Phantasy Star Online 2 English Teaser Site Goes Live In Asia

By Eugene . March 26, 2014 . 3:49pm


While Sega have been rather quiet on the subject of Phantasy Star Online 2’s release in the west, the game is headed to South East Asia soon—in English. The English teaser site for the South East Asian version—to be released by Asiasoft—is now up.



gal-action-01 gal-action-05

gal-character-06 gal-character-09

The regions the South East Asian version will cover include: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, and this will be the PC version of the title, naturally. The various community moderators at Asiasoft will also be giving away closed beta keys to the game on their Facebook pages, linked to below.


CM Dreki

CM Vardain

CM Dynareus

CM Vretiel

CM Alystyr


Phantasy Star Online 2 will be available for PC in English in South East Asia in 2014. As mentioned earlier, a US and Europe release was announced previously, but no further word on that front to report as yet.

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  • Jungo

    Can’t we just import it and suffer the high lag, then? I’m not too familiar with importing MMOs, but anyone have experience?

    On another note: I don’t have much experience with the region, but why make an English release in southeast Asia? Aren’t there better common languages there?

    • 하세요

      As for many countries, English to a certain extent is required in the school systems. It’s much easier to translate into a language to one that everyone would understand. With the amount of dialects in Asian countries, a translation for each and every one would be ridiculous.

    • ZEROthefirst

      It’s a download from the site (unless these guys go physical CD-Rom downloads only) and there won’t and shouldn’t be any lag. I played on the Japanese servers from the first day the open beta opened until a few months down the road when it went “full game” and I never had any lag problems. The only time I experienced lag was when there were big events going on and all of the players would flock to one server and all be in the lobby area.

    • Crevox

      You can already do that with an English patch on the Japanese version.

    • Ping92

      As someone living in singapore,i can tell you english is used for our education system. Also, english is used commonly for communication between different races who have their own language

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      It’s a good thing we force our language on people.

    • Kindle

      I can’t wait, should be playable enough from Aus!



    • Judgephoenix

      More like “Engilish Troll Site” lol….. Even Terrorist would release a nuke before this game ever hits XD.

  • Zangetsu777

    Fantastic now if we could just get a LOCALIZATION!!!

    • Alestaos

      This is basically a localized version just not being released outside of those areas. Like when NA get a game and its not releases in EU its still localized just unreleased in Europeab Terriortys for exanple us EUers are still waiting for Shin Megami Tensei IV for the 3/2DS

  • konsama

    And know what’s sadder, even if we ever see this at some point in the west, i really doubt the Vita version will make it too. :/

    • ZEROthefirst

      I played the Vita version too and believe me there’s hardly anyone on the servers specifically for the Vita, the enemy encounter rate is down, etc. etc. The only reason I would recommend anyone to get the Vita version is if their computer is not strong enough to run the game at low settings. Or if it runs at low settings and they want to play PSO2 in semi-HD.

      • konsama

        I prefer portable games, to play anywhere and especially if they can go online, i couldn’t care any less if a game looks like a NES or like CoD, it’s the gameplay what i care about.

        And yes, my PC surely won’t run the game very well or at all. TAT

        • ZEROthefirst

          This is one of the least portable games you will find though since it’s online only (I really hope they make an offline patch someday). You said you prefer portable though so you’re probably more like me and just kind of wander around the house with the vita in hand lol

          • konsama

            Pretty much lol, Except i do it with 3DS too, NEVER STOP PLAYING NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE HOUSE OR WHAT YOU’RE DOING. keke

          • Kayseur

            “Offline patch”, wait for PS Nova. If it’s anything like PSO2 (and it should), it’ll probably be awesome.

          • ZEROthefirst

            I have no doubt PSNova will be an amazing game, I just want an offline patch for PSO2 at some point in the future so it doesn’t completely fade out of existence since it’s online only.

