Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 Coming This Summer, But Not From NIS America

By Spencer . March 25, 2014 . 10:28am


Yes, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1, a PlayStation Vita remake of Compile Heart’s PS3 RPG, will be released in the West. We’re not surprised at the announcement, but rather who it came from. NIS America has been the caretakers of Neptunia and even signed on to publish Hyperdimension Neptunia PP, an idol game.


Instead of NIS America, Idea Factory International will publish Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 in North America and Europe. The game is slated for release in late summer and details about how it will be distributed will be announced later.


Hyerpdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 uses the battle system and the disc remake system from Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. Characters like Tekken and CyberConnect2 are in Neptunia’s first story too. Compile Heart also made a new event scenes and a new ending for the Vita version.


nep_re1_ss(2) nep_re1_ss(3) nep_re1_ss(1)

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  • MikelAL93

    Good to see that the more polished version of the original Neptunia is coming to America. Looking to get my copy once the localization is released.

  • Malon

    From Idea Factory, does that mean the game will suffer from some censorship and english only dub ? Or am I mistaking with another publisher ?

    EDIT : Almost forgot, great news !

    • Landale

      Please, do not start this shit. Please.

      • Malon

        I’m just asking. I’m okay with censorship as long as it only applies to costumes, I don’t really care about denuded Nepnep. :p
        I’m also okay with an english dub as long as it is great, but I often prefer the japanese one.

        I’m not meaning to start a war here, i’m just looking for some answers as I said previously.

        • RedSuisei

          Wait, what other games published by IFI only has english dub?

          • Tyler Beale

            Seeing as there are no games from them out yet….I’d say none. But it is there.

          • RedSuisei

            So far the only games they have announced are this and monpiece. And unless I’m mistaken, monpiece was japanese dub only. So I don’t get how you can say that.

        • Landale

          Anything IF/CH/ related and the word “censor” sets off a shitstorm after Monster Monpiece.

          • Malon

            Oh well, I should have guessed. -_-
            But I hope we will have a cartridge version…

            Ok ok, I stop here.

    • Guest

      Long as it’s coming over, who cares. =P

      • Malon

        Well, true.

        • Jesse

          Sorry if I sounded confrontational there. ^^;

          • Malon

            Nope, not at all do not worry. o/

    • refrain

      I’ve played the JP version. There’s nothing to censor in this game.

      • Malon

        I also have a question regarding the japanese version. I only know kanas, so would it be hard for me to play it ?

        But that’s good to know.

        • refrain

          Well I don’t know. To play and complete the game? Yes you can. But to understand the remake system’s options and dialogues? You’ll have some problem with that. I think you should wait for the English version. It’s cheaper and you can understand it fully

          • Malon

            I guess I’ll stick to the english version, then.
            Thanks !

  • Jesse

    Huh, weird that IFI is bringing it over and not NISA, but oh well. ^^

  • Maria Garcia

    almost 100% sure digital only lol

  • xAtKx

    PDF 2nd announcement and now this!? Wallet-chan might not make it. :x

  • Flandre Scarlet

    Hoping they keep dual audio but considering IFI’s likely budget that’s probably a pipe dream

  • TheGioG

    No doubt Neptunia Re;Birth 2 and Planet Destroyer Black Heart are gonna follow suit. Gotta get on that Vita purchase soon. Watch out PS Vita, I’m coming for that booty!

  • DesmaX

    “The game is slated for release in late summer and details about how it will be distributed will be announced later.”

    Pretty sure this means digital only, but they don’t want to announce it now

    • Landale

      I’m hoping it’s more a case of them waiting to see if they’ve got the funds to physically distribute it.

    • Malon

      Sadly… But well, sometimes, sacrifices have to be made !

    • NeptuniasBeard

      I hope not. If it’s physical, then this will be my final push for a Vita. I got nothing against digital, hell, I purchase Nintendo digital. But those damn Sony memory cards.

      Also my internet is crappy :p

      • Mr_SP

        You’d likely need the memory card, even if it was a physical release. Cartridge based saves are rare.

        • NeptuniasBeard

          Yeah , but from what I hear , the new vita models have some internal memory to start (I wanna day a gig)
          Correct me if I’m wrong though, so that I may better prepare

          • Mr_SP

            Yeah, you’re right. 1GB of internal memory in the new models. As long as you only buy retail games, that should actually be plenty – my total cartridge saves don’t come anywhere near that much, though system reserved data comes to a couple hundred MB. (OS, trophies, profile data, and such, I presume.) Just be cautious about DLC, I guess.

