Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Comparison Screenshots Show Sterk’s Shining Blade On PS4

By Spencer . March 28, 2014 . 1:49am

Tecmo Koei is bringing Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate to PlayStation 4. This port includes all of the extra characters from the PS3 game like Sterk from the Atelier series, Yinglong, Hundun, Kasumi from Dead or Alive, and Soulcalibur cameo Sophitia. The PlayStation 4 version has enhanced graphics, better lighting, and more detailed battlefields. Here’s a look at how Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate looks on both consoles.


warriors03-ps4 warriors03-ps3


warriors02-ps4 warriors02-ps3


Omega Force also tweaked the PS4 version to display more enemy units on the screen compared to other consoles.

warriors01-ps4 warriors01-ps3



Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is slated for release on June 26 in Japan.

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  • fyi1191

    Aren’t we suppose to be focusing on the beat-em up game play instead of graphics for this type of games?

    • Yan Zhao

      The whole point of a PS4 upgrade is visual enhancement. They arent gona change the game and make it different from the PS3 version.

  • Yan Zhao

    Now about that Western release date…

    • Ixbran

      Theres a chance we may get an announcement for a western release soon, as it would be ideal for a PS3/PSV/PS4 release of WO3U all at the same time.

      Who knows, maybe Sony will actually let us have a Disk version this time.

      • Yan Zhao

        I really hope thats the case D:

    • dark-kyon

      how about mimi and esty.

      • Yan Zhao

        Would be awesome but I doubt they’re adding more characters at this point.

  • Zeonsilt

    Nice appearance and scene.(Still obsessed /w knighthood and “protecting thoze Himez”)I will buy PS4 version,if it will be localized.

  • Reanau

    Eh.. not really my favourite of the Warriors games, unless it was just the Wii U.. but anyway, I guess we should expect the next DW Gundam game to be ported to PS4 and hopefully PC.

  • zaidandzhadow

    It needs new characters

  • looks amazing can’t wait

  • Rayhan PromisedGallery

    I like WO3, but Koei seriously need to put it to rest. It’s been milked to death already with all these re-releases. Especially when DW8 and SW4 already got released, 90% of the cast here will feel outdated. Put the budget into something else than lolmorepeons and lolupdatedgraphicforoldoutfit.

  • fairysun

    Need to see how’s Ryu’s butt look on PS4.
    He has one smeaxy butt. XD

    • wez

      That he poops out of

      • fireguardiancoty


      • Ixbran

        girls poop out of their asses, yet men still flaunt over them anyway.

        • wez

          because fem butt is soft and you can bury your face in it. Ryu butt full of muscle and crush face.

    • SerChief

      ‘Dat ass.

  • The Watcher

    Now these are true shot comparisons.

  • KazukiNanbu

    i… want it…NOW!!!

  • Nicholas Perry

    Comparison: Really low resolution pictures. Come’on guys. We need near lossless native resolution images for a REAL comparison.

    That said, the PS4 version does look really fantastic..(Downsampled that is. Actual AA quality probably won’t be great), texturing and lighting look much much better.

    Shame they are re-using the same meshes though and the enemies are all the same mesh. But that’s nothing new with Musou.

  • Alexander Marquis Starkey

    This fuckin game again? DAMN IT KOEI!

  • Vash bane

    seems about the same as with DW8 comparison.

  • three sworn brothers

    please release it overseas

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