Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Is Getting Another Original Soundtrack

By Sato . March 18, 2014 . 4:32pm


When Square Enix released Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack back in November 2013, it came on four discs. However, there were a few tracks that were left out from the OST, and these will be added to an “Original Soundtrack Plus” that’s coming later this month.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack Plus consists of 25 tracks that come from various cut-scenes, events, and other rearranged songs that didn’t make the final cut in the original OST, Square Enix have announced.



The album will have songs like a Yusnaan version of Battle on the Big Bridge, Serah’s Theme (Piano version) and more. You can check out some sample clips from the upcoming album, here.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack Plus will be released on March 26, 2014 for 2,000 yen in Japan.

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  • shuyai

    had me worried a sec i thought “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Is Getting Another game” i know they announced they wont but who can say they won change their mind. hopefully they will finish FFXV soon after FFXIII-3

    • konsama

      We all know the next game is Final Fantasy X-3: Lightning Forever.

      • Captain Levi

        Final Fantasy XV: In search of Lightning.

      • TrueDefault

        I thought it’d be FFXIII-4: Lightning Rises.

      • Daniel

        Can’t wait! Lol

  • Tinye

    Looking forward to this soundtrack, really enjoyed the 4 disc version

  • Kintama

    More Final Fantasy music is always a good thing, especially if it’s Battle on the Big Bridge

    • Setsu Oh

      The fact hat they didn’t even bother to make a special disc say…a piano version of all of the ALREADY BOUGHT track on the ‘soundtrack not plus’ or remixes, doesn’t phase you?
      so they vomitted something , clenched their teeth to keep the big bits and then opened them up to ‘re’-release the vomit PLUS the big chunks.

  • Masa

    Wonder how long this milking will continue

    • Herok♞

      Well seeing as they are still “milking” their PSone era stuff with another CD, I would have to say never

      • Max

        That type of “milking does not bother me as long as there is something new like rearranging these music or so.

        But to re-release another CD which is the same as the past one except with few extras they didn’t add it in the first place is just outrages to me. I hate this type of marketing, it’s the same way Apple and other companies do, they hold off some futures in their phone and than release it the next year, futures that could have be added i the first version, but no, greed have no boundaries.

        • Xerain

          My understand it this is not a longer version of the OST, but rather just an additional 25 tracks. Basically the OST is split into two discs. One for game play music and one for cut scene music.

          Splitting OSTs over multiple discs as been going on for a loong time. I first encountered it with Suikoden 2, though I’m sure it wasn’t invented there.

          Also, look at the price of only $20. S-E usually sells their OSTs around $20 per disc, further reinforcing that this is only an add-on disc.

        • UHHHHHM
          OST+ editions have been happening for a long time, even IX had one. Cut the crap and appreciate the fact we get mrs music, this is just dumb.

    • KoRLumen

      As long as it’s good, I say keep it coming, SE.

  • Herok♞

    I would buy this it sounds cool

  • RichyGaming

    Dat back…

  • Ric Vazquez

    Me wants

  • Altumn

    I was hoping the song where you first meet Noel, or when you get to the holy calvis was on the OST, but I think it’ll be here; which I’m stoked for. I also loved the FF III song they played at the bandits thief’s hide out.

  • Just like FFXIII got the Plus version which was better than the 4 discs imo

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    To be expected, XIII had a ‘plus’ soundtrack, so did XIII-2 it’s only natural that LR gets one too. The soundtrack I’m looking forward to is the one that plays when;
    Lightning defeats Snow.

  • Ricardo C

    I thought it said “Final Fantasy XIII is getting another sequel”. Thats my cue to go to bed. Being sleepy and reading video game news almost gave me a heart attack just now. But good to know there is an extended sound track x__x

    • Slickyslacker

      Final Fantasy XIII-4: Sazh Returns (and Vanille and Lumina too, because we want you to, you know, buy the game).

  • NightzeroAX


  • Kumiko Akimoto


  • fairysun

    Still questioning Lightning sense of fashion ….

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Thank gawd

  • SuperSailorV

    Battle on the Big Bridge is like… one of my favorite FF tracks EVER.

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