            And you won’t lose anything if you wait for a while to buy a memory card – the 1GB is unusable if a memory card is inside, but all the contents will be copied to the new card, so just wait until they’re cheap, or someone makes a cost effective alternative.

            You don’t necessarily need to get the new model, though. I don’t know what stores are convenient to you, but Gamestop offers a number of deals with a game and memory card, for the same price as a new console by itself. The Borderlands 2 bundle comes with a new model Vita, Borderlands 2 download (with all DLC from the PS3 version), and an 8GB memory card for $200 dollars, but doesn’t come out for 2 months. Walking Dead comes with an original Vita, Walking Dead download, and a 4GB memory card for $200. A Vita on it’s lonesome… is also $200, unless you get pre-owned. Some bundles don’t come with memory cards at all. Just make sure to check deals, see what they can offer you.

  • AlteisenX

    +1 to more hurting my wallet. I already had enough planned purchases to last me till 2015 most likely… I mean today alone has so much to offer >.<

  • malek86

    Something tells me that NISA is not getting any more Neptune games. They probably got PP either because IFI didn’t care, or because it had already been signed before they formed the company.

    • Landale

      Maybe, maybe not. NISA does have a lot on their hands right now as I recall.

      • malek86

        Could simply be that they took on a lot of other stuff because they knew about IFI.

      • Manny Being Manny

        Idea Factory can make more profits selling it themselves instead of going through a middle man, so NISA is no longer needed since they opened up an American branch.

        • Landale

          IFI’s primary purpose is not localization though. It’s simply providing information about the company and it’s games. Monster Monpiece was done because people wanted it, but other companies wouldn’t pick it up. Odds are the situation is very similar here.
          Granted, if things do go well enough for IFI it would not be surprising to see them make a full shift to localization company, but for now that’s not their main thing.

          • Shady Shariest

            We do not simply know what all NISA is working with ATM. Likely very busy as you said. *nodding*

    • RedSuisei

      I think it’s more likely that NISA wasn’t able to keep up with all these Neptune games coming out, so IFI had to do some of it.

      Just a guess, since AFAIK IF would almost always prefer some other company to the localization for them.

      • malek86

        But why? They will get more money if they publish themselves. I can see them preferring other companies for untested series, letting them take the risk while pocketing only the license money. But for something like Neptune, which has a very hardy fanbase, they would be crazy to let it go to somebody else.

        • RedSuisei

          Well, first of all, AFAIK IFI was created mainly for the purpose of bringing information for their games. They were not actually intended for localization, but since no one wants to bring some titles (like monpiece), they decided to bring those themselves. In this case though, I suppose it’s because NISA is too busy that if they didn’t take this up themselves, it would take far longer to get this in the west.

          Of course, the latter half was mostly speculation, so don’t take my word on it.

          • Manny Being Manny

            I think the fact they’ve already announced 2 of their games for localization in 3 months puts any PR speak about “being created to bring awareness of the company” into doubt.

          • RedSuisei

            Eh, to me it just show that some of their titles are just not that appealing for other publishers to bring, or other companies are just to busy to bring their games.

  • KingGunblader

    I was very tentatively thinking about giving this series I shot, although I guess I’ll just wait for the Vita versions now.

  • Tinye

    Yes more Vita games for me!

  • Michael Richardson


  • Raw

    Killed by DUB.

  • Tenshigami

    Not sure how I feel about this. I’m glad it’s coming but without NISA I’m afraid of the changes.

    Will the localization itself still be handled by NISA? What I love most about the Neptunia games is the style of the localized English script and English dubbed Neptune.

    Don’t get me wrong, the original Japanese voices are awesome in their own right, but the English dub provides its own unique experience (when they actually bother to voice a scene…)

    English and Japanese Nep-Nep seem to have their own “flavor” on top of her basic personality, and in this case that’s not a bad thing. I actually found myself liking her English version better than Japanese, which is rare.

    If they were to remove the dub or replace it with a different cast, that would definitely factor into whether I buy it or not – but would not immediately rule it out. (I still need to buy a Vita, too.)

    • Landale

      If there’s an english dub, I really don’t think you have to worry about the voices being changed. It’s not like you don’t hear the same handful of people in pretty much every game ever after all.

  • Zalin

    OH GOD! Please IF release a physical copy with a limited edition! I want a limited edition!

    • God

      I will think about it.

      • Zalin

        Oh thank you GOD! I will follow you to the ends of the earth if you make it happen!

        • God

          Just follow the REAL commandment of the month and go “Troll thy neighbour”.

