Freedom Wars Trailers Summarizes The Game’s Latest Features

By Sato . March 20, 2014 . 2:31pm

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan have been providing a number of Freedom Wars updates lately with a new heroine and rival reveal, details on the customizable android partners, and a City-State War mode that will pit different regions against one other. Their latest trailer gives us a summary of all these new features.



The trailer starts out with a brief introduction to Freedom Wars, how the people of their world are born with million-year prison sentences, and how they must fight Abductors to mitigate it. At 1:05 we get a look at the “Ibara” thorn-whip in action. Using it will be a crucial part to getting around and fighting Abductors.


At the 1:50 mark, we get another look at Freedom Wars antagonist Abel “Strafe” Balto, also known as the “Ultimate Prisoner,” who demands to see Beatrice, a mysterious female character who was rescued by the protagonist. We also get a glimpse of various allies at the 2:02 mark.


Next, the trailer shows different ways we’ll be customizing our Freedom Wars protagonist. From height to clothing, hair color and other extras. Your android partners, known as Accessories, can also be customized with AI, voice, and more.


At 2:42, we see the player input a speech line for his Accessory, as he types out, “Yes, master.” which can then be heard shortly afterwards after he gives her a command.


Finally, the trailer gives us a peek at the game’s four=player multiplayer mode, and the City-State War mode, which will be ranked by prefectures online.


The video ends with some thorn-whipping action, and the special DLC package featuring formal clothes for costumes, a great sword and rocket launcher, and some limited decals for the first-print copies of the game.


Freedom Wars will be released in Japan on June 26, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • Again, the hype for this could not be higher. (for me at least)

    And dat formal wear. Me and my waifu android are going to be looking quite dapper for our mecha slaying activities if I do say so myself. Nothing classier than a man/woman dressed in a smexy suit with a giant sword taking down colossal baddies. (⌐■_■)

    • tubers
      • Steven Higgins

        Aww, for a second i thought the guy in front had Heterochromia and I was like “What? You can make each eye a different color? Awesome!” Then I realized it was just a bang fringe and felt thoroughly idiotic.

        • tubers

          That would’ve been a nice option.

    • Notquitesure?

      The fact that you said dapper makes your comment cooler.

  • TheCynicalReaper

    Wait, why is there an English keypad that translates to Japanese characters?
    I’m importing this either way, and will buy it here when it gets released Westside

    • Kayseur

      Well, the keyboard is built-in the PSVita. It’s just romaji input, but nothing new. I’ve been using it for a long while now (to look up stuff on the PSN store).

      • TheCynicalReaper

        Oh okay. Thanks.

        Think the “text to speech” which supposedly supports English will help things along for importers?

        • Kayseur

          You mean, that it could help if you understand spoken japanese if you were to communicate with other japanese guys?
          Well. I suppose it would depend of how well it converts it. If it’s easily audible for foreigners or not. It can hardly be a bad thing though. But if you’re importing it I take you can read some written japanese right?

          Though since there won’t be online at first, that might not be useful before a while. And when it does become available, you might as well want to play with other importers.

          Personally, knowing it ought to be localized eventually, I don’t know if I’ll early buy it or not.

  • $51888021

    Oh, wow! I’m usually not too excited for these “Monster Hunter”-type games, but this trailer definitely caught my eye! The games I’ve played in the genre have lacked a true sense of vertical mobility and proper use of environments as part of the game, so all that ziplining really pumped my interest in this one!

    • didn’t they already confirm an English version?
      Anyways, yeah, it would be nice for them to give us some more info on the English release.

      Edit: As Feenyx16 has pointed out they haven’t confirmed an English version……… Yet. *fingers crossed*
      Just text-to-speech support with English.
      Sorry for misconception. Comes with the hype. >.>

      • $51888021

        They did? Oh, my bad! Thanks for the update! (‘^-^)

        • Pfffffft no problem.
          Everyone should be up to date and hype for this game. :3

        • Oh, sorry, just to clarify, they didn’t confirm said English release, my bad. But they did confirm text-to-speech that supports English, so keep hoping. Even if it ends up happening like Project Diva f.

