Over My Dead Body 2 Demo Will Give Vita Owners A Taste Of A Cursed Bloodline

By Spencer . March 26, 2014 . 10:18pm


Over My Dead Body 2 is about a family destined to defeat Abeno Seimei, but the twist is progeny of your cursed bloodline only live two years. You have to expand your "party" by growing your family tree by mating with gods.


While the villain is different, the premise is the same as the PsOne cult hit. If you haven’t tried Over My Dead Body 2 before you can grab a demo from the PlayStation Store at the end of April. Designer Shoji Masuda tweeted that the demo covers one year of game time, which is roughly three hours. Players can choose three out of eight jobs at the beginning so if you want to try out all of the characters in dungeons you can play through the demo three times.


Over My Dead Body 2 is slated for release in summer 2014 on PlayStation Vita.

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  • CDM

    Man I need this and God Eater 2 in my life COME ON

    • Malon

      That’s so true. At least God Eater 2 looks like a “must-have” game on the Vita, and OMDB2 also seems great.
      But I don’t think this game will ever be localized, which saddens me a lot. ;_;

      • MaximDualBlade

        it will be localized. Just don’t forget it when it does :)

        • GH56734

          The PSP remake of the first PSX one likely won’t be. Gaijinworks said the licensing costs would be too high.

  • harmonyworld

    I saw demo and I got hype but then I remembered it’s not coming out in america (yet)

    • MaximDualBlade

      yet. fall/winter 2014? yes please wih rice crispies on the inside :P

      • harmonyworld

        We can only hope :3

        • れいか

          I think there’s a big chance for this one to come over the west… :)

  • Prinny Dood

    I sure would love to play this game dood! I wonder what the chances of this game getting localized dood!

    • GH56734

      All of Studio Japan games for the Vita were localized minus this one… And it seems they said they’d be interested in exporting this sequel.

  • MaximDualBlade

    I’m sorry. I really am… Localization please.

    Hey, this game looking fiiiiiiine. If it comes and it has touch functions, I will buy a new vita just for this! You can quote me on that

  • Micrll

    This is a great example of new original content that is despretly needed for the vita. I want this to be localized so badly. I am still holding out hope that we will get this one.

  • narugami

    I wish Siliconera wouldn’t invent English titles for Japanese games. “Over my dead body” is actually the opposite of the Japanese title.

    Ore no shikabane wo koete yuke is telling the speaker’s descendants to overcome his death to achieve victory. “Over my dead body” is telling the speaker’s enemies that he’ll die before surrendering.

    Finally it does an injustice to the game to spread a title that has not been confirmed by either the original staff or any potential localization company. People will look for it on Amazon by this name and not find it, because it’s not the title of the game!

    • GH56734

      To be fair, though, Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke is impossible for the average Joe to remember as a title. It’s one of the main reasons the first game is so obscure in the first place (not even a wiki article!).

      I saw OreShika used elsewhere, but that one is not that much used and useless for potential customers too.

      • narugami

        Perhaps, but it’s the job of a news site to report the news, not to make it.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          That title has been used to identify the game in the West long before we used it.

          • narugami

            That’s interesting. Do you have a link?

          • STOPAC

            You could just do a google search on the series and look for the published dates to compare it to when siliconera started giving the sequel some attention.

            I did and found results on the first page. “Over my dead body playstation” on the search bar.

  • Wrathful

    I tell ya Japanese games have these fancy cell-shading aesthetics which I would like more.

  • Will download this as soon as possible

    Will sacrifice orphan children to the Elder Gods for a swift localization

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