Batman: Arkham Knight’s Plot Was Teased In Batman: Arkham City

By Ishaan . March 28, 2014 . 11:30am

You may recall that Rocksteady Studios included a tease for Batman: Arkham City in Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you were thorough in your exploration of the asylum, at one point you came across blueprints for Warden Quincy Sharp’s designs for Arkham City.



It turns out that a similar tease for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight was included in Batman: Arkham City as well. Game Informer confirmed with Rocksteady Studios that the Scarecrow Easter Egg in City—which you can see above—was meant to be a hint at the plot of Batman: Arkham Knight.


There was a barge in Arkham City, which was bringing in insects, which are one of the things that Scarecrow uses to create the fear toxin,” director Sefton Hill shared. “So we were kind of hinting at the fact that he hadn’t been killed by Croc in the first game. That he was still out there and plotting his revenge and taking his time about it.”


In Arkham Knight, the Scarecrow serves as one of the game’s major villains, and is holding Gotham City ransom using his fear toxin. As always, the game will feature multiple villains—including one called the Arkham Knight—and is slated for release this Fall.

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  • Jonas Sampaio Santiago

    There are still some codes you can get from specific radio frequencies as you can see below:

  • Can anyone explain how the basic concept of Arkham City wasn’t the dumbest thing ever? I mean, really, a neighborhood for criminals?

    • DCBlackbird

      And it worked :D

      • Millsuperman

        It worked really fucking good too

    • Superior Spider-Man


      Gather all the villains in one place then blow them up… Only one whose mind is superior to others may think of something so grand. If only Ra’s and I can meet. That moronic Batman had to ruin it.

      • What insane public official would approve cordoning off a neighborhood as a prison? It’s ridiculous. If Al Ghul wanted to kill them, they were already in Arkham Asylum, and much closer together.

        PS No wonder the story made no sense, apparently I was supposed to read the tie-in comic book first. Holy exposition batman.

        • Superior Spider-Man

          See? If you had read the comic, you would have the superior intellect needed to comprehend Ra’s grand master plan. In the city, they have a certain degree of freedom. Made them feel they are in control, establish territories, have them fight amongst themselves and weed them out. Then when they get comfortable with their false sense of security, BAM! Dead! Bomb an asylum, terrorism. Bombing a city of criminals, cleansing. Plus, I don’t think you can fit everyone in City in the Asylum. That Batman idiot messed things up. I think he doesn’t kill because he would have nothing else to do with his nights. He wants the Joker and other criminals in his life.

          • “Ra’s grand plan” just happened to involve Batman engaging in a power fantasy. It was contrived. The next game seems worse.

            Many people applaud the rape and murder that occurs in prisons; I don’t think most would even consider a prison bombing terrorism.

          • DCBlackbird

            Let’s all agree Ra’s is part of the very very very extreme far left.

        • subsamuel01

          Not every single villain was at Arkham Aslyum, plus in arkham city all the lower level thugs were there as well.

          The game as over a 90 metacritic so I guess your just a small minority of those who didn’t like what they saw.

          • Of course. It’s a fact that the game is perfect because you have that bit of data. All arguments against the silly setting are invalid!

            The metacritic score is getting pathetically easy to predict, but somehow we still live in a world where it’s ok to dislike things. Maybe drop the dogma and try reason, or accept that the things you enjoy have flaws. Not everyone has to like what you like. It’s called diversity of opinion and it’s a good thing.

          • subsamuel01

            I never said your opinion was stupid, maybe it is a stupid setting for some people. I love the game and its story because I love DC been reading comics for a good while so it was nice to see a new setting and a new universe. People are always going to hate something, that human nature can’t fight it.

          • Have you heard of this movie Snowpiercer? It’s really fucking good.

    • subsamuel01

      Did you play the game? If you did you would know why it isn’t the dumbest concept. There was a reason behind it called protocol 10.

  • Spicydicey

    Frankly, there’s a lot about Arkham Knight that seems disappointing to me.
    -The whole fear toxin ransom is too similar to the ending of Batman Begins
    -It all takes place over one night… again. This severely limits the scope of the game as a sandbox- you won’t be able to foil bank robberies etc.
    -The game is apparently “five times the size of Arkham City” but not the whole of Gotham, so we won’t see any colossal skyscrapers
    -Everyone has evacuated the city, except for criminals… really?! This seems like a very cheap and easy way out- the player can beat up whoever they see without discrimination.

  • Razvaille

    Ra’s al Ghul the best villain ever! Hope he appear in Arkham Knight! He is imortal…

    • Mr_SP

      Yeah. And Talia!

      In the same body.

  • Chow

    Besides this well-hidden gem, wasn’t there also something about finding a couple of Scarecrow-themed thugs running around during Arkham City’s Protocol 10 sequence?

    I wonder whether the boat or the thugs would be considered more obscure.

    EDIT: This is it

  • Kornelious

    So in short “Prepare for the mind rapes again” right Siliconera?

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