  • Testsubject909

    Hmm… Conflicted and joyful… Not exactly a good combination.

  • Roberto

    oh boy oh boy that great
    i really hope will have a physical version

  • Manny Being Manny

    It was pretty clear the moment Idea Factory International opened up that they would be localizing the Neptunia games now. You don’t open up an American branch and then hand off your most popular property to somebody else.

    • dark-kyon

      but nisa is working in neptunia pp,maybe ifi gonna bring the mainline games,rebirt 1,2 and the new mainline game and nisa bring the spin off noire game,pp,neptunia u,i believe what neptunia have enough games to the two company can work.

      • Just Tim

        NISA might do the actual localization work, to the point I easily see them receiving commission from IF Intl. (lazy spelling intentional)

  • MJLahey

    I really hope they get the same English VAs. I’m happy it’s announced but I’ve loved NISAs localizations of Neptunia. Very worried.

    • Christopher C

      There really isn’t anything stopping the VAs from working on it. Unless NISA happens to be an exclusivity buyout like Microsoft, which I highly doubt.

      • Tyler Beale

        My fear is that IFI may not even have the money to pay the actors….

        • Christopher C

          Well it’s not like CH or IF got no money from NISA localizing past Neptunia titles. And it’s not like it’s not going to sell so it would be okay to go slightly into debt.

    • God

      I hope so… the game is 70% less hilarious in japanese, and it would be really akward to hear different VAs after all this time…

  • Just Tim

    I have a couple of Idea Factory’s games on Android; I hope this is next in line. :3

  • Monterossa

    Physical copy, please.

    • Perhaps even an LE. I’ll be all over it!

  • Liamv2

    Better go pick up a vita.

    • John Hayabusa

      Yes! More Nepu Nepu!

      • Learii

        you mean Nep Nep XD

    • Arrngrim

      Are you kidding, I feel sorry for those that don’t own one and are currently NOT enjoying the awesome Conception II demo! :D

      • AkiraScare

        And daganrompa (^_^)
        Project Diva
        and Later Demon Gaze (0_0)

        • ishyg

          And Deception.

          Oh wait different genre, I suppose.

          • Monterossa

            Ys, Persona 4, FFX|X-2, Muramasa…

            R.I.P. “Vita has no games”.

      • Barrylocke89

        Oh, I forgot to download that on my 3DS, thanks for reminding me. I’ll try it out when I’m done with school stuff.

        • Histirea

          The 3DS version of the Conception II demo is painfully laggy. Framerate drops everywhere once you’re in a labyrinth. The Vita version doesn’t appear to have nearly as much of a problem, according to a couple Redditors.

          I haven’t picked up a Vita yet, but I refuse to grab C2 for my 3DS. It can wait.

          • Oreki

            I’ve been playing the 3ds version and I haven’t noticed any frame-rate drops while exploring the labyrinth D: Or any lag.

          • Godspoken

            The Vita demo is also MUCH more expansive.

      • Ric Vazquez

        Ah,that glorious Waifu-I mean Conception 2 demo

    • TrueDefault

      Vita is good if you like Japanese games, it’s not favoured by Western developers. Now I understand why some people might think it has nothing worthwhile.

  • DyLaN

    Well, at the very least we non-moon readers might be able to catch up w/h HDN series after all. Can’t wait for R;B 1 and Noire game.

  • Reiswindy

    I just want to know if this game is compatible with Vita TV…

    • Shady Shariest

      If there are no touch-control gimmicks, there is little to nothing stopping it from being :3

      • Wappuli

        Even if the Japanese version was compatible, it doesn’t mean that the localized version will be.
        Ys: Memories of Celceta
        Ragnarok Odyssey
        Persona 4: Golden (Europe)

        • Shady Shariest

          Hmhmhm… Yup. Was careful and guessing because i have zero idea about (And interest in) PS Vita

  • AlphaSixNine

    Just hoping for Retail and Dual Audio. PLEASE IFI.

  • Liamv2

    I’m confused why do people hate seem to hate Idea Factory International?

    • Landale

      Because it’s Idea Factory. The latest reason being Monster Monpiece, but generally they’ll latch on to any trivial thing about it until the next comes along.

      • Liamv2

        What did they do to Monster Monpiece did they screw up the translation or something?

        • z_merquise

          Censored the more risque cards.

        • DyLaN

          They removed several too risky image variation of the MonMon card(s). The card(s) is still there but it won’t lose anymore clothing than necessary.