        • Sarthak Verma

          YEAH! SOMEONE WHO THINKS LIKE ME!! I am surrounded by people who wont even touch a REALLY good gba or even a psp game cuz “graphics are outdated”. gameplay forever!

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            I care about graphics but I also like being able to move around. Though honestly my laptop allows the same thing

          • Sarthak Verma

            but(atleast for me) it isnt as much of a “on the go” thing for me as a handheld. but everyone has their opinions.
            i would certainly LOVE to get a ps4, but if i were able to buy it, i would buy both the ps vita and the 3ds instead.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Yeah when the ps4 gets as many games as the ps3 that’s when I’ll start acknowledging it’s existences.

      • Altin

        In which ship are you playing at? There are lots of people playing on the Shared Servers in Ship 7.

        • ZEROthefirst

          I don’t remember what ship I was on because I pretty much stopped playing PSO2 before episode 2 came out. Anyways I don’t know if it was just the times I went on (I would go on pretty much anytime of the day) or if not many people played PSO2 on the Vita before episode 2 came out, because I swear there weren’t many people on the Vita version when I was playing.

          • Altin

            It might be possible that you were playing on a different ship than me then. They opened up Ship 7 just after the Vita version has been released and they also promoted that Ship with two available character slots/account. Just played today with a good friend of mine. 3/10 ships that share both version were quite full :)

      • michel

        Sounds strange, because I’ve got some Japanese friends on PSN, and they are wired almost every day on this game through their Vita

        • ZEROthefirst

          Maybe since the episode 2 release on the Vita, before then I could hardly find anyone (basically stopped playing the game before episode 2 came out so I don’t know).

          • michel

            Their “addiction” dates back to last autumn. And they are still playing it, from what I can see!…

  • William Matthews

    What about the vita too i want both pc and vita

  • Asukai Kari

    English Teaser but in Asia yes that sucks I still want this game

  • JMaster3000

    So it it…. Region locked(IP blocked) ?

    • 하세요

      You might as well just get the Japanese version with the English patch, unless this is coming to Vita as well. But the article states PC.

      • Feenyx16

        It’s actually probably a better idea to hop on this Southeast Asia version if you can. last time i checked the english patch didn’t have alot/any of the story translated, im sure this version will of course

        • Derek E Nay

          Yea, I did give it a try. Took forever to sign up with trying to get the right captcha using hiragana (? Not sure which one). Then the story patch was out of date due to a new patch so I had to wait a few days to play. Then when the story patch did hit, talking to certain NPCs was still not translated.

          It was quite annoying. But still fun. The worse part of my experience was the Captcha… took me 4 hours to get it right.

        • 하세요

          That’s true, but I really wasn’t too concerned about the story, even though by now the story patch is done. I myself never used it but the rest of the patch is pretty damn fine if you ask me.

        • Crevox

          There’s a story patch you can download that translates all of the story.

        • RocKM001 .

          Ermm… the story patch pretty much covers almost ALL the Matterboards and Event Tablets that’s stored client side.

          In fact it’s regularly updated by the folks who do the patches whenever a new episode/event is added or reported by the fanbase when something isn’t working.

          So if your after story it’s almost 100% translated. The client/interface however is a different story since some of that is stored server side

      • ZEROthefirst

        If he’s not registered already then he’s going to have to go through a lot of trouble to sign up due to the annoying captcha Sega implemented for hiragana and such only. If he can choose between a professional English translation and a solo and very sloppy/poor fan translation I would say go for the real deal anyday. Also not saying all of the Japanese players on PSO2, but when I used to play on there… they weren’t the brightest players, especially with Emergency Code: Avoid. “Avoid… hmmm I think that means get hit by it multiple times so I can give it a hug.”

        • RocKM001 .

          You will find most of the time people who get hit while “Avoid” was on usually aren’t paying attention to the EQ since the exp return on avoid isn’t that great to begin with..

