Destroyer Trillion Is A New Vita RPG Compile Heart And Disgaea 4’s Director

By Sato . March 12, 2014 . 2:02am


With Moero Chronicle, Planet Destroyer Black Heart, and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation, it looks like Compile Heart have been keeping themselves busy. The list goes on with the addition of their recently announced Vita game, Destroyer Trillion.


The Destroyer Trillion is actually the name of the game’s main antagonist, who is said to have a “grudge of one trillion”. The protagonist is a young boy, who’ll be with six other demon lord girls. According to the report, it appears as though some live(s) will be lost when you confront the Destroyer Trillion.


Destroyer Trillion will also have a limited edition version for 8,800 yen, that will come with an art book, soundtrack, and a bundle of seven short stories, when it’s released for PlayStation Vita sometime in 2014.

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  • Landale

    Title and protagonist change from the last we heard on “Hell’s #1 House”? Interesting, yet kind of sad that the main has gone to “young boy” from the “The game’s protagonist is said to have some pretty crazy stuff going on, such as nails stuck on his body, bandages, and a tail and horn to complete his devilish looks.” description before.

    • DyLaN

      The devil dude is suppose to be the MC frm my (limited) understanding of the Dengeki article and the Gematsu article.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      “Hell’s #1 House” was the name of the brand. This game is just the first of that brand.

      • Landale

        Makes sense. Was just kind of confused since the last few articles have referred to that as the title of the game, with no mention of it being a brand.

  • Raze

    Another interesting info is the MC lose against Trillion that supposed to have 1000000000000 Hp…lol…

    Kinda remind me of Makai Kingdom too…

    You know…Zetta’s grudge against the overlord who make him become a book and all…

  • notpathetic

    It is interesting how it says juist ‘RPG’ but I see the only one man. Is every RPG harem now?… I mean, titles like Moero Chronicle are kinda open about what they are and they are okay, but should everything really follow the formula ‘one man, trillion females’?… I mean, as far as I remember,’ Hell’s #1 House’ also has mostly girls? (I don’t see a male hero, actually). I remember someone saying that games with 99% of female cast are ‘rare gardens’. Yeah, rare, indeed.

    • DyLaN

      I don’t get what does RPG have to do with guys to girls ratio.

      And after looking closely, at least one of the “girls” might be guys.

      • notpathetic

        No, probably doesn’t…It is just..,.weird. When I see a fantasy world, I expect to see people of both genders like in real life. It would be fine even if they were some ugly mug orcs or something. I mean, Isn’t it weird to see just one male surrounded by hordes of females as if all other males somehow mysteriously vanished from the face of Earth?… Especially considering all present girls are moe…

        • DyLaN

          Nah, the males are there in the background as faceless NPCs :P

          But yeah, it comes down to the preferences of the audience the devs are selling the games to. Same thing with why the named male characters outnumber named female characters in yaoi/otome games.

          Then again, usually there at least a few males characters with faces and names running around since this isn’t a “all female” setting so I wouldn’t worry abt the complete lack of males except the MC.

          • notpathetic

            Thats the exact thing I was trying to say! I DON’T want every game to be yaoi or yuri/harem but it seems that more and more ‘pure RPGs’ cater to fetishes. And mostly, like 99%, I am afraid, straight male fetishes… I wish for either: a) to have more pure RPGs for the sake of RPGing, not harems b) at least more games like this for BOTH genders. To be honest, I’d rather have pure RPG – they have universal appeal…

        • cyberkinghardy

          Too bad this is the game world, not the Earth. Not all of your desires here would be fulfilled. :3

          • notpathetic

            Nice joke. XD In real world, I am free as a bird…In the cruel world of gaming, I am in chains and suffering greatly…Somehow, I thought it will be the other way around…Hey, maybe thats the metaphor for P5 game?!… Worst nightmare for me: when P5 is revealed, it is a game about 1 guy and 7 girls, trapped in reality of harem videogames full of shadows….NOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • michel

      but the akihabara harem formula sells games… ;)

      • notpathetic

        I know and I am not against this type of games! I am just against every game becoming harem game. By the way, what is ratio of female gamers compared to males? Even if it is 60% males and 40% females it can’t justify this harem mass outbreak. And if this ratio really correct, we must have at least 40% of games targeted SOLELY for females. All-male RPG anyone?…. Helloooo?… No answer. If females in gaming is 20% of all gamers, then we must have at least 20% of that catering to females. You say ‘but otome gaming’!… Yeah, but this is VN world. Male fetishes are notable for spawning beyond, far beyond their predestined place in VN world and thats the cause of my dissatisfaction. :) I am completely okay with VN world is being dominated, though not absolutely, with harem products – where, if not there?… I am just not comfortable with this stuff being in ‘pure RPGs’ that should appeal to all people, hypothetically. And no, I don’t want every RPG to be full of men – I repeat, I just want…regular RPGs that anybody could like.

        • Herok♞

          FFXV is going to be a mostly male affair.

          • notpathetic

            It is like a 1% against 99% :) That said, what if I don’t like FF?… Never liked that franchise. I don’t need all-male games (Call of Duty is all males, right? … But, ugh.) I just need Cool Game Appealing To Everyone.

