Choices Matter In This Odin Sphere Inspired RPG

By Eugene . March 22, 2014 . 2:00pm


Celestian Tales: Old North is heading into romantically heavy territory in its Kickstarter pitch, but it’s one we’re willing to stay a while and listen to. The PC RPG from Indonesian devs Ekuator Games will be split into three parts hopes to delve into serious choices and stories of each of its six main characters, similar to Odin Sphere, and the hard picks of the past will carry on into the future.


The game is intended to span some three decades of in-game time, after all. You can also try out a very early prototype out on their main site if you’re split.


Combat is expected to be a turn-based affair, with the ability to custom-build characters as they grow. There’s also expected to be less of it, with the devs promising that every fight therefore will have “real, threatening challenges”.


In fact, say the devs, running away is an option due to a reputation system—mass genocide of fairies probably doesn’t sit well with the elves you’re on the way to visit. To beef up such concepts, every character shares the same experience pool and levels up together. As someone who’s swapped back and forth between difficulty settings in Bravely Default to avoid combat or grind as necessary, this sounds great.


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Each character’s stories will be told from their perspectives and with what they know—which could lead to some very cool dialogues filled with double meanings known only to players. Choices and time will also affect characters differently. Will Aria Geraldine, staunch follower of the Deus, remain strong in her faith by the end of the game? The gentle art style also helps, evoking a medieval style that isn’t too high-fantasy. I’m actually sorta reminded of Ragnarok Online for some reason with it.



We were also interested to note how much the game’s developed in the short time since its original bid and the new version, which you can see above. Kickstarter goals, too, they claim, will allow them to evolve and add cool stuff such as better animations without, so they hope, affecting delivery dates.


As of press, Celestian Tales: Old North’s already been funded and is well on its way to getting to its stretch goals. You can back it here.

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  • Zeonsilt

    Battle animation in prototype build is awful.(like 3 frames or something).Ugh….
    Offtopic / better check this :
    I hope Mintspere will finish it in future,looks great.(inspired by Vanillaware and Odin Sphere design)

    • chibidw

      If you checked the Kickstarter page at all(I’m guessing from your post you have not), their $36,000 tier includes hiring a separate animator to create much better/smoother animations.

      (Hint: the Kickstarter has already reached this tier.)

  • Liamv2

    I was sold at odin sphere.

  • new_tradition

    This game really intrigues me. I tried the demo and after recovering from the shock that it actually worked on my crappy Vista, I really liked what I played. This might be the first PC game I get.

  • ShootThatWay

    Neato, Odin Sphere. And possibly Saga?

    Since this will span decades and characters will most likely come and go. It sort of reminds me of Saga Frontier 2.
    Loved that game’s story telling and how the two main characters and side character’s stories slowly intertwined. Gustave’s legacy and Will’s final battle.

  • brijou

    looks like they’re using edited ragnarok online sprites

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      They said the 2d was inspired by RO and Older Suikoden games.

    • Ladius

      There’s a big difference between adopting an art-style (and really, if you do 2d sprites for a jrpg with even slightly anime aesthetic you’re bound to be similar to some other game) and copying another game’s assets, and I think it’s not really nice to insinuate the latter while all the available info (they showed the sprites’ evolution during development, they published the sprite sheets for some characters and one stretch goal is about improving the animation frames) point to the former.

      I’m sorry if that wasn’t your intention, I just thought it was something that had to be clarified since I have been following this game since last year and the team has been rather open with the development process.

    • Helen Donald

      they could have put more back into it for sure

    • Reishid

      Yep, the head sprites are definitely from Ragnarok Online. Some of the battle stances looks really familiar too. I’ve played RO for 5 years and looking at some of this game’s art suddenly raised a few “flags”.

  • Ladius

    I backed Celestian Tales’ first Kickstarter and happily did the same when the team tried a second time with a revamped pitch and lots of improvements over the original art direction. They’ve worked a lot on the game and they continued to keep backers informed in the year-long wait between the two Kickstarters, so I’m confident they will do a nice job with the fund they’ve been provided. The game has already been greenlit on Steam, too, which is surely great news for the team.

  • Impressionnant

    I’m always skeptical of games that say they are influenced by “Game X”.

    • Fen Y

      Because honesty is a bad thing.

    • AkuLord3

      Hasn’t stopped you before with other games you liked, after all, they all were influence by some type of game. Its good to be cautious, but also good to let out some hope~

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      To be fair, they’re not even touting it in the main sale pitch. They only mentioned it once in the gameplay description as a point of comparison for multiple character arcs.

    • Helen Donald

      to be fair, its the most intresting thing about this “game”. and its not that interesting…

  • Zazon Zenzy

    I played the demo and… I’m an Indonesian myself and I little doubt I’ll pick this one. Mostly obviously because of my personal taste.

    I don’t crave for so-very-important decisions. I’m not a consumer of heavy story games. I prefer light-hearted games and easy to consume stories.
    I’ve played the demo, too. The battles doesn’t bring any personality, not even from the playable characters, which makes the battles duller than the battles’ pace itself. But I can’t expect the game to have personality as quirky as Mario and Luigi series, right?
    And is it just me, or the artstyle is generic? I’m sure I’ve seen many artstyles like this.

    When I feel like it, might as well as give it a try when they’re done. Curiosity, I think.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    overproud Indonesian ppl coming in 3…2….1….

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Nah, I feel like Indonesian game/animation enthusiasts in international forums are more of the self-deprecating kind. Country-deprecating, even.

  • Lionxie

    But will there be a bunnie? 8D

  • Kemco ? *joke*

  • Monterossa

    Odin Sphere? doesn’t look like it at all.

    • Ladius

      It isn’t meant to look like Odin Sphere, the team used that comparison a single time in order to introduce the scenarios linked to each character. Odin Sphere was also one among many games they took inspiration from.

  • Scrooge_McDuck

    This is intriguing, but I feel that the scope is too big for that team size and deadline. Will wait and see if I’d get swept away by the usual near-the-end backing period hype.

    • Helen Donald

      i think this one is going into the crash and burn pile, or at least underwhelming.

  • Mir Teiwaz

    That looks nothing like Odin Sphere. The characters are too small and don’t look detailed enough. The combat doesn’t even come close.

    If the only thing that makes this similar to OS is the interconnected story, then I can’t say I’m all that interested.

  • Jan Daryll Palanca

    Hmm..just some tips from one RPG fan to another, if you guys are still struggling for a better battle system may I suggest getting some inspiration from the suikoden series (mainly 1-2) since almost anyone could tell those npc sprites definitely look like they migrated from there. Let’s face it,when did we ever got a decent suikoden game for the past decade or so? It could even be a spiritual successor for all we know.

  • tubers

    Looks more like Ragnarok Online 1 than Odin Sphere.

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