          As for “official” translations being better? That’s debatable there’s been enough instances of “official” translations sometimes being more sloppier than a fan translation. Then again I’m not that fluent in Jp to begin with so unless your also fluent “sloppy vs professional” is all rather subjective =P

  • I chonk you, Sega. I chonk you with the passion of a thousand exploding whales.

    • That sounds… strangely lewd.

    • Derek E Nay

      So… You are going to go all Dishonored on their asses?

      • I’m thinking more like severing their legs. It’ll be the greatest day for ME, I know that much.

        *wonders how long it’ll take before someone figures out he’s paraphrasing Homestar Runner*

    • Alva Lilith

      Sounds Romantic

  • nororu

    only pc version?

  • Anko Is Furious (King T.G.P)

    I think its gotten to the point where it feels like Sega is insulting us with the torture of expecting a release in NA & EU lol.

  • Kornelious

    If Asia gets a physical Vita release then I will import. (Probally the best we’re gonna get)

  • But-but *Sigh*

  • Rose Spinoza

    …I feel like Sega is kinda trolling the west at this point….

    • RickyMack

      well the reason it’s in english is because there’s so many different languages in the south east asian region, that the most commonly understood language is english. it’s a way for sega to target the most amount of people over there as possible.

      still doesn’t stop the hurt though :(

      • ZEROthefirst

        This version isn’t being handled by Sega though, it’s being handled by an entirely different company in these regions.

  • Ixbran

    Add another notch of my list of disappointments that Sega has done.

  • Brandonmkii

    One one hand, I’m sad North America/Europe still haven’t gotten it yet. On the other hand, the Japanese version is like 99.9% fan translated and I’ve already put over 1000 hours in the game, and since it doesn’t take that much work, I don’t feel as bad as I probably should.

  • Kaihedgie



    • Brandonmkii

      I thought this was old news. They announced the English SEA version likes months ago.

  • But guys Sega gives us Miku games.
    And we buy them
    Clearly we don’t want this.


    • Kaihedgie


  • Renaldi Saputra

    Playing on PSV
    sorry Asiasoft, no vita version

  • ZeroV3

    Im from one of the Asia country and i must say this, Asiasoft is not a nice company to begin with ==”

    • Dark Lord Ash

      I keep hearing not so good things about Asiasoft, but nothing concrete. So what’s the deal with them exactly?

      • Renaldi Saputra

        they only handle thing worse
        even PSO2, they’ll lose the playing senses if they handle it

      • Kuromadou

        *cough*RO2 legend of the second*cough*

      • ZeroV3

        RO2 was dead just right after they launched the server ( a month after beta server i think ) .. And not really sure what maintenance team they hired, because it always took them extended maintenance like 4 hours or more with bug still not fix ( noted: 4 hours or more refers to time passed their maintenance period, and it might took them half day to complete) + nearly 3 maintenance a week..

        Uhh btw, some of the maintenance problem are due to cash shop, so yeah they gonna spoil the game

        Edit: Will still try it out anyway, hope for the best they wont repeat the same mistake on their new licensed game

  • Unlimax

    What happen to playpark/en site !?
    It used to load when i browse it last year now the whole site wont load at all !
    Weird , The moment they decide to publish PSO2 they suddenly shutdown the servers for people who visit their site outside SEA , now i’m forced to use VPN in order to visit their site even though i’m a middle east player and has an account since 2007 O_o

  • Callonia

    I wonder what the Ping will be like from usa to asia. 200ms? Or 400ms?

  • Kai2591

    Any word if it’ll include Japanese audio ? :)

    • “praise the lord the game is finally in English….does it have Japanese audio” *facepalm then proceed to slam his face onto a brick wall*

      • Kelohmello

        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with his question.

        • The amount of people not buying a game because of no Japanese audio is amazing. The fact that this is a free to play game makes it more sad only if this would lead Kai2591 not to play it if it doesn’t.

