Ultra Street Fighter IV Artwork Shows The Original Decapre Designs

By Sato . March 18, 2014 . 12:55am


Capcom recently announced the news we’ve all been waiting for, the identity of the fifth Ultra Street Fighter IV character Decapre. While we’ve seen Decapre in action in the trailer from our earlier report, Yoshinori Ono recently shared some of the artwork behind the character on Twitter.




Ono who says that he found the model sheet on the art designer’s desk gives us a first look at the original designs behind the new character. You can see Decapre’s burned left-side of her face, which includes a note about how it could possibly be a self-inflicted wound.



The above is a look at Decapre’s claw weapon which is drawn to have multiple functions.


P7C7f Finally, here’s a look at various facial expressions of Decapre, which is interesting as she’s part of M. Bison’s Dolls, who were originally captured and brainwashed to be his bodyguards and assassins in the UDON Street Fighter comics.


Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released on June 2014. Those of you with Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition can have it upgraded to Ultra for $14.99.

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  • Tenabrus

    still looks like Cammy no matter what way they spin it

    • foopy

      That might have something to do with her being a clone of Cammy.

      • Mnstrzero00

        Its still cheap. They could have given her a different hairstlye or a different outfit.

        • The Watcher

          or could have just been a whole other character

          • Altin

            Or Juli. I will never let that go!! x3

          • Sperium3000

            Easy, just go and pay 10 grand to Capcom so they make a new character from the gound up.

        • Brion Valkerion

          They would have had to do that 16 years ago then when Alpha 3 came out.

        • d19xx

          Yeah and a bigger ass!

    • ffboi7

      Well yeah they both were part of the Dolls so looking alike is expected though that hairstyle couldn’t have been changed.

  • Guest

    Siliconera? Is it okay for you to enable comments in this article? They won’t stop with the bashings…

    • Kaihedgie

      Yeah, I’m thinkin’ they kinda should

    • HellMuT

      God forbid people are upset.

      • Guest

        We know you guys are. You don’t need to be a broken record about it though

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        God forbid their arguments be actually decent.

  • Radprofile

    Keyword : “Original”

    • Atmey

      Overlooking the uniform as it could be dictated from Bison/Vega, the resemblance in her moveset is uncanny, Ryu and Ken studied under the same master but have very different movesets (normals/animations), that goes for all shotoken fighters as well.

      • DaiRaiOh

        Don’t go by the trailer. Go by the actual gameplay footage already shown of her. She’s a charge character and definitely plays very differently from Cammy

      • Slayven19

        They didn’t always have different movesets or normals. In fact they were heavily cloned all the way through sf alpha and and the original sf2 games.

    • Armane

      Which is ironic, as this isn’t even her original design.

  • Kaihedgie

    Meep o3o

  • Mind0105A

    Looks to me fine. I mean she is still playable.

  • Abysswalker90

    Looks fine to me.

  • Göran Isacson

    So a question, I only sporadically follow the Udon comics (I buy ’em when I can afford ’em basically), what’s her story? Is she an ACTUAL clone of Cammy gone wrong, or is she just very similar in looks?

    • ffboi7

      From what I remember Decabre is from Russia and is not a clone of Cammy. Just like the other Dolls she was kidnapped and brainwashed to do Vega(Bisons) bidding. I think the game will explain the story between her and Cammy.

      • Göran Isacson

        Huh. Maybe it’s more a question of “sameface” than actual cloning, in that case. Oh well, thanks for the explanation :)

    • Time Sage

      In the comics I belive she was a failed protype for Cammy

  • Just Tim

    What’s lazier between 2D Morrigan spam and this?

    • d19xx

      Pink Rathian….

      • Just Tim

        Thanks for the heads-up on Monster Hunter.

  • Chee Yang

    As long as it serves the SF4 storyline, because the last time I checked, Juri beat the shit out of Chun Li and Guile while Juri was trying to dump the shit out of the dolls in that snowy/hideout of M.Bison/Balrog. I’m starting to see Decapre more of a Juri equal than a Cammy overhaul, which is actually interesting and can’t wait for the “rivalry.”

    • ffboi7

      Your one of the few people my Hmong friend who actually like her. I like her as well and can’t wait to try her out despite being horrible with charge characters. Lots of people are starting to say she’s more like Juli/Juni then Cammy.

  • leingod

    Hello there, Cammy.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Brandonmkii

    Always room for more Cammy <3

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    “B-B-But she plays differently!”
    Who cares? Would you play a fighting game with the same dude in a karate gi model used 50 times over but each one played totally different? No people wouldn’t.

    • GuyAlpha

      Are you saying I’m not doing that already? I don’t just look at fighting games, I play them too.

    • Anime10121

      Dont know if joking or not (I think you are, but…)

      Not excusing Capcom’s hype for the new character and what not… but SF already kinda does this with Ken, Ryu, and Akuma (heck in Marvel Vs. Capcom they go full speed and just let Ryu morph into each one of em :P).