          • Herok♞

            in games that have the most universal appeal, I would put FF high on the list, even the most hated games some people like. But I see what you mean, personally I can’t say that there is a game that would appeal to everyone, since I can pick out some faults with my favorites and the strengths of my least favorites.

          • notpathetic

            No, I mean, if you talk about TASTE, then I agree, there is really no game that can please everyone. I am just talking about not forcing goddamn harem shit into every game. For example, I really like graphics in this game above. If only developer wouldn’t make it look cheaper with stupid fan catering…
            *In previous threads I kinda was interested in Conception so it can be considered a contradiction since it is a harem game. I just wanted to clarify that Star Children mechanic and P4 similiarities is what appeals to me in that title, not a harem aspect which I honestly, dislike :)*

          • Herok♞

            Well if you don’t want harems then only compile heart does that so just avoid there stuff.

        • Namuro

          It’s just a growing trend. It’s a popular concept in Japan, so game companies will keep adding the harem element in their games, as long as there is a demand for it.

          Just stick around, wait and hope that something you like will become popular. I’m looking forward to seeing “yuri” becomes a norm for video games, some of these days.

          • Alex Webber

            I agree there can never be enough yuri in games. Does bring back bad memories because the only Agarest game that had yuri content in it was not brought outside Japan and that was the Agarest marriage game where you could play as a female with female romancable heroines.

        • Alex Webber

          I certainly don’t anything that tries to appeal to everyone ends up a huge failure as people are unique and have too many different tastes. If you are talking about there being at least one RPG for every kind of individual then I believe they already do and you aren’t looking hard enough. If it still bothers you try and find like-minded individuals and gather support for a group of female devs on a site like kickstarter to make games that cater towards females. Complaining on siliconera isn’t going to achieve much other than the odd individual who agrees with you.

    • Herok♞

      Its a Compile Heart game so this is to be expected, after all, if you think about the RPGs that are mostly girls are all their doing like Moero Chronicle.

      • notpathetic

        So it is Compile Heart?… Hmmm….

  • DyLaN
    • notpathetic

      That makes it non-lesbian, but a HAREM game, then, exactly as I thought. :)

    • Landale

      His hair is a tail. Nice designs though.

      • DyLaN

        It looks more like a being that attached itself to his head the more closely I look O_o

        • Landale

          How so?

          • DyLaN

            I might be wrong, but the red circle horn looks like an eyeball to me.

          • Landale

            Given the placement and color, it looks more like the remains of a removed horn to me. Nothing really eyeballish about it to me, though given the random eye like things on all the characters I guess I could see the thought of it.

    • Kornelious

      I don’t know much about it but I want it….But since NISA is localizing so many other games we probally wont see in until 2015 :(
      Oh, if only there was another company like NISA that could do it (Winks at If international)

    • Interest has piqued! Thanks for sharing!

    • I am digging the designs~. Thanks for linking!

  • artemisthemp

    Guess this is game will have dating scene simular to Agarest War

  • Wow this somehow remind me of nippon icchi game, I hope there will be an english release

  • ragingmerifes

    I hope those get localized soon.

  • pimpalicious

    Sounds interesting, but I’ll at least wait to see some footage or more info before I’m asking for a western release,

  • Göran Isacson

    Holy heck that MC design. I expected some Blandsuke Blandiyama design like with Guided Fate Paradox, but this? This looks like the VILLAIN design. Gotta admit, I’m interested in playing as this guy… harem-y looking game design nonwithstanding. I also kind of hope that the guy is INTENSELY WEIRD, like he will act super stoic and look every part the brooding protagonist until he opens his mouth and he’s super weird. I’m basically hoping he’s Luna Lovegood as a dude, and very intense-looking at that. I think that would be an amusing twist on things.

  • Jesse

    Isn’t the title “Makai Shin Trillion”?

  • cyberkinghardy

    Ohhhh so much LOVE for Vita!!

  • otakumike

    My Vita is feeling the love~

  • HassanJamal

    I am so so happy that NI is finally making vita exclusives. Seeing as Digaea 4 PS3 and PS Vita has been localized, all these new vita goodies should too, based on what Nippon Ichi has brought over the past years :)

    • Landale

      Only problem with that statement is this isn’t Nippon Ichi. It’s Compile Heart with people that, to my knowledge, left Nippon Ichi back around September.

      • HassanJamal

        My bad, still though, Compile Heart localize most of their games so good news still :D

  • Keep throwing them out there, CH, and I’ll keep picking them up.

    I just want more info; the game looks interesting, to me.

  • Luis Camargo

    “The protagonist is a young boy, who’ll be with six other demon lord girls.”

    And now we all know where the plot and appeal is. =P

    • RichyGaming

      I know right! Later on in the game they all turn out to be traps.

  • Slickyslacker

    The “demon lord” featured in the cover of this article looks uncannily like Yubel (a Yu-Gi-Oh card.)

    …hello, Konami?

  • Glad I bought a Vita

  • Firion Hope

    Yet another Vita JRPG, yayyyyyyyyy!

  • AkiraScare

    So is he d one trying to sell the #1 house in hell?!!

    No wonder Destroyer Trillion is pissed …..

  • Aristides

    oh hoho can’t get enough of this Vita love! :3

  • chroma816

    I’m interested.

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