they’ve been playing publishers most of the time. Their only hopes are a Baby First ARPG and The Last of Us SE Edition. Thank god there are other awesome devs fulfilling the true model of a JRPG developer/designer to look at.

        SE’s been going Capcom’d if you ask me.

        • At least for the last gen, I liked the smaller titles they were doing for Wii and 3DS, and this gen they show they can at least give some of their people a chance (like Asano).

          I just hope that as some ventures pay off, they become more acceptable to risk, but I have no clue what the new prez really has in store. I’m hoping they’ll do more for some of their other, older titles that could be played with (or at least that they get BD equivalents of their own).

          • Renaldi Saputra

            SE even forgot that PS Vita exist :/

          • Hehe. I can’t speak too much on that, because I benefit as is (two home consoles from last gen and a 3DS, no Vita).

          • Renaldi Saputra

            they even forgot they release FF X-2 on PS Vita

      • KnifeAndFork

        It’s funny when people think Sega has no money; the most important segment of the company to them is Sammy’s Pachinko/Pachislot segment as that pulls in 80% of their profits and is what enabled them to buy Atlus.
        At one point they were selling on average 2 million machines a year and now they open casinos.
        It’s the consumer business side of SegaSammy that most people are familiar with and think that’s all there is.
        But yeah in terms of that, they’ve hardly been putting much effort into revitalizing that branch…most likely because they can now afford not to

        • For a while they were legitimately suffering though I thought and the pachinko was keeping them afloat? I mean, if only one of your branches is making money, that’s still not good (it’s taking care of itself on top of taking the other losses basically, right?).

        • Renaldi Saputra

          Sega have no money? You know how many times they make crossovers with several animanga series for PSO2? they’re over-budget apparently.. over-budget

  • KnifeAndFork

    The problem is nobody knew about these games and comics. Namco did a bad job at helping promote it and putting it on PC only wasn’t helping so why should this be a surprise…

    • Anewme…Again

      Yeah you’re right, i didn’t even know it was released…
      Well, that wouldn’t have changed much even if i knew though, since i don’t like the art at all.

  • fireguardiancoty


  • This is sad. ;o;
    Will Bamco be paying attention to their characters on their own then. . .?

  • Curtis Kam

    hhhmmmmmm maybe we need to advertise it more.

  • Welp, time to look into a way to download all these stuff, huh?

  • Tincho D


  • hazelnut1112

    Thank goodness for that.

  • 永次

    Good news then.

  • Allec Ribeiro

    So like… all the people that paid for the characters will not be able to play the game anymore, just like that? That really sucks.

    • Senka

      Even though this game looked bad to me no matter what the pay model, this is the exact trap of free to play games that makes me hate the idea of them, even though there are some that are good.

      To me it feels better to pay for time to play a game rather than elements in the game that are now suddenly completely lost. I guess it’s all the same in the end because you could argue the time you spent in a subscription-paid game is wasted if it shuts down, but that’s just how I feel.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        There’s no trap like in free to play games.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    Bamco did a pretty bad choice of it.
    Why don’t they just stop grumbling and localize Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode? it’s not PS Vita that they hate, it’s 3DS which is huge in US..

    they knew that DMW 1 was a huge success in US, localizing Re:Digitize Decode which is a come-back version of DMW 1 should bring back a lot of old and even new digimon fans over there..

    just when, Bamco? when??
    petition is now around 24k

  • Zind Keeper

    Wow, so what? This game looks terrible.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Nooooo, my livid fantasies of marrying a sentient drum are over.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Sheesh and the official trailer is boring…

    No offense, but this is just poorly made. :(
    They had a great idea and didn’t execute it to its fullest potential.


  • Göran Isacson

    Aw man, are the comics going away too? I actually liked those! Shame, if that is the case.

  • oh

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