See Robotic;Notes Elite Opening Movie

By Spencer . March 14, 2014 . 2:00am

Robotic;Notes is coming to PlayStation Vita with new animated scenes and a new opening movie. Zwei sings the new theme song, Augmented Promise.


5pb also optimized the 3D character models for Vita and reconstructed the game’s story. Robotic;Notes Elite is slated for release on June 26 in Japan.

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  • AlphaSixNine

    I’m really curious about this “reconstructed the game’s story”.
    I hope we get more details on that soon.

    Frau <3

  • Downloaded the video. Totally gonna get a kareoke track of this.

  • DAT Nae.

  • Lissomia

    Out of curiousity, I heard that this game isn’t as good as Steins;Gate or Chaos;Head, is that true? :) I played through the entirety of the Steins;Gate game and a good majority of the Chaos;Head game and I loved them both! :) (still need to get back to Chaos;Head, a part kinda disturbed me a lot and I needed a break omg)

    • s07195

      I think the reason is that it’s a different type of story altogether… and Steins;Gate was just that good and set the standard really high. I’ve heard opinions that the game stands well enough by itself.

      • Aoshi00

        It’s certainly one of the reasons that steinsgate was a masterpiece that set the bar very high and made it a hard act to follow, the problem is though the robotics notes game had a lot of flaws, the anime adaptation was a lot better, maybe that’s why this port needs to restructure the story. The game s pacing was too slow,.had way too many themes introduced but irrelevant and unexplored at the end, which the anime omitted or just quickly mentioned so it’s less jarring, unlike steinsgate everything is relevant and well thought out. I don’t find the game s soundtrack to be that good either, mostly repetitive.. The story and chars are fine on their own. But the gameplay was not fun, I know it’s strange to say since this isa VN, but twipo was not good. There were a few memorable and good scenes, which the anime also improved on, steinsgate game was am emotional rollercoaster. Also, S;N and most VNs are told in the perspective of the main char, in R;N, you’re in the shoes of several characters not just Kaito, a bit strange and not so consistent to me.

        I wouldn’t say it’s a bad game and I didn’t regret playing it. But unlike steinsgate, the game is skippable if you watched the anime alrdy.. Steinsgate game was godly anime was also very good. robotics notes game lacking but anime improved on it a lot, much better soundtrack too..

        I’m curious about the changes.. and pre-ordered the Vita LE though *.*;

        • s07195

          Hahaha, couldn’t help yourself, huh? :P

          • Aoshi00

            yeah, I still like the cast deep down :) the 3D models should look better on a smaller screen. R;N actually would feel better on a touch screen since that’s what the characters use.. I hope they would really improve on the game taking some lessons from the anime.. left a lot to be desired, but I think it’s still worthy being a 3rd entry of the Sci Adventure, still Steins;Gate was just too good lol.. if you like another time traveling story, you should watch Rachel McAdams’s “About Time”.. really good movie, so romantic, sweet, funny, and heartwarming.. it’s not Time Traveler’s Wife lol.

    • notentirelythere

      If you can stick with it, I’d recommend seeing the show.
      It’s a fitting finish for the science adventure series, but yeah… compared to the previous two, the pacing is drastically different, without the thriller feel. The whole first half is very relaxed.

  • Six

    Video would have gotten me legit hyped if chances for localization were anything other than zero.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      zero point blahblahblahblah

      • Jake Joe

        Especially for Consoles and portable consoles.

    • WingsOfEternity

      With Steins;Gate localization coming out soon, I wouldn’t say that chances are absolutely ZERO

      • SupaPhly

        well, that’s because its on PC, and much easier and cheaper to localize when you already had a fan translate it already

        this game though, has no sign of being ported to PC, and even had an anime adaption after a mere few months when the game first came out (and lot’s of people said that the anime handled the story better)

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