Piano CD With Tunes From Final Fantasy VII, FFVIII and FFIX Has A Release Date

By Eugene . March 15, 2014 . 3:31pm

If you were busy relaxing this morning to the slow and gentle tunes of upcoming Piano Opera: Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX’s soundtrack CD site, we now have a date for its release. The CD will be out 23rd April and you can order it at the Square Enix store.


The CD will feature piano arrangements for songs such as “The Man with the Machine Gun” and “Melodies of Life” and is going for 2,880 yen (US$29). Again, if you happen to enjoy these gentle piano movements there’s a whole pile more where they come from over here.


It’s also worth noting that this is the third in the Piano Opera series, with three of the games per CD. That makes it likely we’ll get to see it go all the way up to the end, although we wonder how they’ll lump both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Or cover the online games of Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV

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  • Ahhhh…
    FFIX. How I love thine music.

    Enjoy it Japan, it’s a real gem of music.

    Edit: my mind must have been in the wrong place. I totally forgot that you could easily get it since it is a cd as Malon kindly pointed out.
    Yeah, I’ll see myself out now.

    Edit2: I just did some checking and we already have Piano Opera: FF IV/V/VI available in the US (albeit only digital through iTunes) so there’s reason to believe that they’ll do the same thing in due time. Although the physical edition is always more preferable. If you have the money to import, do it. If not, at least we (probably) can get it legally.

    • Malon

      You can still import it. It’s just a cd after all.

      • Well yeah, but I’m broke broke broke broke.
        Anyway, yes. Good point. I’ll revise my statement as needed.

        • Vyse Legendaire

          Save for your money and don’t buy the stripped down crap-encoded, low-grade files available on iTunes. Obummercare isn’t going to cover your hearing loss from listening to those I’m afraid.

          • XD
            Yes, but I’ve got too many upcoming games and junk to save up for this right now. It’s a lovely compilation but I have other priorities to take care of.

            Namely the acquisition of many star children come mid-April.

  • 하세요

    I can see them covering the major songs of XI and XIV, but not the entire OSTs. Both have over 100 songs each, not counting expansion pack areas. It’ll be far trickier to pinpoint the best songs from them, as the other main series can be handled by the overworld themes and battle themes.

    Star Onions will always be my favorite arrangements of XI songs.

    • Your Face

      None of the piano arrange albums (or any arrange album for that matter) include all the original music.

      XI and XIV may have larger soundtracks but the concept is the same.

      • 하세요

        I know, I have every album. It’s interesting the choices they make.

  • Ric Vazquez

    Take my money

  • KoRLumen

    I’m more interested in the piano score for this album. I’ve already imported the scores for I/II/III and IV/V/VI. Hopefully I can add VII/VIII/IX to my collection and repertoire as well.

    CAN’T WAIT *vibrating in chair*

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