          • Kelohmello

            NOWHERE in his post does it imply he wouldn’t play it if it didn’t. He merely asked if it would have japanese audio. To obnoxiously reply the way you did with *facepalms* and *slamming face into brick wall* in response to his simple question makes you look like a real jerk.

          • You don’t know the community well do you? Well I’ll stop there since the mod will tell me to stop arguing with you.

            [edit: by the way…I am a jerk only towards those who don’t appreciate]

        • Travis Frazier

          If that’s what he wanted then he could just play the Japanese version of the game. Spoilers: The Japanese version has Japanese audio :P

          • Kelohmello

            So it’s wrong to ask simple questions. Gotcha.

          • Travis Frazier

            I never said it was wrong. Its a silly question because if that’s what he wanted then its already out. The reason people want an english version is to play it in english.

            The question isn’t wrong, its silly and I’m willing to guess you know that its silly. If so why are you getting so defensive? Are you the type of person that always plays in Japanese if you get the chance? It would make sense then because you would be used to arguing in favor of Japanese audio.

          • Kelohmello

            Yes, the reason people want an english version is to play it in english. As in, the text, so they can understand what’s being said through it. As a dislaimer, I don’t care much about what language my voice acting is in as long as it’s good, I play games frequently in english and japanese, and understand both languages to a good enough degree. All the same, the guy didn’t do anything but ask a harmless question, and having japanese voice acting with english text in a much larger english speaking community is a farshoot from having japanese voice over in a japanese game (semi-translatable with a patch) in a 99% japanese speaking community. People have their preferences, and from his post he never did anything to signal he was speaking nay of english VAs. …There’s also the question of whether a game being published in english in asia before other countries would have english voice acting, which is certainly another reason to ask.

          • Travis Frazier

            “Yes, the reason people want an english version is to play it in english.
            As in, the text, so they can understand what’s being said through it.”

            There’s patches for that. So again It already exists :P Also if you play on ship 2 you will find a huge number of english players.

            And I never said he was speaking nay of english voice actors. I already explained that. Why are you putting words in my mouth?

          • Kelohmello

            There’s absolutely nothing wrong with his question. All he asked was if there were japanese voices. It’s not “silly”. It’s a simple, harmless question. You just look like a jerk criticizing it. That’s all I have to say.

          • Travis Frazier

            “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with his question”

            yuk! These words you are putting in my mouth are terrible. Since you seem to be having a tough time reading I’ll copy and paste this for you:

            “I never said it was wrong.”

            Do I need to repeat this again or are you going to continue to act like a child and try to insult me? Its up to you.

  • Namuro

    Man, there’s freedom Wars coming soon, then PSO2, and MH4G at the end of the year… I wish I can just go live in a cave (with internet) in isolation for a year just to play these games in peace…

  • The 15ᵗʰ Angel

    I’ve gotten tired of waiting and gave up on this ever getting a US release… so I re subbed to FFXIV.

    • Sarthak Verma

      U could still play on this one provided US or EU is not blocked. ofcourse i am not one to say I live in india, which is a south(east?) country. :P

  • Ren Yuumei

    Wow sega.

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    Well when in doubt south asia versions come in handy

  • Finally its moving forward and getting closer

  • KnifeAndFork

    Do you know Sega was originally a U.S. company founded by two Americans for the first 43 years of its existence?


  • MrToff33

    Facebook page is up!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    congrats Asia

  • I sega trolling us?

  • Vash bane

    I guess I should do like the rest and give up on English vita version …. I don’t understand a lick of Japanese besides a few words … and my reading is even more horrible XD

  • Geo Izumiya

    So, the English Patched of PSO2 would not be neccesary any more……But I just need to wait and see if the Indonesia server works well( SD Gundam Capsule Fighters runs well on my PC and I’m using and Indonesian server if i remember well )

  • Pandakids09 .

    When is Nova coming out for the Vita?

  • isotrex

    Hell yeah!

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