Persona 3 the Movie #2 Will Debut In Japan This June, New Trailer Up

By Ishaan . March 16, 2014 . 12:31pm

Persona 3 the Movie #2: Midsummer Knight’s Dream will debut in Japan on June 7th, the film’s official website confirmed this weekend. Additionally, a new trailer for the movie is available for viewing below.



As previously reported, a DVD and Blu-Ray release of the first Persona 3 movie is coming up as well. Persona 3 the Movie #1: Spring of Birth, will be released in Japan on May 14th on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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  • Nanaki


  • KoRLumen

    I really wanna watch the first one already T^T

    Atlus pls!

    • DyLaN

      Atlus doesn’t publish (is that the right word?) the movie for the west though. None has pick the movie up yet.

      • KoRLumen

        It doesn’t even have to be a Western publishing though. If they released in Japan, fansubbers are bound to pick it up eventually.

  • karldeck

    Koro-chan cant get any cuter, besides in Persona Q.

    • artemisthemp

      My little Kuro-chan can’t be that cute :P

  • Firion Hope

    Man I cant wait for the first one and Im also excited for the second too! I hope the blu ray has english subs!

    • Anime10121

      Change that to english dubs and I share in your anticipation :D

      • Firion Hope

        yeah Im sure those will come out eventually and Im a bigger fan of the dub cast but Im impatient

  • Mirai

    1:06 -1:10 = best part of the trailer!!!

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    Looks like they made Makoto Yuki more open up than the Minato Arisato from the manga. Same with Yu Narukami when compared with Soji Seta. The animated versions are more friendly.

    • God

      I don’t know about that, in the anime, Yu was still the metaphysical representation of “0 Fucks Given”…

      • Nice Boat Quatro

        In the anime, Yu apologized to Yosuke when he punched him accidentally. In the manga he punches him on purpose and threatens to kill him considering the Shadow wasn’t going down.

        • God

          Meh, Both serve the same purpose, intimidation, since the accident was no accident and the apologize was as fake as “YO MAMA’S!” (neccesary deadpool reference ever 50 comments) boobs.

    • DragKudo

      Makes me wonder if he is going to choose the “Both my parents died” option.

    • Pyrofrost

      I agree, I really feel like the vision for both of those MC’s has changed from when they were originally incarnated.

      Most likely to give the anime and movie more of a mainstream feel, I’m guessing. To create characters a bit more appealing to a wider audience. I’m really hoping this doesn’t effect how the MC is crafted for P5 though. While Makoto doesn’t bother me; the whole Sir Swagalot thing they did with Yu really annoyed me (though his deadpan humor was appealing).

  • Warren

    Koro-chan is MEGIDOLAON Cute! He just ranked up a level in my favorite characters list. Now I need to see these movies!

  • Koromaru stole the spotlight of the trailer in the end. No wonder P4’s Kanji was all over him in Q.

  • God

    They are already getting the 2nd movie (introducing Revolver Jesus) and i have yet to see the 1st one…
    On a side note, at this rate it looks like they will finish with the main plot by the 3rd movie, does that mean that the 4th one will cover the answer? If so, i’m guessing it will have a cliffhanger epilogue about Minato (still refuse to call him makoto) opening his eyes or the great seal starting to crack…

    • DragKudo

      Minato is his official name now according to PQ

      • God

        Hell Yeah!

  • Astromime

    Operation babe hunt. enough said.

  • SoundMatch

    Damn first Legend of Sanctuary and now this? (I’ve only watched the first movie haven’t played any of the games). <3 Japan!

  • DragKudo

    Ah man please please end the movie with a black screen, gunshot and Ken screaming. That would be so cool.

    • miju

      As a massive Shinjiro fan, I would like this as well.

  • Steven Higgins

    Persona 3 the movie #3: Fall of Man?
    Persona 3 the movie #4: Winter of Discontent?

    • RablaAndrews

      I hope the final movie is just called ‘The Fall’ as its subtitle, honestly.

      • Steven Higgins

        Yeah, but they seem to be following the seasons and well, Fall comes before Winter,

        • RablaAndrews

          Yeah. It’s a trilogy. It works.

          • Steven Higgins

            Oh, I thought there where going to be four, Okay then, yeah.

  • [S]unjay

    How do they make another Persona 3 movie? Isn’t it the same storyline?

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