        • Landale

          Some things got censored, but because it’s Idea Factory this was clearly a willful act of oppression against art, an attack on fans everywhere, and an utter disregard for the company as a whole itself. At least it’s clearly that if you listen to the people who ignore any and all reason.

          • Liamv2

            Well that’s a pretty silly reason. It’s not like they changed the story or gameplay in anyway.

          • wyrdwad

            “Because it’s Idea Factory”? I oppose censorship from anyone and everyone in equal measure, including ourselves, thankyouverymuch. I’ve been harsher to the company I work for for removing the ages from Senran Kagura Burst than to anyone else, and will continue to oppose anyone and everyone who chooses to voluntary censor their published games until somebody finally listens to me. ;)

            I think the same is true for most of the commenters on the thread you speak of. If anyone was specifically speaking out against IFI because they’re a division of Idea Factory, it must’ve been a pretty small minority, because I didn’t see a single comment to that effect.

          • Landale

            I’m not speaking of any one thread in particular. I’m speaking from experience, the vast majority of people I see going beyond simply opposing censorship and wishing horrible things on the company and the people involved are the ones I’ve seen over the years go from one excuse to the next to shit on IF/CH. “The games aren’t flawless gems. Fuck IF.” “They’re releasing games really fast, nevermind all the noticeable improvements over old games. Fuck IF.” “They’ve reused assets from previous games. Fuck IF.” “Too many girls. Fuck IF.” “A guy?! Fuck IF.” “They censored something. Fuck IF.”
            A lot of these complaints could equally be applied to other companies and other series. Some of these people do revoice them there, a lot seem to praise others that commit the same supposed offenses.

            Opposing censorship is fine, necessary even. I’ll never disagree to that. It’s the people that go beyond that and act like this is some willful attempt to destroy the medium as a whole and shit all over everyone, especially the ones that behave like IF is the only company to have ever done this, that I’m talking about.

  • Tooru

    I really hope this is physical! Great news that it’s coming over, though.

    • tturtlejosh

      It’s always physical ;)

  • Shady Shariest

    Yes! I was waiting for this :3
    One more game to backlog. And i’ll get into Neptunia-series, too… YUPO!

  • Awesomesauce! So happy that I have a Vita. This year the Vita is making it big lol =^_^=

    • MaximDualBlade

      next a Soul Sacrifice Delta localization. I like that thought

  • Land of Green Pasture


  • CirnoTheStrongest


  • Kaien

    D1 if retail, when on sale if digital.

  • dark-kyon

    great,maybe we can get two neptunia games this year.my wallet gonna hurt.

    • Dago

      i+d say that there could be more games tan just two this year

  • DarthSithZero


  • Keko

    Nep by NOT-NISA and Project Diva F2 for the west. All of this the same day my copy of JoJo ASB arrives. I think there’s a goddess out there and she really damn likes me!

    • Satoshi Ookami

      There are many, heck you have one in your avatar =D

  • KazukiNanbu

    yeah!!! double portable Nep Nep for us this year

  • Varnes


  • Tyler Beale

    *head falls flat on the floor*

    …I had a feeling this would happen….Well, so much for English voiceovers and Limited Editions…..dammit……

    At least this means we won’t have to wait another year for each Neptunia title.

    EDIT: Oh, they changed the logo too.

    I love Neptunia, but……WHY?!
    EDIT #2: *reads PR sheet* “Voiceover options: Original Japanese/English voiceover” That’s good news, then.

    Also, for comparison’s sake, how does NISA’s translation of Atelier Totori fare vs Tecmo Koei’s Vita release? Off topic, but if it’s the same deal as with Koei, then I’d feel better.

  • leingod

    Awesome! Does this version fix the framerate issues of the PS3 version? Also… does it allow the use of custom skins?

    • Ladius

      Keep in mind that Re;Birth isn’t a porting, it’s a remake that updates the first game’s scenario to the gameplay and graphical standards of the series’ last entries. It also has new events and new characters.

      • leingod

        Does that mean… it has better framerate? XD

  • Sentsuizan_93

    First Project Diva f 2nd and now this. Today was a good day…

  • MaximDualBlade

    I might give this game a try.

  • Aristides

    Awesome! I can’t wait to play this! :P But seriously please release a physical copy, we really need that…

  • Yan Zhao

    So I never played any Neptunia games and would like to start and with all these weird naming conventions Im not sure what the correct order to play them is.

    Is this game basically a remake of the first one? So should I be starting with this one?

    • Landale

      This would be a remake of the first, yes. The first also has no connection plotwise to the rest of the series, as mkII was an alternate continuity and Victory follows from there.
      So, it’s a decent starting point but not a required one.