      • Yeah but imagine if SF2 had just been literally 8 Ryus with different moves. The fact is, it wasn’t. Besides Ryu and Ken there were other completely different characters with different personalities to go with their moves. Even if there’s always been some “cloning” happening since then, there’s also been completely different characters. There’s Ryu and Ken but then there’s Chun-li and Blanka too…

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Yeah. Thats how Street Fighter rolls, sadly.

    • Herok♞

      I would play a game like that if they all played significantly differently from each other.

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      yeah. i would

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Reskins and recolors are certainly not new and this is not really that. Do understand some folks play just for fun and not to prove they are the best of the best or as videogame bloodsport. Such characters might just be for those folks. Move on please.

    • Lalum

      If the game played well then yes, I would. You could call it Clone Fighter, a story about clones spread all across the world when they were babies. They then discover that they’re all actually clones and make a tournament to see who’s the best. They would all look the same minus scars, clothes, hair style, moves, etc.

      The final boss would be the original they were all cloned from.

    • I guess some people just don’t give a single damn about character design or anything else “superfluous” in a fighting game, they just want to compete. Just have a set of faceless wire-frame models fighting each other on a grid. Karate Model vs Boxing Model. Just signify that they are different by making them different colored. I wouldn’t care for it myself but I’d bet a lot of competitive fans might…

    • AndyLC

      The difference is that Ryu, Ken, Akumi, Sean are all Capcom designs (mostly by Akiman I believe, not positive who created Sean). He really knew how to make characters feel different even if they shared the same sprite body. Their faces, movements and attitude still make them distinct characters.

      Even when they created Decapre for Alpha, they made Juni and Juri playable with DeCapre as only a background character. Udon’s take on her just isn’t that interesting.

  • fairysun

    This is the original Decapre design XD

    • greeeed

      I guess she burn her face so people stop saying she look like Cammy…

      • d19xx

        No one told her she can change her hairstyle instead. Shadaloo is full of dicks.

  • Rafael Budzinski

    …I know many people were disappointed by this reveal, but the case is, se was planned to be like Cammy more than 10 years ago. She is one of the Dolls and was present on SF Zero/Alpha 3 (on Juni and Juli’s intro animation) and on the Super Street Fighter 4 OVA. You all can still blaming her design, but it isn’t like Capcom “suddenly” thought about a Cammy reskin. ;D


  • Freakmasta

    So can we have Decapre (no mask) as an alternate costume? That way, you can confuse your opponent as if you’re playing Cammy.

  • Tarlol

    Apparently NO ONE had played SF Alpha? This isn’t Juni or Juli. She has her own moveset. Cammy clones (read: literal clones) are not unprecedented in SF history and have a pretty large part in the canon. I’m guessing only people that don’t play or only started with SF4 are complaining, but Capcom fans so idk..

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      Outside from FGC or older gamers. it’s really difficult to know someone who even knows that the Alpha series existed. My only problem with decapre is the lame model reuse but you know what? i’m hyped to play as her since i liked her fighting style and because gotta love charge characters yo

  • d19xx

    Still fapable….

  • People have always complained about clones in fighting games, so I don’t
    see why anyone is surprised. For me it depends on how it’s done. There’s this kind of cloning where an existing character model is technically just given new moves, but then there’s what happens in Tekken where entirely new characters are given the exact same moves as existing characters (it happened like crazy in TTT2 and people did complain). Who can disagree that in both cases an entirely fresh character would be more interesting? Clone characters can only be made to be “acceptable”, especially through story reasoning (or reasoning that, at least in 2D, making all new characters is far from easy), but there always the thought that there could have been something better instead.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    Juni and Juli were Cammy clones with the same design, different faces and slightly different moveset [in Juli’s case] back in SFA3 and nobody complained. Sure, not the most exciting of new characters but come on, it’s not like Capcom didn’t do this before~.

    • AndyLC

      Nobody complained because they looked different enough and Capcom didn’t hype them as “NEVER APPEARED IN SF GAME BEFORE”

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        The outfit was different, sure but if you look at their animations they are verbatim of Cammy’s [because of clone excuse]. Juni’s moveset was even slashed off Cammy’s with the exception of one super. I didn’t mind because SFA3 had like 35+ characters but while I liked then visually I always felt like I was playing sprite swaps of Cammy~.

        And hey…not to sound like a smartass but this character has never appeared in a SF game before. Much like neither Juni and Juli did. It’s just unfortunate that they are all based on Cammy’s model~.

  • AndyLC

    Juni and Juri were a lot cooler Doll designs…

  • AndyLC

    DeCapre first appears in Alpha as a background character, ’cause Juni and Juri were more interesting to put in the game :p

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      I remember one of the missions in World Tour mode where you’d fight Juni and Juli at the same time and in their intro you’d see like an army of 10+ dolls that’d quickly jump out leaving the pair alone. Unfortunately, no Decapre to save some face now~. =/

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