      • Feenyx16

        They haven’t confirmed a localization yet, only the fact that the text-to-speech feature will support English. hope this means an English release is coming tho

      • tubers

        English text? Quite possibly (Taipei Convention Demo).

        EU/US official localization announcement? None yet.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    This game is looking sexy!!

  • Kayseur

    I admit I had started doubting this game some trailers ago, but the more I’m seeing, the more I want it. I really hope it’ll make the “boom” they’re aiming for. And I love those formal outfits.

  • Oguri Murasaki

    OMG I wish PSVita has more games in USA

    • tubers

      Mass Effect or Dragon Age as an exclusive iteration of a Hunting Action game for the VITA would probably be bad-ass.

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    wait…i thought this game was for ps4…
    hell, they showed it during the ps4 reveal!

    • TheExile285

      No they didn’t. They showed it during Sonys Japanese conference where PS4, PS3 & Vita games were announced and showed. This has always been a Vita game.

  • ZnTxn

    I know I’m asking a TOO MUCH with this but…
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the City-State War used the Vita Near app to determine the city you’re representing in the game?

    Sure, it would be hell to make that considering the amount of cities and states that each country has, but teaming up with other players from yout city and compete against the rest of the world would be amazing.

    • tubers

      It’d suck if your tied to your geography outside JPN.

      Optional Near functionality? Sure.

  • DanielGearSolid

    Freaking cool trailers…
    Freaking hype trains…
    I’m forced to board another one…

  • Earthjolly

    Sony is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally pushing this game

    • British_Otaku

      I hope it pays off too, it looks too fun to not get some sort of following, at least one big enough that not only importers and Japanese players get to have their fun.

  • KuroNathan

    I’m confused, is the City-State War PvP or PvNpc? I want to say the second one cause the ones in the trailer just sort of stood there while the player whaled on them

  • Chardo


    • tubers

      “iesu, masuta-”

      *watch the vid carefully*

  • Me and my Vita love Sony for this game. Very hyped for it =^_^=

  • AnotherVistor02

    Just take my money already

  • Kotori Itsuka

    Okay, f*ck it, I’m getting a ps vita!!!!

  • Spider-Man

    I can adjust my height?! Amazing! Waifu android is a bonus. Localize quickly.

  • Thatguy

    Is it Joji “George” Nakata?

    Sold. Hope for dual-audio release.

  • shuyai

    hmm i wonder if this game’s MC be voiced(read text?) or slience like god eater

  • Lissomia

    I’m actually so debating importing this! This looks like so much fun!

  • Niloc

    I wonder if the japanese version will have exclusive content, to import or not?

  • natchu96

    Freedom Wars: Where giving people 1-million year prison sentences at birth and sending said people out in stylish suits against giant mechs with guns and missile launchers makes perfect sense.

    • tubers

      Seems like harmless DLC material to me.

      Nothing big if that’s how the MC’s team wants to roll either:

      “Criminals with a higher level of information rights (code) are given a better room.”

      .. possibly having privilege outside typical wear after certain Panopticon prisoner/status if they had to integrate this “perfect sense” formal wear.

      • natchu96

        Well, I was just kinda kidding around with how absurd Japanese video game premises can get XD

        but seriously maybe the firepower of most Abductors is impressive enough that what you wear makes no difference? Maybe they invented form-fitting energy shielding or something . . .

  • Kroz

    I expect a western release announcement very soon. Toukiden and Soul Sacrifice did very well for the vita so why not this one.

  • sd28

    this looks quite good i hope it does well

  • Anthony Birken

    That multiplayer, Grand Knights History is what it remind me of!

  • Steven Higgins

    I am so getting this when it comes stateside. And I don’t even like hunting games.

  • Vash bane

    knuckles O.O? can the player have those too? ever time I lose interest in this game something always come up and re-kindle it. -_-

    so we can have multi-colored hair? now if multi-colored eyes…

    “puts on glasses”

    i’ll be sold

    also dat soundtrack

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