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Yes. I would recommend this. This is a overhaul remake of the original HDN game. However, this isn’t really connected to the other HDN games.

  • Luis Camargo

    Will buy. NISA is probably busy with other projects, but thank you based IF International

  • Kornelious

    Alright! I was getting worried with this being absent from NISA’s Februray announcements. And this probally means that we’ll get the sequel and the Noire game :) Now to see if IF International can be as good as NISA and release a physical, and hopefully a Limited Edition :D

  • Demeanor

    Saw this from a mile away given the silence on Nisa’s part :P it’s all good as long as they do a good job. Started with mk2 so I’m definitely gonna get this.

  • Prinny Dood

    Hell yeah dood! Im deefinetly picking this up. Im proud to own a vita dood

    • Demeanor

      Does Etna give you enough time to play? Oh why am I even asking, a true prinny would slack off behind her back anyway XD

      • God

        You obviously don’t know Etna…

      • 20 hour days mean slack off when she’s not looking.

  • Kroz

    I may pick this up, I’ve never played a neptunia game…I’ve heard mixed opinions bout it, so im kinda on the fence.

    • Ladius

      The mixed opinions you’ve read are probably about the PS3 original version, while this is a remake based upon the improvements introduced in the series’ latest entries.

  • Joshua Myers

    Idea Factory is amazing

  • Prinny Dood

    ill just play this game in my secret spot. Master Etna will never know dood! You ever had the feeling you were being watched Dood!?

    • Is it sad I read that in a whispering Prinny’s voice?

      • Prinny Dood

        Were sorry but the prinny you’re trying to reach has either been serverely punished or no longer exist. If you think this is in error please refresh your browser and try agian. Error 1 *beep*

    • bigboss09

      hi Prinny
      if you want to stay alive
      you should join me as comic relief
      otherwise I will use my badass power to erase your soul from existing
      ha hahaahahhahaa !!!

  • artemisthemp

    I hope Idea Factory International can release a psychical copy in EU

  • AlphaSixNine

    Press release says there will be Dual Audio. That’s one worry out of the way! :3

    http://ideafintl.com/pdf/PressRelease_IFI_ReBirth1_20140325_support.pdf (Below the screenshots at the left)

  • mc3027

    I’m glad to read this. I tried Hyperdimension Neptunia when it first came out for the PS3, but I didn’t like it. I’ve wanted to give it another shot, though, and now I can with this better version.

  • God

    Awesome! I liked the first game WAY more than Mk.2!! Too bad there’s no Nisa though…

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    I haven’t played any games in this series yet but this looks like a good one to start with.

    • Leon_Tekashi

      It’s an overhaul remake to the original first HDN that came out around 2011. You’ll enjoy it. I can guarantee you that. ;)

      • sakusakusakura_nyo

        Right on! A lot of good Vita games are coming out now, that’s awesome.

  • Z3


  • Splinter

    Am I dreaming? Thanks, IF! Buying on day one!

  • cyberkinghardy

    Just as I thought. NISA being not included in the game is related to the issue of their company.

    • kandiiyuutaamu .

      Which is what exactly? Oh and does this go for Gust and “her” company as well?

  • ivanchu77

    Really glad this is getting localized :D i was starting to get a little nervous to be honest…

  • chroma816

    Knew it was gonna come. I heard this was a good way to get into the series, so I can’t wait to play.

  • tturtlejosh


  • chronocide

    It’s a GREAT year to be a Vita owner.

  • xXDGFXx

    This is very surprising. I was hoping for a NISA limited edition :X

  • Kami nii

    Ohh man What A year for my two Ps Vita’s!!! :D

  • TrueDefault

    Sweet! Almost imported!!

  • shadowind

    And Lo, let the butthurt from those who hate Idea Factory begin!

  • mockturtle

    Question: if I have the original HN (and both sequels, for that matter) on PS3 sitting in my backlog, would it be worth it to double dip for this remake? Or are the additions fairly minor?

  • SchwarzesHerz

    Oh je! I’ve been waiting for this ever since its first reveal XD

  • Testara

    I’m just curious what took so long? Re;Birth 1 and 2 both come out in Japan (I have the collectors editions on my shelf) and they’re only just now announcing only the first one?

  • Idea Factory International? Please tell me this isn’t going to be censored in some way too…

  • Rinkawa Erion

    I now expect censorship…

  • I’m excited for this :D And I hope we see HDN:PP soon as well!! OMG best year evar~

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